Nintendo Has a Strong 2019 Lineup, But Doesn't Want to Show It All Just Yet

IGN: “I’s easy to slip into the “why didn’t they show X?” state of mind after today's Nintendo Direct, but there's more to come.”

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eagle2136d ago

Pokemon will most likely have it's own Direct(s). And I bet all year will be splattered with surprise Directs. E3 is where they will most likely reveal Metroid Prime Trilogy (which I still think is coming November or December 2019) and some games for 2020 will also be shown at E3. Nintendo has a jam packed 2019.

AnthonyDavis36d ago

LEGO Zelda, B3 which would be better on PS

What else?

Neonridr36d ago

Lego Zelda? Yes please.. that would be awesome.

And cry some more about Bayonetta. Sony had every opportunity to save this series. They passed. Blame them.

AnthonyDavis36d ago


And LEGO Zelda equals Zelda links awakening remake.

36d ago
Geobros36d ago

This is very very true. 2019 will be the year of Nintendo Switch!!

PhoenixUp36d ago

It’ll be a good year for Switch, but how will it be the year of Switch?

There’s already two major games released so far this year not on Switch with even more come this Friday as well as next month.

King_Noctis36d ago

And there will also be multiple games releasing on the Switch which will not be available elsewhere too.

Neonridr36d ago

I doubt we have seen the last of a Kingdom Hearts game on a Nintendo platform. Wouldn't be surprised to see KH3 release later this year or early next.

PhoenixUp36d ago

Yeah there will be but will it be such an overwhelming amount that it overshadows what’s offered on other platforms so you can actually say “year of the Switch?” Not likely

jaymacx36d ago

exclusive titles this year on Switch give it a strong year
Yoshi Hand Crafted World
Super Mario Maker 2
Links Awakening
Box Boy+ Box Girl
Dragon Quest XI S definitive Edition (New content)
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Astral Chain
If they reveal even more titles This would be an amazing year for Switch.

King_Noctis36d ago

That not counting:

Luigi’s Mansion
Animal Crossing
Rune Factory 4+5
Daemon X Machina
Yokai Watch 4

Among many other. 2019 is gonna be a monster year for the Switch.

strayanalog36d ago

Nintendo still has more unannounced titles to show, so their (Direct) E3 could be huge.
Hopefully Luigi's Mansion 3 gets a solid date and Mario Kingdom Battle 2 will be present in some fashion.

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