What Can PlayStation Learn From Nintendo Direct and Inside Xbox?

IGN's weekly PlayStation show discusses what lessons Sony can learn in messaging its games to players from Nintendo and Xbox.

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RosweeSon37d ago

How to do it in Nintendo’s case and how not to do it in Microsoft’s I’ve not watched the inside Xbox but heard it was bad and not seen any games announced from it or heard about anything other than there was talking. Standard.

neutralgamer199237d ago

People only remember the recent but there have been plenty of bad Nintendo directs. Sony has been upfront about what they will show

E3 before the show they announced what they will show yet they were bashed for not showing more games

PSX they said it won't be like past years yet gamers were disappointed

They cancelled both and won't do another until Ps5. They have enough for ps4 for next 12-24 months so why host an event when you are not ready to show

Almost 100 million sold maybe its ms and Nintendo who need to take lessons. Sony's biggest failure/misstep sold almost 90 million

Nintendo failures multiple times sold less than 50 million and so has ms

Maybe Sony can learn how to sell box for $60 and how to talk about the power of the cloud

darthv7237d ago

I seem to recall when MS said they were going to have two shows for the xbox one reveal. one would focus on the media stuff, the other on the games. And just like your example of Sony and how they said what they were doing and still people criticized... people criticized MS about the tv tv tv when it was stated games were at a different show.

People will latch onto a narrative and use it no matter if additional information is provided. We are all guilty of selective hearing / reading / comprehension.

neutralgamer199237d ago


Ms's mistake was it didn't talk at all about games at reveal atleast Sony showed few teasers. That E3 ms actually showed so many games but by than the negative pr was in full swing

RosweeSon36d ago

Bad Nintendo directs in that they didn’t announce the games you were after sure not everyone is to my taste either but I’d take a bad just not the right games over bad just no games at all and lots of talking about nothing. At least the directs are just that direct news footsge info on new games each and every time and they quite often every 2-3 months max they have another one 30 minutes+ of solid games announcements. Microsoft couldn’t even fill an hour at e3 after nothing all year for years couple of years ago they used e3 to announce a new car like an actual car what da actual. Madness.

tochi37d ago

Let games talk. Console doesn't need to talk, if you have a good game.

I hope Sony learns from their mistake, and stays quiet.

Skankinruby37d ago

Lol and what mistake is that exactly? Sony themselves have said little to nothing at all, their games on the other hand have written novels neither Nintendo or Microsoft could dream of.

tochi37d ago

My apology, it was misleading. I meant to praise Sony's strategy to let games speak instead empty promises on console non-existing console technology, such as Crackdown 3.
That was "their mistake" I was referring to.

Skankinruby37d ago

Lol oh gotcha ya definitely worded that wrong

tontontam037d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yup that's the problem if you have quality games to brag about you talk.

Microsoft is lucky they have nothing to talk about.

AK9137d ago

So MS has no quality games?

Godmars29037d ago

And yet they talk about it anyway...

tontontam037d ago

"So MS has no quality games?"

Don't worry they have quality service called "gamepass".

-Foxtrot37d ago

They stay quiet usually but recently they said they wern't going to E3 2019 most likely because they have nothing new to show off as we have games announced and we are coming to the end of this gen YET people bitched still.

They talk...people moan

They stay silent...people moan

TK-5537d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Inside Xbox isn't that good. It's not exactly something that's especially exciting. The Metro 2033 Artyom's Nightmare trailer was very cool on its own but its not a jaw-dropping announcement. To be honest it's not the same sort of show and is aimed towards people who're interested in interviews rather than announcements.

Nintendo Direct on the other hand seems to always have people get hyped and sometimes not hit expectations because people expect so much from it. I think that's telling as to what effect the show has had at various points throughout its life if it can't hit peoples expectations even when it has a good showing.

Godmars29037d ago

Where's the "what Xbox should learn from Sony and Nintendo" article? I mean, as many "What MS does better than" or "What Sony/Nintendo could learn from MS" yet to see any going the other way as if MS is doing nothing wrong.

Hardiman37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I know this is about shows but that's literally the first thing I thought of when I saw the title! I'm a former customer and M$ has done shite to get me to open the ole wallet and there's so many more like me. Talk is cheap and while I do love a good show and the hype that goes along with them, it's the games that do the walking.

I have had a fuc*ing ball this gen with my PS4! Some of the best experiences and memories all contemporary and for me M$ and even Nintendo(cause I grew up on Nintendo) could learn a thing or two from Sony. The main thing being developer creative freedom and allowing them to create new IP's.

AK9137d ago

Inside Xbox is a joke and Ninty Directs are hits and misses. Though I think Sony should go a similar route and produce video content in a similar manner, just make sure to update the fans on exclusives and upcoming third party titles.

Chevalier37d ago

At least Ninty Directs have some hits. Last direct already has me planning 4-5 purchases. 2019 is looking pretty awesome between Nintendo and Sony.

AK9137d ago

I wish I was as optimistic as you the only game that piqued my interest was Astral chain other than that I thought the direct was quite lackluster but it was LEAGUES above every single Inside Xbox.

Godmars29037d ago

Should I ask if you remember, or wee you born, when the PS1 demo discs based around a video magazine theme?

dekke37d ago

i remember that ps1 era..i had modded ps1 so i cpuld get games early overseas before pal versions..those were awsum days :P

Chevalier37d ago

Well its only 1 direct, I'm sure more good stuff will come. Even if its one title so far its a start right? Between Sony and Nintendo I think we'll have a nice balanced year full of games considering some awesome 3rd party games that will round out whatever seems lacking.