Sony's Shawn Layden wants fewer, bigger PlayStation games

Video game makers are struggling to adapt to the internet era. With the PS5 on the horizon, Sony's video game boss has a plan.

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-Foxtrot10d ago

"I don't want to get into me-too, it seems like I think the world's got all the battle royale it needs right now"

Thank the Lord

Kingthrash3609d ago

What's crazy is the title is all wrong and misleading.
He never said he wants fewer games, just that he is willing to delay them for quality sake.

UltraNova9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

The answer he gave on why Sony not being on the E3 stage is very convincing. This is Sony progressing to the current and even adapting to future times. E3 is indeed a face to face trading relic in today's terms. It should become a fan celebratory event only like Comicon, while "big" news can be delivered at any time the publisher wants to via the Internet or their own events like PSX or PS Destination. I can see their reasoning now for omitting their E3 keynote even If I'd love to see them on stage stick "beating" the hell out of MS one more time.

Potnoodle9999d ago

It really is! Thank god for Sony and Nintendo. I would be devastated if one of the two left gaming. More so if Sony left as I absolutely love their sp offerings lately. The best stories in gaming.
If both ever left I would probably stop altogether!

trouble_bubble9d ago

The Comic-Con analogy is spot on. Marvel’s MCU pretty much sat out last year’s. Doesn’t mean they’re in trouble. They just had nothing to show. Fast forward to 2019 and they’re poised to have another love fest. Providing Brie Larson gets her social media white man hate-on out of her system.

UltraNova9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


"Providing Brie Larson gets her social media white man hate-on out of her system."

Nope she will not. She's every white-man hating feminist's wet dream come true - complete with no facial smile producing muscles, cause you know smiling is a sign of weakness and submission.

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darthv7210d ago

Funny thing is I'm betting Sony is working on bringing back MAG to capitalize on this BR trend. They just arent going to say anything until they are ready.

-Foxtrot10d ago

I suppose it depends on how it goes with their philosophy

"And we have simplified it to "first, best or must."

If your title is going to be "first" and creating a genre, or "first" and creating a new game activity, let's look at that. If you're going to make an action adventure game, It better be "best" in class. And we have the third category called "must," which is we must support the platform, we must be present when new technology comes out"

First would be making a Battle Royal gane which is so different it's evolved the genre enough or Best where it's going to be better then the most popular one like Fornite.

I don't think any is realistic at this stage, there's no point going against the big boys when what you are doing now works so well.

Dirtnapstor10d ago

MAG was a great innovative game for its time. They need to bring it back.

ArchangelMike10d ago

Do you have anything at all to base that on beside your tummy rumbling? Or did you just pull that straight out of thin air?

SuperSonic9110d ago

Under Layden you have very different games like God of War, Horizon ZD, Spiderman, Dreams, Days Gone, Until Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, etc.

He really cranked up the creative department of SIE.

darthv7210d ago

@above... call it hopefully optimistic that they would bring it back. MAG was awesome and it certainly set the stage for what we have now with huge player count BR games now. It just makes perfect sense to bring back. MAG doesnt get enough credit for doing what it did. Especially today, it's like most forgot all about it.

Michiel198910d ago

I see them doing a syphon filter BR before mag, then at least they have a more well known IP behind it.
I just hope they dont, or if they make it a BR they do it like playstation all-stars. Lot of the ps cast there, with their own abilities etc

BehindTheRows10d ago

Based on nothing but the same SonyToo™ stuff that many of you preached when Sony flat out denied ever planning to do the same things Microsoft did during their Xbox One reveal.

OT: As other, more sensible, people have said, thank the Lord! Not that I want to see Fortnite die, per se, I just don't want every shooter to become Fortnite. So, I'm with Layden on this idea.

Rude-ro10d ago

Mag is not a br game.
And please!!! Bring it back.
It is more like a larger battlefield than it is a br game though.

Omegasyde10d ago

They helped innovate what BR is today with being one of the first developers/publishers of MMO Shooters.

Seems like everyone forgot that Planetside 1 had like 150 ish vs 150 vs 150. PS2 had even more per side.

Shame about the SoE being sold off.

GrubsterBeater9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Why is everybody comparing any game with multiplayer and a high player count “a battle royale game, like Fortnite”?

It reminds of these videos of kids who see something and go “hey, it’s Fortnite!!” when they see an old dance or character or whatever it is that Fortnite has in the game.

It’s like these new “gamers” who play Fortnite, call themselves gamers. Fortnite is trash, and I’m so sick of Battle Royale, and I am so thankful Shawn said this regarding BR games.

