PS5 Release Date, Controller, The Last of Us 2 - Predictions

"Will the PS5 be backward compatible with PS4? What will the controller look like? Can the PS5 launch with The Last of Us Part II?

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Einhander197138d ago

Another pointless article speculating about something only Sony knows the answer to.

ptownjbo38d ago

Sometimes it's fun to spectate.

Eidolon37d ago

I love to spectate my remaining teammates, possible help them out if I spot something they don't, especially in BR.

sprinterboy37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yes it's fun to speculate but not when it's the same 5 points you've heard from a million other youtubers lol, seriously we get it, bc with ps5 we'll duh, psvr2 with less wires well duh, it's gonna be AMD well duh.
These youtubers are sprouting out the same shite, not just with nxt gen speculation but with games too.

Do you want to hear some actual ps5 news, here you go share play 2.0 will have live streaming on YouTube, twitch etc where they can pass the controller to say a patreon live (playing a unreleased game maybe)
Or allowing a ps5 user to share play a a ps5 game to a ps4 psn friend?
Not all playstation fans give a dam about bc so apart from ps4 games (all ps5s play ps4 games) , ps1/2/3 will be subscription based with a evolved psnow. (also able to share play for a limited time with psn friend who doesn't use psnow)
These are just some talking points for nxt gen systems not the same old dribble these youtubers talk about (to think patreons give them money) wtf.

isarai38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I just really cant wait to see what they will be pulling off with this new era of CPUs. Last gen to this gen was pretty much just a brute force very linear step forward, we didn't have any breakthroughs like 2D to 3D or SD to HD. This time however we've had quite the breakthrough in CPUs thanks to AMD and the Zen based CPUs. just can't wait to see what that brings to the table.

There's also Raytracing GPUs if they somehow figure out how to pull that off on the lower end GPUs that end up in consoles, would be insane if one of them manage to pull it off. Doubt it'll happen, but it'd be cool

Profchaos37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yes and VR which I expect would come along with the ps5 requires a lot more of the CPU than traditional gaming which relies heavily on GPU so next gen I'd expect to see a well rounded machine a zen CPU and and GPU with I hope at least 16 gb ram.

However this will drive the actual consoles price sky high

Loktai36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Vr is not CPU intensive. It's GPU intensive and the reason is that you need at least 60fps PER EYE, essentially 120fps, though you can make 90fps work with some ticks. That's your min. And it needs to be BASICALLY locked there. It's all GPU.

On PC you can play VR games on a decade old CPU if you put a nice graphics card in your box.

Or prime example the ps4 which has a 6 + year old mid range laptop CPU but.. does VR.

Pennywise13837d ago

So I’m not tech savvy in the sense of knowing the difference and power in all the chip sets and whatnot. Do you think the PS5 has the potential to make a significant leap in the advancement of video games? Any examples you can give that the ps5 might be capable of that we haven’t seen yet? I’m always wondering if we will ever see those big breakthroughs in the way we did in the examples you gave above.

I_am_Batman37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

In my opinion the breakthroughs have to come from the tools. Game development has scaled up to a point where hundreds of people are working in a AAA game for 5+ years. Better tech always results in a more complex workload which means more man-hours are invested to achieve the same goal. This raises the budget of the games. The higher the budget the higher the risk meaning more publishers are inclined to play it save.

Even if continuing to raise the budget indefinitely would be an option, scaling up the dev teams even further becomes a logistic nightmare and waiting even longer for games to release will be hard to accept for both gamers and investors.

Raytracing would certainly help with cutting down some of that development time but the tech isn't there yet to support more than a hybrid-approach between raytracing and rasterisation which still requires a lot of time intensive trickery to achieve a convincing outcome.

sprinterboy37d ago

Imo ps5 will be a evolution of what's made ps4 so successful (2.0 share play etc)

1)More detailed worlds (not any bigger pls)
2) advancements in physics
3) advancements in AI (F. E. A. R should not be the best AI in a game from 10 plus years ago)
4) share play 2.0
5) psvr (ps1 level) will skip ps2 level psvr and jump straight to ps3 AAA games quality with psvr2.

isarai37d ago

Well a since the ps4/xbo came out, there was a pretty big breakthrough in CPUs which basically gives you 2x the power(not entirelyaccurate but for simplicity sake)for half the cost. So next gen systems should get a real leap in cpu power. This will greatly increase the simulations that can be pulled off next gen. So things like A.I. and physics will be able to greatly improved in both quality and quantity. We could see things like very densely populated cities, far more impressive destructive environments, more accurate/physics based animations, more effects going on on screen etc.

sinspirit37d ago

I'm thinking Sony will be clever. The Cell processor had a(I believe it was real time) ray-tracing demo way back in the day. I wonder if certain dedicated ray tracing hardware can also open the door to emulate powerPC architecture like the Cell. I don't know the similarities. Just an observation.

Ryzen will certainly be used. I expect with another unreleased GPU, and it will hopefully be a new class and not just another 7nm shrink of existing ones.


I think 60fps will be the standard going forward, with few exceptions. If ray tracing is commonly implemented then we might see that leap. VR will also have better implementation with more performance for more ports and possibilities.

shaggy230337d ago

Want to know what the next gen will bring?

More of the same.

60fps won't be the norm, that is purely up to the developer, not hardware. All games in this gen could be 60fps, it's just the devs don't want to tone down there games.

Will their be ray-tracing? Possibly, but what I've seen it's not that impressive. Yes it looks pretty in screen shots, but in the heat of battle we won't notice it.

I_am_Batman37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@shaggy2303: I agree there won't be a 60fps standard but I've no doubt that we'll see the norm shift more towards 60fps games next-gen. We are already seeing more 60fps games this gen and with higher resolutions hitting diminishing returns I could see more devs willing to invest those recources into higher framerate instead.

VRR might also play a role as it gets more common on TV panels. We might see more games running with unlocked framerates.

What you've seen from ray-tracing is still mostly based on rasterisation. It's a hybrid approach with some elements of the render pipeline being ray-traced. The samples per pixel are very low for now. That's why they need to denoise the output. Ray-tracing and hopefully Path-tracing will make the 3D graphics workload a lot more managable for the artists working in game development at the cost of a much higher workload for the GPU. It'll take much more than next gen console hardware to get us to that point though.

starchild37d ago

I don't think 60fps will be standard on next gen consoles. It will likely be somewhat more common--mostly on simpler indie titles--but it won't be the standard for demanding AAA games.

Developers could have made 60fps standard any generation, but they generally choose to focus on better visuals and more engaging gameplay interactions.

2pacalypsenow38d ago

I don't think we need an article for a guess.

Ceaser985736137d ago

Another pointless article and lets get this straight LOU 2, GOT DS will be releasing on the PS4 where Sony would want its over 100 mil customers (by then when these games release) to enjoy the games and Sony can earn a lot from over 100 mil customers than a hand few from PS5.. and Yes this games will release on the PS5 as well.

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