I'm canceling my backlog for Apex Legends. Be back never

Riding on the coattails of World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto V is an incredible number of games that have adopted the live service model. Fornite and Apex Legends dominate our attention as my backlog of games suffer, and it appears the gaming industry is struggling to keep up as well.

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UnSelf1690d ago

i read every comment in here, and not one person explained what makes this game so great.

anyway, GTA - Motor Wars shits on every BR game in existence by far

poppatron1689d ago

I’ve not really gotten into a online shooter in a big way since BF 3, and I’m nuts for apex legends.

The movement, the gunplay, the different characters abilities and the price are some of the things that stand out for me. The time spent at the beginning the game looting is exciting, the gameplay of Battle Royale games is inherently exciting because the open nature means you can use many different strategies to tackle your foes. When you kill it’s exciting, when you when it’s super exhilarating, when you dies/lose you’re out of the game and into the next one in a flash. And the grind for skins for your weapons and favourite characters keeps you excited post game.

I’m a huge fan, but it won’t be for absolutely everyone. It’s free though so there’s no reason to not download it and make your own opinion

fonduktoe1690d ago

I'm in the same boat. Love this game!

SegaGamer1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I don't think I have ever once bought into these fad games and I don't see that changing with this game.

Artemidorus1690d ago

Is that because it's not 49.99 plus season passes plus DLC then repeat all over again in 12 months??

SegaGamer1690d ago

No, why would you assume I want any of those things?

ziggurcat1690d ago

I don't see how that's worse than the same, generic 10-20 minutes worth of gameplay repeated ad nauseam.

Artemidorus1690d ago

Because people these days seem to think enjoying a game is using the wallet until they are bored and left with a bill to pay then get excited for the same process the following year.

As for repeated gameplay you could say that about any game of today.

Seraphim1690d ago

I'd rather pay $50-60 up front than be inclined to spent $11-18 for stupid skins. As we've seen today EA is trying to milk this game by offering ridiculously priced skins. Now there's nothing wrong with free to play but sometimes those games can end up costing up A LOT of money. Even if it's only $1-5 a crack.

TheSaint1689d ago

Show me one person that actually thinks that.

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Ricegum1690d ago

I've never bought into them either, playing a lot of Apex and I'm really enjoying it. Never paid a penny.

RomanPSX1690d ago

Im enjoying the game too. I havent spent any money on it yet, I will when the season pass launches next month and I will buy some skins. If they support the game and spend money making it. We have to give back.

Marioraider181690d ago

Its a good game. You are just too triggered from Fortnite

SegaGamer1690d ago

But I didn't like Fortnite either, I thought I made that point obvious in my original post.

bluefox7551690d ago

It's EA, Even if they did release good games, I have too much self respect to support them.

Marioraider181690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

No one here is saying you did like Fortnite. Whats the point of your reply?

SquillieDeeWilliams1690d ago

You should try it, it's really, really good, and its free99

isa_scout1690d ago

You're to cool huh? Hipster....Lol

SegaGamer1690d ago

You have that the wrong way around. It's the so called hipsters and cool kids that follow the latest trends.

conanlifts1690d ago

I dislike fortnite, pubg and other BR games, but this is good fun. If you like fps game at all this is one of the best available.

Kornholic1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

You're not missing out. It's like Titanfall without the fun. And I'm a big fan of Titanfall.

isa_scout1690d ago

I apologize you're one of those look at me I stand out, I'm special, kinda people. I have nothing wrong with that until you say you've never once bought into these "fad" type of games.You sound stuck up like youre unwilling to even try it because your to cool. If you tried it and don't like it thats different.

SegaGamer1690d ago

You're jumping to conclusions like a few other people. I'm not trying to stand out at all, I'm just saying that none of these fads have ever pulled me in. That is literally all I said, how is that stuck up or seeing myself as something special?

And you assumed that I haven't tried any of these games. I have by the way and I didn't like any of them. This Battle Royale fad is the least interesting of the lot to me because it's part of genre I'm really not a fan of.

X-Alchemist1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

The the battle royal genre isn’t going anywhere man it’s here to stay. And alright mate, give yourself a pat on the back for not getting into ‘fads’. Don’t worry though, I don’t reckon you sound stuck up at all.

remixx1161689d ago

Lol it seems like this comment of yours has pissed off the hipsters