Here Are the Anthem Microtransaction Currency Prices for Shards Packs

Anthem microtransaction currency are called Shards, and here's how the Shards Packs are priced in the final game.

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Jin_Sakai35d ago

This isn’t a f2p game so these Microtransactions shouldn’t even exist!

excaliburps35d ago

Purely cosmetics though, and BioWare says it won't affect gameplay balance ever. Lesser of two evils compared to a Season Pass...

Jin_Sakai35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I understand they’re cosmetic but they still shouldn’t exist in $60 games. They should be unlocked through gameplay progression.

IamTylerDurden135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

And we believe that EA will never offer anything but cosmetics?

Like most f2p games i assume the best cosmetics will be locked behind a paywall or take an absurd amount of time to grind.

Anthem disgusts me and i hope people abstain from it. The reason Mass Effect Andromeda was pure s*** is because EA took Bioware Edmonton (Mass Effect 1-3 dev) and put them on Anthem leaving a ragtag team of under qualified developers to make Mass Effect Andromeda. Add the fact that EA clearly was attempting to copy Destiny because of greed and that the game has microtransactions and it equates to one big, steaming pile of regret. Not to mention that the game just doesn't look very good, nor polished. Maybe if it was a narrative heavy sp game with great co op, but it's just another mp junglegym with very little story or real meaning.

-Foxtrot35d ago

DICE also said shit about Battlefront II but despite being their game none of EA's bitches are in charge.

Hungryalpaca34d ago

In a game where customizing your character is half the experience....

King_Noctis34d ago

No it isn’t. Season pass is a one off deal, which mean after you buy you get everything it has to offer. MTs on the other hand are there to nickle and dime customer to the bone with almost no end.

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Baza34d ago

How else is Activision supposed to maximize their profits?

yomfweeee34d ago

This game is supposed to regular content updates for free. Micro transactions allow for that otherwise we'd have to pay like Destiny.

Legacy21234d ago

All future content of the game is free! So take your poison do you want a season pass or cosmetic MT. I for one will take cosmetics over season pass anyday. They have to fund their future content somehow

Visceral8934d ago

You Crybabies need to realize microtransactions aren't going away. Would you rather be forced to pay 80$ for a new game? Games have only gotten more expensive, take longer and are more complex to make.

esherwood34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yes , I’d rather pay $100 then get nickel and dimed

elazz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The problem is that these games will already come with limited content and the frequent content drops are mostly meager or too little too late. God of War is the GOTY example that companies should take inspiration of.

InTheZoneAC34d ago

you really have no idea how much goes into development and the amount needed for profit. The first thing you need to understand is that these AAA games do not need MTs or $40 dlc packs to make a profit. The base price alone nets them more than you think.

Step away from the debate and start looking at the gaming industry from a consumer point of view. Stop trying to force yourself to justify publisher prices.

81BX34d ago

When did anthem become f2p?

TimelessDbz34d ago

They should exist. Game does not have a season pass . So how else are they going to make content down the road with out some form of income? The initial sales will not cover a years worth of content updates.

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XiNatsuDragnel35d ago

Noo I wished they went away like Acnologia rn

Kaii34d ago

Biggest Issue with Apex - Character dialogues / Character Banners / Thrown Into these shitty ass loot boxes, They could've done pure character progression with these characters, but Its somehow OK to price banners the same price as character skins, 1200 for character banner? Fuck Off (Same applies with hero skins)
(That's Free to Play) - So somehow acceptable

If I were to purchase Anthem In the UK - £46.85
£7.99 For 1 paint skin in the shop, so roughly buying 6 paint skins Is the total amount for buying 1 game, this Isn't OK, this is fucking greed you disgusting bastards, I'd also like to aim my hatred at these fucking whales buying this stupid shit.

Halo Reach - You bought the game, you unlocked the EXTRA'S - 14 September 2010
Anthem - You bought the game, content that was worked on prior to release, locked Inside this nice store - 22 February 2019

Fuck this Industry

excaliburps34d ago

You can choose not to buy the skins and grind for "Coins" to just buy it using the in -game currency that can be earned just by playing...But yeah, I hear you, the sheer force of will that every game needs to have extra monetization is deafening sometimes.

Kaii34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The "grind" for these coins has to be acceptable, my part-time job during college was like £70 per shift. (6 Hours)
4600 Shards: $39.99/£31.99 = 9200 Shards: $79.98/£63.98

Anthems Storefront (to purchase everything as of that Image) would require 3000 Shards, Coin requirement Is 176000

Basically, For those who've gained this fantastic early access perk to play this finished game, In the 10Hrs In which you've played, how many storefront Items can you unlock, coins solely gained through playing the game, none of this first-time completion bonus crap.

(Edit) - Console Platformers need to be held responsible, Putting Anthem aside, they also gain a cut from what Is obviously being sold through xbl/psn - We're quick (rightfully so) to throw rocks at EA/Activision/Ubisoft but surely these platform holders have a duty of care to make sure gambling mechanics such as loot boxes stay off the platform/stores
+I'm not hating on Playstation/Xbox - But when you market consoles to children, as we were once ourselves, seems rather Ironic that they can just remain silent when they have the power to say yes/no to what can be on their platform.

2ndhandcorn34d ago

Lol plenty of other co op games without this crud , never really understood cosmetics do not care what you look like in life or a game oh look i got a pair nike's for my mech wow.

Relientk7734d ago

No one buy this crap please

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