The PlayStation Classics: The Legend of Dragoon PSOne Classic

In this installment of The PlayStation Classics, learn more about The Legend of Dragoon PSOne Classic. Become a dragon!

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on_line_forever952d ago

I can't believe there is no comment , this game is one of the best games I play on playstation one , I really hope we got remake someday

aryan941952d ago

Just finished replaying it again. What a phenomenal experience. It's a shame it's overlooked. Graphics were fantastic, solid gameplay and an engaging story.

PapaBop952d ago

It's crazy that games like this get overlooked today while similar experiences are seeing ports. A good PS1 comparison I can think of would be Grandia, an amazing JRPG with amazing graphics for the time that kind of flew under the radar yet even that is seeing a remaster/re-release or whatever on the Switch soon.