In Memorium: Star Wars Galaxies

If you’re one of the few that has never heard of Galaxies, you may be more familiar with the title that “replaced” it. Star Wars: The Old Republic launched in December of 2011 and offered an outlet to continue your Star Wars saga in another MMO. These games were fundamentally different and it’s that difference that made SWG so beloved by the fans. It’s also something that no one else has managed to capture since the servers were shut down in late 2011

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PapaBop1024d ago

SWG was so ahead of it's time, take the sandbox formula and systems in the game with an updated combat and questing system and it'd be one of the best MMORPGs around.

DeeJayQc1024d ago

Yes, and the fact that all guns and items are almost all made by players. Like the server I was playing, if you wanted to have the best carbine, you had to buy it from a particular player. I have good memories from that game.