Next-Gen Xbox Games Should Release On Switch (& Other Platforms)

Microsoft is making big moves to bring its Xbox Live service to platforms like the Nintendo Switch, so will its exclusive lineup of games follow next?

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ABizzel137d ago

Well they said they wanted their games to be everywhere, so.... At that point Xbox would simply be a 3rd party that produces its own hardware for it's online service and fans.

I can't see them sustaining with this kind of tactic.

Eonjay37d ago

I would suggest that they focus on improving their offering no matter where they want to put their content.

Zeref34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Through xCloud they will be everywhere(except PlayStation). They don't really need to develop for other systems specifically.

Why do you think it's unsustainable? They're gonna be making more money than ever.

DwightSchrute0137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Title doesn't make any sense. Has a next gen Xbox even been announced yet?

2pacalypsenow37d ago

Nintendo exclusives should release on PC, PS4 and Xbox1

King_Noctis37d ago

I thought you hate Nintendo. So why do you suddenly want to play their game?

2pacalypsenow37d ago

I don’t know? Same reason I bought an Xbox 1 X Scorpio edition.

I mean I have a Switch and enjoy playing Pokémon, me critizicing a company won’t stop me from playing their games.

ILostMyMind37d ago

I agree. Let Nintendo be The King of portables but release their games for others platforms.

tar_tar0737d ago

They got crackdown.....

In all honesty that games terrible. I played Played for 10 min an then deleted off hdd

Zeref34d ago

10 minutes? lol

That's how long it takes for you to determine if a game is good or bad?

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The story is too old to be commented.