AMD Ryzen CPUs Are 35% Faster After World of Warcraft's Latest Update

The latest patch for WoW, Tides of Vengeance drastically improves the performance of Ryzen processors using the DX12 API

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letsa_go37d ago

So all I need is World of Warcraft, and my CPU will be faster for every application, eh?

NewMonday37d ago

this bodes well for PS5, multi-threading+high clock speed+modern design will be the big leap the next generation needs, hopefully more 60FPS/1080p will be a standard.

ABizzel137d ago

The architecture, core, thread, and clock speeds will be very interesting next generation.

Zen, Zen+, Zen 2, or Zen 2+ (2020) are the CPUs of choice. It boils down to cost, manufacturing process, and area. The PS5 is more than likely going with Zen 2 or Zen 2+ due to the 7nm node for size, and the older models being on hiatus for manufacturing.

A minimum of 4 cores 8 threads is to be expected, but logically coming off the 8 core PS4 Apu, something along the lines of 6/12 or 8/16 is to be expected. Considering balance and price I’d say expect a 6 core 12 thread PS5 CPU.

The clock speeds however depend completely on if it’s the desktop CPU or Laptop CPU (almost guaranteed to be the laptop). Laptop models have much lower clock speeds on average which mess less overall performance than the desktop equivalents, but they also have significantly lower TDP, which is important for a device running on a sub 300w power supply.

A safe bet for the PS5 is a 6 core 12 thread Zen 2 laptop processor, with a 3GHz max clock speed. Which will basically be a Ryzen 1600x equivalent with a much lower TDP.

And for a console likely aimed st $399 - $499, you can’t ask for more