Obsidian Isn't Happy With Fans Bashing Bethesda And Fallout 76

The Outer Worlds' co-director and Obsidian's CEO talk about Fallout: New Vegas and the timing of their game's reveal.

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Jin_Sakai1573d ago

“Obsidian Isn't Happy With Fans Bashing Bethesda And Fallout 76“

Then don’t make a trash game! Simple as that.

_SilverHawk_1573d ago

I guess fans should be happy with whatever rubbish these people make. The truth is their games have always been buggy and have all sorts of issues but they normally have an ok to good storyline that people will over look all faults but this game is lacking that.


It's not so much the storyline but the world you can experience. Also, on PC they've always gotten away with bugs and crap because the community will patch ut for them... but that's not something one can really do on a Game as a Service model.

Mirdus1572d ago

They tend to forget that gamers are consumers, and consumers have the right to trash the product as much as they want, thats basically their second job. If companies do not want consumers bashing their product..MAKE BETTER PRODUCTS. Games are as much of a product as, say televisions, food, cars etc, they are not exempt from consumer rage.

artistadam1572d ago

this game actually has a really good story, but people can't deal with it being told thru holotapes and terminals... i didn't mind it at all... it all made sense, the world of 76, the more you listened...

Baza1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Obsidian should mind there own business. Putting yourself out there to stick up for the broken garbage Bethesda released? What a joke. These guys are an exclusive studio to MS now.. explains a lot.

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-Foxtrot1573d ago

They made a shit game man what do you expect, most of the loyal fanbase for years said DON'T make an online game regardless of what it is because you guys simply can't do it, stick to single player and yet despite this they did it anyway with horrible results.

They f***** you guys over so much Obsidian, you made a fantastic Fallout game with New Vegas despite the hard working conditions and limited development time yet you overcame the odds and did it only for Bethesda to kick you to the curb over one metacritic point. Imagine if you guys had more time and they wern't arseholes to you guys.

"Bethesda is looking to take the Fallout brand in a different direction. There's nothing right or wrong about that"

Urm...yes there is if that direction is shit and something only a small minority of so called "Fallout" players want.

Fluttershy771573d ago

What are you talking about? Of course they CAN do it! The fact that they did a horrible game doesn't prove a thing, they are Bethesda, one of the most incredible developers of all time... They should try new things, they should go out of their comfort zone; they shouldn't just stick with what they already know, what's proven to be successful, what "the fans want" (the fans know sht!)
Stick to single player!! pff!

sprinterboy1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

"one of the most incredible developers of all time"?
I wouldn't go that far

remixx1161573d ago

Bethesda has been making bug games forever now, last gen we gave them a pass but this gen we need to hold them accountable now and forever.

Fallout 4 was heavily dumbed down casual and buggy and 76 was a whole nother level of complete bull.

Skyrim and fo3 were great but let's level here and be honest, Bethesda are not who they once were

fiveby91573d ago

I agree Bethesda has made some great games. I also agree it is good to experiment and move outside of your comfort zone. However, it seems Bethesda did a poor job with FO76 so far. Could it be improved? Possibly. But the game has many issues both design and bugs which severely hamper the game. For example, No NPCs in the game sure feels like a design flaw. And the amount and frequency of bugs are not befitting of a AAA studio. They should have baked the game longer and focus group tested longer. But they were in a rush to release for the holiday season to get those sales. But now they have really damaged their reputation. When you compare the quality of this title to other recent releases, you have to admit it pales in comparison. I expect better from BGS. I won't give up on them but I sure am disappointed and apprehensive about purchasing their next game.

Forn1573d ago

Look at Guerrilla Games. They went out of their comfort zone and made an incredible game. They are better than Bethesda.

Markusb331572d ago

Maybe you have been limited to your games exposure.Bethesda are world renowned for buggy games on a tired engine. A game looking like a ps3 game today is not incredible especially when it's still buggy. We don't owe any dev anything. Fans can like or dislike any game or direction they take its called free will.
Quality is usually rewarded with support and praise, not a cash grab

Rachel_Alucard1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Bethesda Austin who used to be known as Battlecry Studios had their name changed in March of 2018. The Bethesda who everyone knows is in Maryland and the only thing they had to do with 76 was putting a new rendering engine in and lighting. Everything else is Austin who has yet to release a single game since they were founded back in 2012, the one game they named themselves after they were releasing got canned and nobody even cared. These are 2 different studios entirely and I hate that both of them get lumped in the same pool together just because Zenimax was foolish to name them the same.