This is why PlayStation is king. They care about quality games and the gamers that want games that aren’t some cash-grab, Fortnite-esque garbage.

Fortnite is gay.

r2oB9d ago

@ Darth

MAG is not a battle royale game. I don't even know how you are making the correlation. MAG did not set the stage for battle royale games, it was a completely different type of game. Either you never played MAG or you completely forgot what the game was. You think a huge player count means battle royale? I guess Battlefield is a battle royale game too?

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Jin_Sakai10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

“Layden said he's more willing to delay games to ensure they meet an ever higher quality bar.”

It looks like it paid off with Days Gone. The game looks much better now.

"As the exclusive developer for PlayStation, we always have to set the high-water mark, to push the technology further than anyone else," he said.“

He’s right. PS4 exclusives are some of the best games in the industry. Just wait until The Last of Us: Part 2 releases. The bar will be raised yet again.

“He also hinted that Sony's ready to buy up other game makers as it looks to expand the types of games it makes”

Great to hear. Can’t wait to see who they add to their already amazing worldwide studios!

ArchangelMike10d ago

If you ask me they should have bought Quantic Dream and SuperMassive Games.

Sevir10d ago

I think negotiations with quantic fizzled, that's why Quantic announced they're going multiplatform with NetEase so they can stay in business and be independent. :( Which is a shame because Quantic is just the developer you need under your belt with their mantra of high quality narrative driven PS exclusives

ArchangelMike10d ago

Amen brother! It's good to also hear that streaming is not high on the Playstation agenda, so we can breath a sigh of relief that next gen won't be primarily cloud based.

Obscure_Observer10d ago


No other but the delusional fools believes that streaming is the future of gaming. I´m glad that both Sony and Microsoft will stick with console gaming for the forseeable future.

L7CHAPEL10d ago

Pubg, fortnite, Call of Duty Black Ops4 and Apex, are all on Playstation as well...

KyRo9d ago

There's like 4 popular BR games and a lot of failed ones on PC. In comparison to the amount of FPS, RPGs and sports games, 4 is very few. The fact apex launched last week and added a heap on new ideas to the formula shows that there's still a lot of ideas to come from a genre that's relatively young.


Whatever Shawn & Co. wants to do over at Sony I'm with it...they haven't let is down yet.

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crazyCoconuts10d ago

Sony and Nintendo interviews a bit of a rarity compared to MS it seems. Good info in here. Can't say I like the message around not having bombshells to drop - regardless of whether it's good for business or not, I like surprises...

Nyxus10d ago

He was talking specifically about E3, that doesn't mean there won't be any bombshell announcements in the future.

ArchangelMike10d ago

It's such a refreshingly different tone to Microsoft, who are all about jumping on the latest bandwagon. Sony are content and happy to say that's not their jam, they'll do their own thing. They're not jumping on the BR bandwagon, not jumping on the cloud and streaming bandwagon just yet, but are going to double down on brilliant exclusives - although I have to say I don't know how I feel about fewer games. The wait for TLOU2 and Death Stranding is excruciating.

10d ago
Obscure_Observer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


"He was talking specifically about E3, that doesn't mean there won't be any bombshell announcements in the future."

He pretty much confirmed that Sony won´t host an event as an E3 replacement this year because they have nothing of substance to announce this year. Since fewer games with more quality is their new moto, he doesn´t want to set expectations high among Playstation gamers just to disappoint next.

When i said Sony played all their AAA PS4 cards too soon back at 2017, some people got mad and led their emotions overshadows basic logic and common sense. And here we are.

I praise Layden for his honesty and transparency. I wish him the best as he´s now president of Sony´s worldwide studios.

S2Killinit10d ago

Yep. I really like how they have a much more human approach. None of that scripted title fodder pr ammo.

BizarroUltraman10d ago


You're one big mofo hypocrite!! Go play your damn Sony games and leave this comment section to less sensitive gamers. Sony is pushing cloud too, they'll find a way to get a BR game and basically copy anything good in the industry. Making it like Sony is a innovator when they just steal ideas from the other two game giants rewrap it and put ps in it and you go buy it like they made it foh

THC CELL10d ago

Ms need sales and they will say anything even hype a publisher they gained

ShadowWolf71210d ago


According to Layden, their recent output has also been fewer games but higher quality. And technically, in terms of First Party, it's true. The number of titles has been fewer, but each one has been a GOTY contender.

Razzer10d ago


No idea where you pulled any of that stuff from, but it wasn't from Layden.

