AMD Thinks NVIDIA DLSS is not Good Enough; Calls TAA & SMAA Better Alternatives

AMD has taken a jab at NVIDIA's DLSS tech, saying that traditional AA methods like SMAA and TAA “offer superior combinations of image quality and performance.”

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Gahl1k38d ago

While I don't completely agree with AMD, DLSS is not as good as we were led to believe, at least for now. There's a noticeable blurring and fuzziness when DLSS is turned on--something PC gamers hate so much that they avoid it like the plague.

ABizzel138d ago

Agreed. DLSS has potential, but it’s jot where it needs to be yet, just like RTX. These features need another 2 - 3 years before they’re standardized.

Cobra95137d ago

I replied to this story over at the sister publication TechSpy. In short, DLSS is cheating, processing lower-res assets to look more detailed at the display res, like an upscaling filter in a 16-bit-console emulator. It can't possibly be as good as honest high-resolution assets properly rendered and anti-aliased. If performance suffers too much, I'd rather lower the display resolution, instead of introducing wonky artifacting and other weirdness.