Ubisoft Looking into Free-to-Play and Battle Royale, No Announcements at This Time

Pure PlayStation: Ubisoft has yet to release its own twist on the familiar battle royale genre, despite having the potential within its catalogue of games. However, that may change in the future.

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BlackIceJoe29d ago

Just what we needed more of these horrible diseases thrown on gamers. Ubisoft is one of the most anti-consumer video game developers out there, so I'm not surprised they want to find another way to spit in the face of gamers, again.

tryson768829d ago

Really? "one of the most" Anti consumer devs? I could understand if it were a few years ago...but now? hell no

Razmiran29d ago

I agree, ubisoft has improved lately
We could easily be seeing Rainbow six siege 3 and for honor 2 by now, but instead they improved the base games

BenRC0129d ago

Ubisoft have been awesome recently, r6 seige is incredible, far cry and AC always hit 8/9s but its cool to hate bruh.

VenomUK29d ago

They should consider their multiplayer-only pirate game Skull & Bones because I don't see it selling too well otherwise.

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ShockUltraslash29d ago

I bet they are salivating at the mouths to put in passes and microtransactions if they make it free to play.

rainslacker29d ago

Never understood why everyone wanted to jump on the hate bandwagon for a new genre in gaming. There is no reason to hate on it. It's popular, but like all new popular things, the quick and fast rise of popularity will subside, and things will settle into normalcy, and it'll just be another game.

They're hardly a disease, you just aren't interested.

BenRC0129d ago

I suck therefore I hate.

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AngainorG7X29d ago ShowReplies(4)
windblowsagain29d ago

one day ubisoft will make a really great game.

TheSinsibleOne29d ago

They did. It's called AC Odyssey. And I hated AC for years.

BioShockGX29d ago

Odyssey was good for like 3 hours then i just want it to end.
I think 2 rpg AC games in a row is enough. Can we go back to the old AC? Unity 2 would be great.

annoyedgamer29d ago

Ghost Recon series and Far Cry 1 & 2.

bigmalky29d ago

Like Prince of Persia, or Splinter Cell...

NeoGamer23229d ago

Ubisoft has a ton of great games.

This generation they are probably my favourite 3rd Party...

Trials Fusion, Division, RB Six Seige, Ghost Recon, AC, Fary Cry, etc. They have put out a ton of great games this generation consistently.

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SegaGamer29d ago

These big AAA stuidos are just copying each other. They are so boring, come up with something different.

Baza29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Ubisoft late to the party

Zeke6829d ago

Another one bites the dust. (as Queen would have said/sung) ;)

MetroidFREAK2129d ago

Liking your comment only because you mentioned Queen. 👌

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The story is too old to be commented.