DVAcme10d ago

Indeed, I expect PSX this year to have more bombshells than the DMZ. I still think that skipping E3 to directly control the narrative of the PS5 launch and have more time to release a dope show was the right move. Plus, last year's kinda anemic E3 showing is probably because they ARE saving up the big announcements for upcoming PS4 games to have awesome stuff to show for it along with the PS5 announcement. And if Sony ARE considering buying more studios, that's a big announcement. Microsoft may be buying up studios left and right, but Sony already has a long-running reputation for buying studios and doing GREAT things woth them. It's why their 1st- and 2nd-party content is second to none.

Ceaser98573619d ago


"Since fewer games with more quality is their new moto,"

He didnt say that, he said he is willing to delay them for quality sake.

"When i said Sony played all their AAA PS4 cards too soon back at 2017, some people got mad and led their emotions overshadows basic logic and common sense. And here we are."

Again you are wrong and don't know what you speak... PS4 still has games which didnt release and that are LOU2, GOT, DREAMS, DAYS GONE, DS.. So i don;t know what you talking about. Sony has done everything proper Hence they are way ahead of Xbox ...

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-Foxtrot10d ago

Sony and Nintendo only really talk a lot when they've got a new game/console coming out, usually when it's announced or near launch. The other times would be at an event like E3 or Gamescom.

I think for them it's mostly "let your product do the talking"

gangsta_red10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"Sony and Nintendo interviews a bit of a rarity compared to MS it seems"

I think it's mainly because both Sony and Nintendo are Japanese companies. MS being more of a western company, it's probably easier for journalists to get interviews with the heads of Xbox and publish them for western sites.

I'm surprised no one is talking about how Shawn wants fewer Sony games.

The Wood10d ago

Fewer weaker games hopefully. Do high quality as much as possible and drop any titles that could be deemed mediocre or trash.

AngelicIceDiamond10d ago

Yeah Im also curious about Sony's stance on fewer big exclusives.

BehindTheRows10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Because that isn't exactly what he said:

"And with our decision to do fewer games -- bigger games -- over longer periods of time, we got to a point where June of 2019 was not a time for us to have a new thing to say. And we feel like if we ring the bell and people show up here in force, people have expectation "Oh, they're going to tell us something."

He'd rather not give us a false sense of hope when he knows games are either far off or not ready in their current state. Quite a few games this gen would have benefitted from this train of thought. ;p

gangsta_red10d ago

Sony has already released fewer games this gen, how many fewer than what we have already gotten for the next gen?

I would think you would want Sony to make more high profile games or just more games in general.

More doesn't mean they have to be mediocre or trash, especially if they're coming from different studios or different teams of the same studios under Sony.

BehindTheRows10d ago

Sony is the last company I'm worried about either releasing big/small games or ANY at all. ^_^

Nyxus10d ago

@ gangsta: this is what he said:

"I think we've done a lot over the last three or four years to get us to a place right now where we're building fewer games per year than ever before, but we're spending more time, more energy, certainly more money, on making them."

So rather than pushing out games quickly, he wants to focus on delivering the best quality. That is a good thing in my book.

The Wood10d ago

Has your curiosity been quelled guys. .

Sometimes interpretation can spawn many different results . If you think logically. . Why would Sony cull a winning formula. That's suicidal. Concentrate on quality over quantity but still have enough. It's working

DJK1NG_Gaming10d ago

PlayStation is no longer Japanese base company.
They moved to California.

mkis00710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You people are crazy good at cherry picking...he said they are doing fewer but bigger games...not just fewer games. See 2018 for examples...

No where did he say fewer big games...

S2Killinit10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Thats so weired you say that. He speaks perfect english... realistically, it has more to do with the fact that Sony and Nintendo seem to be more focused on making games than making PR.

gangsta_red10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


I read that but I don't agree that spending more money, spending more time and releasing fewer games is the answer. And quickly in relation to what exactly?

Additionally there's no guarantee that those games will be critical hits. Spending more money means that those games will have to recoup even more and that means Sony may have to take less chances to reach that. And if those games don't hit a certain milestone, that could lead to layoffs or possibly studio closures.

I think there should be a better way in the development process that doesn't require spending even more money, especially when triple A games are already in the millions to begin with. Also more time and more energy isn't really an efficient way especially if it means less games.

"he said they are doing fewer but bigger games"

"No where did he say fewer big games..."

Lmao! That is hilarious!

"Sometimes interpretation can spawn many different results"

Especially when you only read what you want to see.

"Sony, MS and Nintendo seem to be more focused on making games than making PR."

You forgot to mention Microsoft too. Don't worry, I added it for you.

