Xbox One X/S Price Slashed On Microsoft Store

Microsoft has slashed the price of every Xbox One X and Xbox One S bundle currently available on their Microsoft store. [Ireland & UK]

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TheEffectDotNet35d ago

Nice! With all the titles launching this week and next, it's the perfect time to pick one up!

RosweeSon35d ago

Yeah crackdowns worth buying a console for 🤨😜✌🏻

Critic4l_Strik335d ago

ahahahah the emoticons killed me

Godmars29035d ago

Given that the XBX is their lead/best performing system? I'd say yes.

Then again this is UK and Ireland. Have no idea how it sells in those countries.

ziggurcat35d ago

I hope this also happens in NA. I have been itching to buy one (though, the Fallout 76 bundle is on for a killer deal right now...).

darthv7235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

On the NA store, it is the Fallout 76 bundles of the X that are on sale for $399. All other X bundles are $499

ziggurcat35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

yeah, I mentioned that. even though it's the fallout bundle, it's peaked my interest (I would probably just sell the game). unfortunately, where I live, there's no option to go get one of these bundles in-store - you have to order online.

I'd like to see a permanent price cut, though.

darthv7235d ago

On a side note, have you noticed how there has been a lack of themed systems on the xbo but an increase in themed ones on the ps4? Last gen the 360 had many themed units from gears 3 to star wars and halo (3, 4 & reach) but on the xbo the only themed ones were original fat units (forza 6, halo 5 CoD) and a couple of S (minecraft and gears 4).

Its like sony took what MS did last gen with themed units and made it into something this gen for the ps4. spiderman, god of war, kingdom hearts, even having the interchangeable plates on the og ps4 was akin to the faceplates on the 360.

Oh but Ms does have quite a few themed controllers, much more than they had on the 360. Just an interesting observation.

ziggurcat35d ago

I think the last themed Xbox One I saw was the Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle (it was military green - I wanted it pretty bad, but they didn't have any in stock when I went to get my XB1S) - also the Gears Ultimate (or was it Gears 4?) bundle. MS has had an innumerable amount of themed controllers, though.

salmonade35d ago

So many price cuts. Desperation. Finish this gen in last place.

EasilyTheBest35d ago

But when Sony has some price cuts I bet its just them doing good by the consumers..

Jin_Sakai35d ago

Sony are doing great so the price cuts are just a bonus.

Soap_Z35d ago

The Xbox One X Fallout 76 bundle has been $399 in US with $100 off for a long time...

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