9 Games Like Dark Souls That Are Worth Playing

The "Souls" genre has exploded over the years and has spawned various iterations across many different settings. Here are 9 games like Dark Souls that are worth playing.

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william_cade34d ago

I'm really excited for Sekiro.

deno34d ago

Same here. Sekiro is a day one purchase for me. If you really want to try a good samurai game like Sekiro which is also made by from software, look into otagi 1&2 for original Xbox. Great games that came out in 2003-2005.

Fist4achin34d ago

Why are Code Vein and Sekiro listed when they havent been released yet?

deno34d ago

Coming out next month. Not that far away.

Nacho_Z34d ago

Salt and Sanctuary is superb.