S2Killinit10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Aarrghh he said we “are” releasing fewer, but bigger. They are, as in, already.

Basically, he is saying that they arent doing shovelware games. If they make a game, it has to be quality.

gangsta_red10d ago

"Aarrghh he said we “are” releasing fewer, but bigger. They are, as in, already."

Blaaarrrgh, and it's only going to get longer and fewer with rising costs, newer tech that require bigger budgets, and bigger teams glaaargh!

You would think Shawn would want to find a way for Sony to make more games seeing as how the few they already have are successful so far.

trooper_10d ago

Why don’t you read the whole article instead of insinuating nonsense?

ILostMyMind10d ago

Sony says less because it doesn't have to lie to its consumers as much as Microsoft does. If it were not for the, almost daily, promises of Phil Spencer on twitter, the Xbox would have already failed like the WiiU.

L7CHAPEL10d ago (Edited 9d ago )

That's really the gist of it:
It's the media is who requests that. these guys aren't running around begging people to be interviewed,
I think it's more interviews for Xbox and Microsoft because of all the negativity towards them, as well has easier access. gaming sites know they can post anything about MS and you're going to get just as much clicks from the negative, as you will (and probably more so)than the positive stuff anybody has to say about Sony, look at the amount of negative Fanboys shit in this form right here, concerning Xbox,
and Xbox isn't even brought up in this article ... Funny isn't it ?

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Daarggh Does that mean Xbox will have negative number of games then? I mean they already have so very few...

Its because MS’s representatives show up to troll, thats why. Otherwise no one would be talking about that console here.

Ceaser98573619d ago (Edited 9d ago )


"I'm surprised no one is talking about how Shawn wants fewer Sony games."
Another Misinformed Xbox fan

He said he is willing to delay them for quality sake. Do you know how to READ or you simply get controlled by some misleading heading...

Shawn also hinted that Sony's ready to buy up other game makers as it looks to expand the types of games it makes.

Did you read this?? If yes then you claiming Shawn wants fewer sony games rules out...

NarutoFox9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

"I'm surprised no one is talking about how Shawn wants fewer Sony games."

Probably scared of Xbox’s lineup of Sea of Thieves 2, Forza 27, Halo 12 and Gears 33. J/K

IamTylerDurden19d ago

He basically said that they are spending more time, money, and effort on each game hence why they achieve such critical and commercial success. Obviously it equates to less total games, but the games that release are generally bigger and higher quality. That was the message, putting more into each game rather than simply releasing more games, and he said that IS CURRENTLY HOW THEY'VE BEEN OPERATING and i'd say it's working.

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kalkano10d ago

Seems like this pretty much rules out any kind of return for Arc the Lad/Wild Arms/Legend of Dragoon (no, mobile BS doesn't count).

Soap_Z10d ago

What? The only thing I make sure is that if they return they will be AAA games with great efforts rather than mediocre low budget game

This is very good

kalkano9d ago

That means they won't return. There's no way in hell they'll bring those games back as AAA. Or, if they do, they're guaranteed to be Action-RPGs, which eliminates the entire point of bringing them back in the first place.

gangsta_red10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Well Sony's studios have all but abandon RPG games and from the sound of what Shawn is saying they'll definitely be focusing (or wants) on fewer games but will be big triple A titles. And more than likely they'll be western focused types games so any hopes of Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms or Arc the Lad is not likely.

But, you never know, Sony could lend out those IP's to other developers to make a game.

trouble_bubble10d ago

Probably because they’ve had other exclusive RPGs fill the void. Horizon Zero Dawn absolutely has RPG all up in its DNA. Arc and Arms never drew half that audience.

Throw in third party partners still working on action RPGs like Nioh 2. Ni No Kuni 2, Persona 5, Yakuza and DQ11 aren’t on any other consoles atm. Bloodborne was huge.

Shooters on the other hand. Console exclusive RPGs they have in spades. The lack of a new Resistance while Knack gets a sequel, is troubling. For Killzone Shadowfall’s flack, it still sold as good as the others. MP was solid.

S2Killinit10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

What genres have Xbox’s studios “all but abandonned”? i think it be easier to name the ones they havent abandoned. Lol

gangsta_red10d ago

"What genres have Xbox’s studios “all but abandonned”? "

I keep forgetting that we have to keep Xbox and MS in on the lips even when there are articles not related to them. This way the kids on this site don't feel too threatened when talking about their pieces of plastic.

ShadowWolf71210d ago

I love how you keep persistently trying to misrepresent what he said.

He's said that's already BEEN their policy. Not that he wants even less.