Gears of War 2 scores high in second review

The world's second review of Gears of War 2 has hit shops in the latest issue of Xbox World, which slaps a gleaming 91 score on it.

This is another admittedly expected big thumbs-up for the Epic shooter, following the UK Official Xbox 360 Magazine which also scored the game 9/10, as we reported last week.

OXM Reviewer "OXM Monobrow", otherwise known a Ben Talbot, was "blown away by it", according to the official mag, which says "it's the biggest blockbuster you'll see this year."

Still, if you want to read the full verdict you'll find it in the latest issue of XBW, on shelves now for £4.99.


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OgTheClever3639d ago

Oh no, the game scores below 95 - flop confirmed...

cmrbe3639d ago

yeah. Its stupid i know but the x360 fans started all this crap. They just love to rub it in our faces last year when there weren't that many PS3 games and the x360 was just hitting its stride like the PS3 is now.

I blame the x360 trolls for all this mess where a game that scores below 9 is a flop.

cmrbe3639d ago

x360 trolls loved to point out last year that PS3 exclsuives like Uncharted, RC TOD, HS were flops because they weren't AAA because they didn't get 90 and above on biased metacritic. It was just a way for them to put down PS3 exclusive.

x360 trolls started this and now its getting out of hand where any top billed exclusive on both consoles are considered a flop if its rated less than 90. Look at Fable 2 and R2 as examples.

I for one have been sick of it since last year. All this talk about AAA bullsh1t is getting freaking annoying.

A 80 and above is a great score. Period.

Why o why3639d ago


eff aaa...

love gaming

Be Reasonable3639d ago

Agreed though your example is a little flawed because Gears 2 is still over 90. Good point though, people went a little over board with the flop stuff but just because they did it, it doesn't make it right to do it back. If that was true, Caucasians would be enslaved by Africans, Jews can put Germans into concentration camps, get the point?

cmrbe3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

I am just saying i blame x360 fans for the situation we are in now with all this rating AAA Bullcrap.

I didn't say at all its ok for PS3 fans to do the same. Didn't you read that i said i am sick of it?.

cherrypie3639d ago

"Oh no, the game scores below 95 - flop confirmed...
Agree(19) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply "

That is SO SO SO sad for N4G.

What a disgrace.

Rock Bottom3639d ago

Actually it's not, 19 Agrees and 6 Disagrees means that 19 N4G member were "clever" enough to see through OgTheClever's sarcasm, but yeah it's kinda sad that 6 members couldn't.

mikeslemonade3639d ago

Okay this should que up another article that will say the "two xbox magazines only give Gears 90 and 91". This news indicates that whatever score a a xbox exclusive magazine gives to an exclusive game usually that score is on the higher end. The 3rd party magazines are most likely going to give Gears 2 an 8.5 or lower. Gears no longer a AAA game confirmed.

sumguy813638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

this thread is a joke right??

how did an article about a review turn into some ps3 fanboy running his mouth about 360 fans?

cmrbe, obviously you're a fanboy, what you say makes no sense and you're clearly in favor of one system. so since you don't have a 360 and have no plan to get this game, how about you stay out of the article.

here you are criticizing 360 fans for no reason in an article that has nothing to do with ps3 or wii and you have the nerve to say anything negative towards them as if they've done something wrong??? you're the troll in here, kid. you're the one starting an argument that has nothing to do with the article and has no basis in fact. and you are, at the same time, proving it's the ps3 fans who flame these wars and run their mouths without knowing anything.

I really don't care which system is doing better, but you can call me a fanboy if you want. i just think it's ridiculous for you to call out people for your own flaws. there's an ugly word for that...hypocrite.

Why o why3638d ago


over your head

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Cheboury3639d ago

I think in the end that RFOM2 will score higher than GOW 2 and that is simply becuase RFOM2 is a bigger improvement over the first one, which I thought was kinda boring.

GOW 2 on the other hand is bigger badder and more badass but not necessarily a vastly better game than the first one, which is quite a juggernaut to beat.

The visuals in RFOM2 are a step up from the first one. It is not a landmark of an achievement since the first one did look quite bland and low-res at times.

