BioWare will update Anthem's PC controls again next week

BioWare's Lead Producer for Anthem has confirmed another update for PC controls will be made next week after today's early launch had seen major improvements from the private and open demo's.  As of today's release, they have added a number of new options that enable the players to tweak flight and swimming controls in ways that weren't possible before, like now there are sensitivity sliders that allow for more than double the range it offered before, which allows different mouse DPI settings.

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quent34d ago

have They taken the enemy AI off of pause mode yet ?, or will we still just be staring at slow incrementally higher damage numbers floating a top of a 3d cardboard cutout, because thats the core gameplay loop atm

Erolyn34d ago

Yeah cause having them work as they should at launch is too much to ask for a 60$ dollar game.

LordoftheCritics34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Current Anthem issues as far as I am aware.

1. 7 story missions and boom end boss. Heard the story is horsecrap. Generic villain alert.
2. Audio completely cuts out and you have to restart the entire game. This bug btw has existed since Dragon Age: Inquisition and still exists in it till today. Also exists in Battlefront 2 today. Seems to be a frostbite game only issue.
3. Upon death you just wait around. The controls get locked off. You cannot even quit the game. You have to hard crash the game.
4. Loading screens upon loading screens. The worst one is when you load and then load again immediately after. Everything seems to load. customize javelin load/exit customization load, freeplay load, freeplay into a cavern load, catch up to other players load, respawn load. In story mission loads. Within dungeons load. Also the load times are very long.
5. Few enemy types.
6. Exact few types of missions all the way to the end game.
7. Do not play story in public mode or you will miss out on story sections.