Nintendo is Shaping Up to Have Their Best Year Yet in 2019

After yesterday's Nintendo Direct, it looks like Nintendo is preparing to have one of their biggest and best years yet with the Switch.

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SuperSonic9134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Is this Dualshockers without Guissepe Nelva coz he is with Twinfinite now?
Hmn very interesting...

Fluttershy7734d ago

For the switch, maybe... we'll see

pramath160534d ago

I won’t say “best year” period, since 2017 will be hard to beat, but it looks like a stacked year nonetheless.

King_Noctis34d ago

This year The Switch is set to have even more games than in 2017, and with games like Astral Chain and core Pokemon releasing, I don’t think it would be hard to beat 2017.

NotoriousWhiz34d ago

2017 (and 2018) were great years. But there were lots of ports (which isn't a bad thing for a new console). 2019 is stacked with quality games that aren't ports and many of which are exclusives.

SegaSaturn66934d ago

Mario Maker is great. Zelda looked like it learned from 3d dot heroes -- which is to say it's soulless. Fire Emblem managed to somehow be boring. Instead of a combat srpg, we must now be Harry Potter. Gryffindor!

Oh yeah, and that rune factory 4 switch port. How lazy can you get?

King_Noctis34d ago

I agree with Zelda, I hope they alter the art alittle bit come release.

However, Fire Emblem 3 Houses is not boring, at least to me. We have new stories and it looks very interesting.

“Oh yeah, and that rune factory 4 switch port. How lazy can you get?”

That is why it is called a port/remastered and not a direct remake. There are different between the two. I’d rather they put the manpower toward Rune Factory 5, which is apparently what they are doing right now.

GameBoyColor34d ago

Don't hate on rune factory man, Marvelous is reviving a series that was dead for the last 6 years that was never gunna return. If nothing else this year, I am buying that game and spending another 200+ hours in it.

SegaSaturn66934d ago

Dont' do it, it's a f%^ng trap!

wonderfulmonkeyman33d ago

You do realize that the new Zelda remake is pulling directly from the style of the original, right?
Compare Link's eyes between the original and the remake, and you'll see that the remake is extremely close, for one example.
If anything, 3D Dot Heroes borrowed from an updated form of LA's style [and other games] when it decided on its graphical style, not the other way around.😂

septemberindecember34d ago

It’s looking pretty stacked this year.
-Yoshi’s Crafted World
-Mario Maker 2
-Fire Emblem 3 Houses
-Luigi’s Mansion 3
-Zelda: Links Awakening Remake
-Pokemon 2019
-Animal Crossing
-Daemon Ex Machina
-Astral Chain
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Knushwood Butt34d ago

What are the confirmed release dates for them?

GameBoyColor34d ago

more than half of them release june through august in his list.

Knushwood Butt34d ago

I saw Fire Emblem is July, but what is before that?

septemberindecember34d ago

Yoshi is March, Mario Maker is June,

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