Gametrailers: New Xbox Experience: Marketplace

You've seen the new dashboard, now get a feel for the new Marketplace.

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MaximusPrime4740d ago

first time i see this video.

my verdict:

Avatar: crap, a Mii rip off

the flip page: it was ok, but i think you will get bored of it, just like Win-flip on vista.

Seriously i used to own xbox 360 and the home page was fine. but this new NXE seems to mess everything up. This is my opinion btw.

Dont let me stop you enjoying it.

NaiNaiNai4740d ago

if you used to own it, >.> then you didn't like it, thus any statement you make is null and void. not to mention the NXE is way faster then the current blades, me and many others get tired of the loading even off line for the blades.