It Turns Out Not All Switch Ports Are a Good Idea

Zhiqing writes: The Final Fantasy IX port on Switch is a bit of a letdown, if we're being completely honest. Let's talk about some of its flawed upgrades.

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FallenAngel198434d ago

Why does the article have to single this out as being a Switch port rather than just the port in general? It’s like the author specifically forgot this also released on Xbox One the same day just to talk about some flaws that only happened because the game is on Switch rather than just how the port in general operates.

The battle UI will most certainly get upgraded to something more pleasant like it quickly did with the PS4 version.

King_Noctis34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I do agree. But I think they specifically mention the Switch because it got more than a few ports lately.

However, the game has problem across all platforms.

3-4-534d ago

Twinfinite is a trash clickbait site and has been for a while.

This is the same port on PS4. A Sony console....but they favor Sony so they blame Nintendo.

Same port was on Xbox as well.

Blame Square Enix if anything.....the company that actually owns the IP.

Can't stand this non-factual click bait trash.

And what is even worse is those of you who do no research and buy into this "console war" crap.

I game on all consoles....Don't need to play favorites.

PhantomTommy34d ago

This makes it sound like it's the Switch's fault. All of these issues were present in the PS4 version when I played it and are presumably in the Xbox version too. The music bug and the fact that they mapped digital movement to the analog stick shows that this was just a lazy port to begin with. The PSone Classics version on PS3 and PSP is the better way to play it if you don't mind the long load times of the original.

CobraKai34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Title is misleading. The author mentions some problems that seem not only nitpicky, but not exclusive to the Switch in general. Nothing was mentioned regarding terrible performance, glitchy graphics, or if it’s unplayable, which makes me assume the port itself is fine. It’s just minor bugs, or outdated UI, with the sole offender being digital controls mapped to the analog stick.
Those little things shouldn’t make porting FF to Switch a bad idea.

psuedo34d ago

Well I have the same port I recently got on my ps4. Never played it before so I am enjoying it. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. The biggest grief should be the price. Though I never played this, but played 7 I bought this. 7 is 15 this was like 20 something....

FallenAngel198434d ago

Could be because FFIX remaster has better character models than the FFVII remaster.

ameppe34d ago

This article is misleading. They have a screenshot of the UI, but that's the old one, the one from when they released the game two years ago. The new one is definitely much better, even if not perfect. Less space between names, smaller battle commands menu. More refined in general. Also, it isn't Switch fault if this port is not good enough, that's on Square Enix. Switch is more than capable to offer much more than this low effort by Square Enix.

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