UltraNova1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

"They should try new things, they should go out of their comfort zone; they shouldn't just stick with what they already know, what's proven to be successful, what "the fans want"

Yes they should try a new frickin engine for Fallout and ES games. They should go out of their comfort zone and do proper/complete QA before they release their God damn games (key word: before). They shouldn't just stick to what they already know, their ancient engine and ridiculous QA process, both acts proven to get a pass from the press and fans alike (until recently), actually listen to what their fans want, for once!! (The fans know Fallout and ES games, have paid for them through decades, spend hundreds if not thousands of hrs in them. That, makes them inherently entitled to their opinion on them).
Get a proper engine, do proper QA and then stick to what ever the hell works.

opc1572d ago


Did guerilla games go outside of their comfort zone or were they finally allowed to go into their comfort zone and move away from trying to compete with CoD, Halo, and BF?

shinoff21831572d ago

The fans dont know anything? I guess the true fans spoke with their wallet. Online wasnt even wanted by fans and the sales show it. I had it pre ordered and skipped it I put my 10 bucks onto a different game. I decided I wasnt as interested in this and wouldnt support this. Turns out ill be on the right side of history concerning this game.

Teflon021572d ago

Maybe fun open world games overall. But nothing incredible in the glitch fests that the games they make are

Hungryalpaca1572d ago

There’s a big difference between trying something new andmaking a product that doesn’t work and selling it anyway.

People like you are why we get garbage.

TheOpenWorlder1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

So many people here failed to understand Fluttershy's Amazing!

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porkChop1573d ago

"most of the loyal fanbase for years said DON'T make an online game regardless of what it is because you guys simply can't do it"

That's not true. People on social media were constantly asking for coop and online in Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Obviously Fallout 76 wasn't what people wanted, but they *did* want some kind of online.

Cueil1572d ago

Everyone wanted co-op not this garbage

porkChop1572d ago


I agree. Coop could have been great. A full online game could have worked too, but not like this. They botched it way more than I thought they would.

-Foxtrot1572d ago

They wouldn’t be able to do co op

It takes too much time and resources which they should spend on bugs or better single player content

It’s not flipping a co op switch it takes months

People need to drop the co op idea for these games

C4rnos1572d ago


Ironically modders have created Skyrim together (with a lot of hard work granted) but if you're a professional at the level Bethesda would expect from you- co-op is a feature once added could quite handily make up for a lot of bugs alone; some people are somehow happy with 76 just because you can play with friends, and it's narratively the worst game Bethesda have made.

shinoff21831572d ago

Just a heads up but social media isnt all their fans. Plus their were just as many people not wanting online. The sales prove this. Fallout fans know were in for some buggy mess with any falllout game so this games poor sales cannot be attributed to bugs alone. Its the fact we didnt want this and showed it with are wallets

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NeoGamer2321572d ago

Bethseda owns the IP not gamers.

They can do whatever they want to move the IP forward.

That does not mean gamers will buy into the new direction and buy the game. Bethesda has to then decide if they are willing to continue down the path or go back to the roots. That is usually a discussion about how much money they make either way.

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shammgod1573d ago

Ha! It took them this long to respond about something that happened over a month ago.

1573d ago
Eonjay1572d ago

Well technically they are Microsoft now and we already know Spencer and Howard are lovers.

beulahland1572d ago

@shammgod Ha! I didn't what the video.

beulahland1572d ago

@Eonjay your jokes must be so much appreciated at parties.

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AK911573d ago

If you make a horrible product then be prepared for the backlash.

DonkeyWalrus1571d ago

Todd Howard knew this would happen. He could not convince Pete Hines to allow Bethesda to build a modern gaming engine. So Todd sabotaged his own game to prove a point that the current engine is not capable of producing games of the quality they would like. The backlash will cause Pete Hines to enter into a state of fear and uncertainty. In order to prevent another disaster like this, Pete will give Todd the all clear to build that sweet new engine we've all been waiting for. Just in time for Elder Scrolls VI and maybe even Starfield.

Benoski1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

It's realy simple: Fallout 76 is an abomination that should've never happened.

sprinterboy1573d ago

I'm not into fallout but I have a lot of friends who are massive fallout fans and not one of them have bought 76

Atom6661573d ago

I have several who did buy it and are upset that they did. Sounds like you have smarter friends than me.

badz1491573d ago

they dodged a cannonball there. (FO76 is too big of a turd to be just a bullet!)