Ubisoft Confident in The Division 2, Beta Had Record Numbers; 40 Hour Campaign

Ubisoft is quietly confident that its upcoming looter-shooter The Division 2 will be a success.

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414gamer36d ago

Very excited for this release. Beta was just a small taste of what I expect

Evolve36d ago

I really enjoyed the beta. Spent almost 20 hours playing it. Can't wait for the public beta.

shadowraiden36d ago

beta felt like an upgraded Division which is good but they have to make sure it doesnt fall into same mistakes Division 1 launched with. hopefully the things they learnt improving Division 1's endgame and content issues means Division 2 ends up being a great addition for those who like the game. it isnt going to win many more new players who didnt enjoy the 1st just like Destiny but if its a solid addition it will have the fanbase buy it.

Adexus35d ago

Yeah it's definitely not going to win over new players who didn't like the first game but the improvements they've made are so great, loved the beta but I loved the first game as well despite its issues.