F1 2009 - News To Talk About

Some new news about Codemasters F1 2009 from Exec Producer Gavin Raeburn.

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Lord Anubis4614d ago

sony lost the license to the F1 Series right? or whatever happened to the license.

blu3print4614d ago

wanted more money for the license and SONY refused, so in come CodeMasters and grabbed it up, I'm a F1 fan and have F1CE and hope CM get their iteration right and improve over F1CE flaws and keeps it's strengths

creeping judas4614d ago

and as long as they don't make it like GRID. Ill be happy!!

Speed-Racer4614d ago

Ya man so true. I really think Codies are trying their best to make this a proper sim.

blu3print4614d ago

well they usually release demos, so if it is 'Grid' it simply wouldn't get my $60.

What scares me though is the fact that I read somewhere they want to appeal to all masses so they'll be putting in some arcade elements.

Speed-Racer4614d ago

Maybe the arcade aspect allows you to race without strict rules such as flags, pitstop penalties etc... I dunno, just a gues.

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