Crackdown 3 Launches Worldwide Today with Xbox Game Pass

It’s time to step up your boom, Agents! Crackdown 3 is now available with Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. In the latest entry in the Crackdown franchise, longtime fans will feel right at home in the quest to take back New Providence from the cruel and corrupt TerraNova Corporation. Crackdown 3 is all about over-the-top fun, tons of explosions, and punching the baddies right in the face.

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ArchangelMike33d ago

And there you have it folks, a $2 game. I guess I'd play it as well for $2.

LucasRuinedChildhood33d ago

I think it's best if we all just give this game a pass.

BizarroUltraman33d ago

Lol... you still, douchebitchthotiana

StifflerK33d ago

I've played about 3 hours of single player so far, enjoying it, improves on the CD formula in every way.

SuperSonic9133d ago

Well to be honest Xbox brand needs to get out of the way of the PS4 and be first in other kinds of business opportunities like Game Pass to avoid direct competition.

Nintendo also has been dodging PS4 in the home console market by just making a handheld (that plugs into a TV screen to make it look like a home console ) because that is a business territory Sony seems not interested anymore. They also put their IPs to mobile games because their handheld market shunk considerably because of mobile gaming.

I wish them success in their own directions.

Ratchet7533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I ve played both crackdown 1 and 2 during my days, and in no way this is an improvement on the formula.
It felt more like a good steak that has been reheated in the microwave way to much, if you get my meaning.
It s only fair that this goes straight to game pass imo.
I would have never forked out €60 euros for that.

DaDrunkenJester33d ago

Lol there are definitely improvements to the gameplay, how the agent controls, the triple jump and jet boosts, and plenty of other new stuff. Yes, it's essentially a Crackdown 1 remake in majority of the ways, but to say it hasn't improved on it is just silly.

uRaDecepticon33d ago

Ratchet, youve never played Crackdown 3, which is evident by your comment.

Apocalypse Shadow33d ago

It's like going straight to DVD. Or straight to Netflix because it would have failed at the box office.

Atticus_finch33d ago

The best thing about CD3 seems to be that it plays like CD1, a 10 year old mediocre open world game. No thanks.

TeamIcoFan33d ago

You get what you pay for people.

Atticus_finch33d ago

It is still a $60 game unfortunately.

Darkborn33d ago

Who will actually buy the game for $60. If I had an Xbox with game pass, I wouldn't buy a single Microsoft game, even for $0.99.. I guess I can say that if game pass wasn't a thing as well.

Razzer33d ago

Microsoft is basically daring you to buy the game for $60.

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The story is too old to be commented.