New Xbox One System Software Update Improves 4K Visual Performance In Games

Microsoft has released a brand new Xbox One firmware update ahead of the release of Crackdown 3. In the changelog, the update mentions that it improves 4K visual performance in games.

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Unspoken37d ago

Digital Foundry analysis?

fathertime446437d ago

Digital foundry? Really? Your talking about the same digital foundry that tests demo's and beta's and treats them like the final version of the game. That digital foundry?
I used to like their analysis, but now not so much

UltraNova37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


Are you going to love and approve DF all over again say if they test the final retail code and find that the X is running Anthem better than the Pro?

andron37d ago


That's false about Digital Foundry though. They always make a point of mentioning when they are analysing beta/demo versions, and that optimization or changes can be made for the final release.

Though many click bait sites use their results to incite fanboy wars and erroneous discussions...

fathertime446436d ago

Nope I wait for Gamingbolt, nxgamer, and candyland. Digital foundry has sold out and Rush's all they're shit now

Christopher36d ago

***Nope I wait for Gamingbolt, nxgamer, and candyland. Digital foundry has sold out and Rush's all they're shit now***

0.o at gamingbolt. They really don't do good analysis IMHO. YMMV.

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SierraGuy36d ago

Improving 4k visuals will not help this game.

The polygon count was downgraded by 50 trillion looks like compared to the initial trailer.

Dreamcatcher4536d ago

It looks really dope on PC ultra settings.

yarbie100037d ago

If it's anything like the DX12 upgrade & Cloud Power..... then it'll be another upgrade you'll never notice

Eonjay37d ago

I'm mystified by the term 'Improve 4K Visual Performance'
That is not a real thing. What is 'visual performance' supposed to be?

DuckOnQuack3537d ago

Lmao Eonjay why do you even care?

russo12136d ago


Someone has to think for you guys... As xbone people tend to not rationalise correctly even if evidence is clear as water.

UltraNova37d ago

Is it the CBIU?

(Cloud Boosted Image Upgrade)

thrust37d ago

It keeps on getting better

EddieNX 36d ago

The world's most powerful console just got better!

TheSaint36d ago

More power doesn't automatically make something better, I'd rather they finished the gen with a stronger line up.

But I'm just a gamer, so what do I know.


And Crackdown 3 is still gonna suck ...

King_Noctis37d ago

...which literally has nothing to do with this system update.

Bane3537d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Its always comments like that on here everyday when theres anything about Xbox one im looking forward crackdown 3

Dissidia37d ago

You’re a prime example of what’s wrong with this website.

shaggy230337d ago


"And Crackdown 3 in my opinion is still gonna suck"

Just changed it there for you.

Trueflames36d ago

With your lame name lmao go hide inna cave pony

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