'You will never get Infinite Warfare 2,' says ex-Call of Duty dev

An ex-Infinity Ward employee has stated "You will never get Infinite Warfare 2" in response to a user on Twitter. The former employee, Robert Bowling, further hinted that Infinity Ward's next title would be a shooter set in the modern day.

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Smokehouse6d ago

Lol I like it. Would take mw4 as well.

LucasRuinedChildhood6d ago

For the love of God, may there be no more Ghost games. Easily one of the worst CODs ever made. Definitely the worst if you don't include PSP and DS spinoffs.

SierraGuy6d ago

I didn't mind it...infinite on the other hand...blops 3/4 same Garbo.

Axecution6d ago

The single player was pretty good! It ended on a cliffhanger so i do sort of hope we get a Ghosts 2 one day.

Im aware my opinion on this is different than everybody elses though lmao

Sirk7x6d ago

I knew that game was broken when going with a knife and all perks got you top of the scoreboard every game. Awful experience.

MONOLITHICIDE6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I actually enjoyed ghost. I felt it was close gameplay wise to classic Call of Duty in a way. Even though i didnt really play the campaign. I felt the multiplayer was simple the way i like it. Same with WW2. Beat the campaign that was so so. But found the multiplayer to be right up my ally. Prestoed multiple times.

CurbStompin6d ago

Ghost was a commercial failure. They definitely won’t make a sequel.

kparks6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You guys act like naming the game MW4 is going to make the game good or something lol IW has proved they don't know what they're doing anymore I dont care what they call it.

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Travis37086d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Lol who would want that garbage? We didn't want the first one. COD is dying anyway and they need to think hard about the future on what to make next year.

Gaming1016d ago

Yup, Infinity War sure did kill that series, even though it was still the biggest selling game of all of 2016, the year it came out.
Please, CoD isn't going anywhere. They cheap out on the development, which is why a developer admitted they just didn't have time to do BO4 Single Player, they just ran out of time and resources, so they slapped a battle royale mode together to copy Fortnite and follow gaming fads. Even though they have the money to make whatever game they want they are still concerned about profits and shareholders like every other American company, and so that comes first unfortunately, and people still buy CoD more than anything else every year. BO4 was still #1 for 2018 despite no single player. It beat RDR2 which came #2, which is far less shallow an experience than playing multiplayer shooting in CoD, lets be real.

BenRC015d ago

Dying lol, sells a ton every year.