Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil 3 Remake – What To Expect?

Capcom has worked overtime to bring this legendary franchise back on track- but where do they go from here?

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Hardiman36d ago

I remember picking up Resident Evil in 96 and popping it in my PSX for the first time. The lights were off, the sound up and the tube tv made the grainy visuals even more creepy. The first time I went through the dining room door to see the zombie eating my compatriot and it stopped and slowly turned its head towards me I got chills! From that moment I was hooked and I'm so thankful RE7 and RE2 were delivered because I wanted my Resident Evil back!

Whatever RE8 is I'm there. I feel Capcom has realized what makes this series work and their actions have restored my faith. I buy a Nemesis remake day one and I really, really want a Code Veronica remake! I know I'm asking a lot but that game was awesome and it would be amazing given a modern spin both with graphics and narrative. Hell I wouldn't mind Resident Evil getting remade with the over the shoulder perspective. I know that probably won't happen but I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

AK9135d ago

More genuine horror games like RE7 and RE 2 REMAKE and less flashy combat ones like 6.