What if Nintendo Didn’t Make Consoles?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "At their recent investor’s call Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa caused a bit of a stir when he said that if there were to be a major change in the market then Nintendo would transition away from the console business and move on to the next big thing if that meant the best for the company. Of course this doesn’t mean that they are actively looking to move away from developing their own systems just that if push came to shove Nintendo was going to be willing to adapt and innovate. And while it’s highly unlikely that this will come to pass in the near future the idea of Nintendo leaving the console business voluntarily got us thinking – what exactly would that look like and what would Nintendo do if they weren’t making game systems?"

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gamingunited37d ago

Well that would leave Sony as the only console manufacturer since Microsoft keeps saying they are going services only.

porkChop37d ago

Microsoft never said they were going services-only. They're pushing services, sure, but they're still going to release consoles.

blacktiger36d ago

did they say they quiting hardware, that messed up!

porkChop36d ago

They didn't say that. They literally already announced they were working on next gen Xbox consoles. They're not getting out of hardware.

Yi-Long37d ago

If Nintendo stopped their hardware, their games would shine even more and brighter.

It's often their hardware which is kinda pulling these games back, because the hardware too often is underpowered, while also trying to force system-exclusive gimmicks down everyone's throat by implementing them in games that don't actually need/benefit from them.

To me, the appeal of Nintendo is in their software. Mario Galaxy would have been a better experience without the motion controls. For Zelda Skyward Sword, it was actually one of the biggest criticisms against the game. And don't tell me Mario Odyssey and Zelda BotW wouldn't look infinitely better if it had been developed with more powerful hardware in mind, instead of the WiiU and now Switch hybrid system.

Nintendo's biggest strength is in the hardware. Financially, of course, they make their huge profits from those hardware sales, so I understand their business POV, but as a consumer and gamer, I would have liked to have seen Nintendo come out with a system that would directly compete with the PS4/5, and XBO X, specs-wise. And all the gimmick stuff should be optional. If that would be good/great enough, it would sell well separately, instead of it now being forced in.

mkis00736d ago

3 companies doing the same thing wouldnt work. As it is Microsoft is realizing that and transitioning into something else now.

Yi-Long36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Nintendo's strength, to me as a consumer and gamer, is in their software. Their hardware is actually their biggest drawback, to me, and I feel it holds these amazing games back.

If they'd still want to introduce different ways of playing, they could bundle such software with appropriate hardware, like what Guitar Hero or Rock Band does.

So say, Nintendo wouldn't have a system, but they'd like to release ARMS on the Xbox or PS4, they could make a bundle with the game and 2 small accessories for motion control (like 2 rings with a sensor, or whatever), and that could/would sell well if it works properly and reviews as well as the game did.

And players who already have Sony's motion controls (Playstation Move), wouldn't need to buy the bundle, but could just enjoy the game.

AK9136d ago

Good lord I actually agree with you, what is wrong with me.

EddieNX 37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

They will make consoles until game streaming takes over in 10-20 years. Then They will just have their own streaming service compatible with controllers and peripherals.

Apocalypse Shadow36d ago

Nintendo would end up as an unstoppable toy maker backed by brand recognition. Little robot Marios and Yoshis you can program. Educational and creativity projects like Labo while creating television media kids could watch and learn how to imagine outside the box.

I mean, they were already good at selling cards.

AK9136d ago

I honestly thought Ninty would leave the console business after the embarrassing failure of the Wii U and just focus solely on its handheld gaming hardware.

However they surprised me with their hybrid machine and whilst I thought at the time it was the great idea it seems it wasn’t as successful as the Ninty CEO wanted. Though even if they do stop making consoles I doubt they would ever be on non Ninty consoles.