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You know when there’s a show you really like, but then it dips in quality and eventually gets canceled, and the creators say they want to make a new season someday or maybe a remake, but it’s stuck in production hell for several years, then Netflix or whoever sinks a bunch of money into it, and it eventually gets released and it’s not quite as good as you remember the original, but it’s still pretty entertaining and hey, you’re paying for Netflix anyway so you’re not going to complain about getting it for “free?”

That’s Crackdown 3. It is video game as Netflix Original.

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Fluttershy7738d ago

Yeah but they promise a AAA feature that would blow your mind, and you end up getting a cheap TV movie, cashgrab.
It is a cashgrab, no matter if you get it "for free" (there's not such thing, you are paying for a service). Everything with MS this gen has been a lie...

Now I wonder... They delayed the game because it was bad, and it wasn't up there, at the "MS standards" whatever that is... took more time, work on it and still deliver this piece of crp? I mean how bad was the game originally?

darthv7237d ago

sometimes companies over promise and under deliver. going into this MS truly believed they could make it work but somewhere along the way there had to be cutbacks. I can say I was impressed with how much better the SP side looked and can take that as some sort of consolation to the MP side having to be scaled back.

Pretty much everyone I have seen comment, that played it, all agree that despite the dev time and cloud hype... the end result is still a fun game to play.

ShadowWolf71236d ago

Hmm, funny, I remember when a company called Hello Games did similar with a title of theirs, called "No Man's Sky".

I seem to recall most of the same folks defending this SAVAGING that game and its developers and even the Publisher for that one. Not too surprised I don't see that same energy here though...

Sophisticated_Chap37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The Verge is that site, which did that horrible PC building video, which was an absolute train wreck. Talk about losing all credibility...

Potnoodle99937d ago

Fair enough....but they just gained all that credibility back with this article 😂👍

Agreed and very well put, this is what game pass will do and is clearly already doing to gaming.... MS have even mentioned Netflix of gaming in regards to their cloud service I’m pretty sure. It’ll be really interesting to see just how much farther MS can fall.

VenomUK37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

'The Netflix Original of games.' Putting aside the opinions of Crackdown 3, I think that line is an indictment of the mediocre quality of many Netflix Originals which I share.

sampsonon37d ago

Right, and gamepass is good for gaming right? Hearing the truth hurts sometimes but it doesn't have to.
Thank god i am a PS gamer.

Rimfro37d ago

You don’t have to thank God. It’s not like you’re born stuck on one side your entire existence.

That’s like me being all excited because Charmin outsold Angel Soft 20-1 in Q4 and in my opinion, wipes poop better. Sometimes, the truth hurts as bad as that rectal itch from your inferior TP! Thank God I’m a Charmin user!

That’s how cool you sound. LOL

sampsonon37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@Rimfro: I don't know about you but i work hard for my money so i only purchased one console.
So i say again, "Thank god i am a PS gamer." or i would have wasted my money on that piece of crap called the Xbox One.

that was a smart investment wouldn't you say? to invest in a company that makes great AAA games un compromised and with more too come.

now sit there all smug with your garbage and type away. It won't change those facts.

MS will have to show they've learned a lesson and make AAA new ip games for me to buy a box ever again.

Cobra95137d ago

And then they recently, and fraudulently copyright-struck every parody video about that train wreck, leading inevitably to the Streisand effect. So I don't care about anything The Verge has to say right now. They're way in the dog house.

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trooper_37d ago

Microsoft needs a reality check.

Spurg37d ago

Forza horizon 4 also a Netflix orginal

DaDrunkenJester37d ago

Every now and then you'll get a Stranger Things.

darthv7237d ago

santa clarita diet is also pretty good too

sampsonon37d ago

I said in he past that MS creating games pass and charging $10 will guarantee A and AA games that will be released as MP MT's to suck your wallet dry.
I got hated on for my comments. Well, i was right wasn't i.

Tell me how MS makes a $100 million single player AAA game that someone can finish within the month, release it on a $10 per month service , and not lose a ton of money.


DaDrunkenJester37d ago

I'm not entirely disagreeing with you, but what game have they released on GamePass that is "MP MT's to suck your wallet dry."?

Sea of Thieves has no MT's, neither does State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 or Forza Horizon 4... sooo yeahhhh

EmperorDalek37d ago

Hey don't tell them that, they get really pissed off when you argue with facts. They think their PS4s get upset when they can't bash Xbox with nonsense.

Though I do recall being able to buy credits in FH4, but they're far from the worst this gen, and those other three games certainly have none.

sampsonon37d ago

they won't do it right away, that would be stupid right?
no, they will wait until the next gen of games when games pass has more subs.
business 101.
famous quote that gets my point across

hopefully you get my point.

rainslacker36d ago

You're $10/month is the MT.

Oathbreaker37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

telling yourself that you were right doesn't actually mean that you are right. It just reinforces your delusion.

Forza Horizon 4 was the most successful horizon to date and it was the first one of the series to feature on gamepass. Is that not a AAA title? Halo infinite, Gears 5 - are those not AAA titles? They'll be on gamepass day one. Including whatever else the newly acquired studios are cooking.

Realistically, not every title will be a hit. That doesn't mean gamepass was designed to feature low budget or mediocre titles.

sampsonon37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

wait! i didn't know that those games where launched on games pass? they weren't. games pass is both a bin in a gamestop with old games or a A - AA META 65 and below netflix trap.

they have made garbage this gen. Halo, what was the last halo game? trash multiplayer garbage. sea of garbage, crackdown trash, that crappy zombie garbage and so on and so forth.
Forza is the only game that is any good and still no one cares about it.

and you think I'm delusional? wake up drone, you defend a company that has given garbage and they should be ashamed of themselves.
crackdown 3 meta 60 soon to be 50 and that is the norm with this company.
now smile while they give it to you without any lube.

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