De-Frag: Eurogamer Expo: Prince of Persia Hands-On

De-Frag: "If you speak to me for more than 5 minutes about games, you'll know that there is no game I'm more hyped up for this winter than the new Prince of Persia. So when I got the chance to play it earlier today, I was like a kid in a candy shop.

Getting into the new Prince of Persia on my first playthrough was a bit of a disorientating moment. The gameplay principles are the same, but there are a few small tweaks made to the formula here and there that took some getting used to. For instance, hitting the jump button once does that double jump up a wall that has been shown in so many videos, me not knowing this resulted in many jumps OFF the wall and down a cliff face. However, once I settled into it, I found a game that was highly enjoyable and really difficult for me to drag myself away from."

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