The visuals in GOW 2 are somewhat improved but it hards to beat and improve over the first installment.

heyheyhey3639d ago

yeah, in a perfect world that would be the best logic... unfortunately in the real world sites like 1UP, Gamespot, Eurogamer and GameDaily exist

A HiFi3639d ago

Hold on a minute there...why is Eurogamer being lumped into that list?

Be Reasonable3639d ago

That's like half of the game sites on the net on heyheyhey's list... I guess the Internet are conspiring against the PS3...

sumguy813638d ago

this is really getting old. this has nothing to do with you. this article has nothing to do with resistance. it's just a review from a website about gears. nobody cares about your opinion about your system of choice.

this article isn't a comparison. nobody that wants to get gears of war is at all interested in your personal preference. and for those of use that have both systems, we can play both games AFTER they come out and decide which is actually better. when you make a statement that something is better without actually experiencing both games, you just sound lame and ruin any credibility you hope to gain by saying the silly things you say...

why are so many ps3 fanboys talking about a game that's a 360 exclusive? then you have the nerve to call other people flamers and trolls.

Be Reasonable3638d ago

So true sumguy, and to prove all the Sony fanboys are getting proven wrong with their hypocrisy and such, their stripping away both our bubbles. Look at my comment history and tell me why I deserved to get a bubble stolen.

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Omega43639d ago

I dont see why people keep complaining that Gears 2 is similar to Gears 1, i mean the first one was GOTY 2006 what is there to improve when the first is so great

byeGollum3639d ago

for me Gears just had a good singleplayer and co-op .. multiplayer was boring to me .. roll and shotgun .. roll and snipe ... that was it for me ..

i think they shouldnt even have bothered with a multiplayer ... maybe they can fix that in part 2 where ppl can actually take cover and shoot ... and not just a roll fest -

Jandre023639d ago

But games have gotten better since then. So it needed to do something better, which it probably did, but people like PP keep saying GOTY when that just isn't gunna happen.

91 and 90 from two Xbox magazines? That means it has its flaws, where MGS4 and LBP were nearly flawless.

Great game, just not GOTY this year (maybe it would have been last year).
And it isn't MILES better than R2.

poindat3639d ago

There is always more to improve. As good as Gears 1 was, they can always do better. Look at the Halo series. The first one was great, but they never really improved much and look where its gotten. Halo 3 was just 'meh.'

Not saying Gears will be like Halo, though. I am looking forward to it, and it looks to be a great experience.

heyheyhey3639d ago

well with a lot of great franchises pertain to your thesis- God of War, Ratchet&Clank etc etc

but if everyone insists on constantly comparing the game to Resistance 2, then Gears 2 falls behind... way behind in terms of progression

Halochampian3639d ago

They did fix it by adding "Stopping Power."

People have already said that the multi-player is more based around using cover and the lancer.

poeo3639d ago

and here i was thinking Oblivion was GOTY in 2006...

Rob0g0rilla3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Just enjoy your game.

u got owned3639d ago

@ poindat

"Look at the Halo series. The first one was great, but they never really improved much and look where its gotten..."

Yeah it still one of the most played games on Live. You people really like to talk nonsense.

jammy_703638d ago

not miles better than R2
not as GOOD as R2

Be Reasonable3638d ago

Yes, I guess almost 232,000 people playing Halo 3 on live everyday means it's quite the failure and it has gotten nowhere... You're right, I don't know how numbers could skew my view on reality, which is your words, right?

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air13639d ago

reviewers have been tough this gen. you put too much new into a goty title then its no good, things like if it aint broken why fix it pop up. not enough new and the gears1.5 comes up.

all i know is that im going to enjoy the hell out this game day1...

Fishy Fingers3639d ago

"reviewers have been tough this gen"

I disagree wholeheartedly, I think it's the other way around. Slapping 10s here, there and where ever. I often see "9/10 I expected better", that's ridiculous. 9/10 used to be something to be proud off.

So many sites kicking out reviews now, people dont even care for the information. See score, complain/celebrate.

u got owned3639d ago

@ Fishy

"9/10 used to be something to be proud off. "

Agree. And still is...

Imallvol73639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

you kidding me??? Too hard on games this gen??? I mean, HALO3, GTA4, Oblivion come to mind right off the bat as undeserved 10's.

9/10 is a really good score! Gears of War 2 though is SOOO much better than GTA4, Oblivion, and Halo3 though.