Blizzard "Investing in Other Warcraft Games;" Working on "Several PC and Console Releases"

Today, during Activision Blizzard's financial conference call for investors and analysts, the company's executives announced interesting plans for the Blizzard arm going forward.

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Erolyn36d ago

Who cares about PC and console? We need WoW mobile!!!!!

sKiiTs836d ago

haha all the down votes, people dont appreciate your sarcasm my friend. too soon perhaps ;)

Parasyte36d ago

Gimme Diablo 4. That is all I want.

Zeke6836d ago

Yes. Without an auctionhouse please. 😉

RememberThe35736d ago

I just can't get myself excited for Blizzard. I'm curious what they'll do with Diablo 4 and a legit Warcraft sequel would be killer, but I just can't get excited for them anymore. Hopefully they can change my mind.

porkChop36d ago

Multiple Warcraft games? Obviously Warcraft 4 would be one. But what else? They have an MMO. They have a card game. Aside from a singleplayer+coop RPG I can't think of what else would really fit.

Genova8436d ago

Get creative!
1. Warcraft Tower Defense
2. Warcraft Grunt Marine
3. Dr. Warcraft
4. Warcraft Racing
5. Streets of Warcraft
6. Warcraft-vania
7. Super Warcraft RPG
8. The Elder Warcraft
9. Resident Warcraft
10. Life is Warcraft

Willing to bet at least two of these are in production. 😂😂😂

kneon36d ago

You left out Warcraft Battle Royale.

Genova8436d ago

Grom Hellscream's Sing Along!

quent35d ago

SingCraft would be another

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The story is too old to be commented.