Nintendo Direct Confirms Stellar 2019

Nintendo Direct Confirms Stellar 2019 - February's Nintendo Direct unveiled plenty of new games set to release from now until Summer.

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EddieNX 1574d ago

The Switch just keeps getting better. Playing games lying down in bed is the best .

-Foxtrot1574d ago

You can lie down and play the Xbox or PS4 while lying down in bed

Bed + Big Pillows = Win

LOGICWINS1574d ago

That's a dope set up. I'm on the couch :/

EddieNX 1574d ago

You know what I mean lol... I can play my Switch all over the place it's the best thing about it

TheColbertinator1574d ago

One of the reasons I love gaming laptops is because I can chill on my bed playing Doom or the Total War series

SockeyBoy1574d ago

I'm with you man I go to bed with my lappy, has a GTX 1080 in it, so I'm set for a bit

The 10th Rider1574d ago

I've done plenty of that, but it gets so bad for your back and I already have back problems :/ Had to start playing at a desk with a decent chair.

Gemmol1574d ago

Too many games too little time thank the gods switch can be played on the go, squeeze out any little time we can away from tv

King_Noctis1574d ago

By now everyone and their mothers has already posted the amount of exclusive games coming to the Switch this year. I’m not gonna bother, so look it up.

SuperSonic911574d ago

They have very low childish standards. Lo L

DaDrunkenJester1574d ago

The only thing of interested I saw was a Platinum game and a remake.

mezati991574d ago

man, it's amazing how i have literally no interest whatsoever in anything they showed

not a single game

this reconfirms Nintendo games are doing nothing for me, and i doubt this will ever change

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