Why Are Gamers Mad About a Real Competitor to Steam?

Epic’s new store has started a war with Steam, representing two titans duking it out for dominance.

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SegaGamer38d ago

If Epic want to be competitive, then that is fine, I have no problem with that and have always said that. What I don't like is them buying out people to have their game exclusive on their store. All this says to me is "Download and sign up to our store or you can't play the game".

I also don't like that devs use Steam for user feedback and beta testing and then pull the game from Steam just before they are about to release the game. That is a really crappy move.

About the launcher. When people say they don't want to download yet another one, they have valid reasons for not wanting to do that. We keep saying competition is good, but when you have a market over saturated, it becomes annoying and very frustrating. Look at it from this point of view. We have Steam, Uplay, Origin, Discord, GOG, Epic and a few others. That is multiple accounts and passwords to remember and your bank, credit card or paypal details that you need to trust these people with. It's gotten to the point where people are saying "how many is enough?" and they have a good point. In 5 years time are we going to have to sign up to 20 different companies just to play games? 20 different accounts to remember, 20 different passwords to remember, 20 different places to store our payment details on (and that means a higher chance of having your payment details stolen) 20 different places for your games, friends and achievements. So yeah, it's not that we just don't want to download another launcher because we see it as bloatware, it's an issue, but it's a minor one amongst all of the other concerns we have.

WombBat37d ago

That's an understandable reaction, but you have to understand that modern game development is incredibly expensive and risky. Valve taking 30 percent of a games profit is way too steep in the modern era, where game prices haven't gone up but the value of the dollar has gone down tremendously, and the cost of game development has also gone up exponentially.

I get that people are weary of Epic, but honestly, I feel very passionate about the success of Epic Store, as it stands to help all developers. They aren't making a proprietary launcher like EA, this is for us, the game developers, and really will force Valve's hand if Epic succeeds. Epic lowering their cut also stands to lower the price of games if the developer deems it reasonable. Hence why Epic Store's Metro is 10 dollars cheaper than Steam's.

fiveby937d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I'm not so sure 30% is too steep a cut for Valve in all cases when often times because of Steam's ubiquitous install base these studios reach more consumers than they would anywhere else. Regardless, competition from EPIC is ok if done in a manner which is not seeking to create a new monopoly by paying studios to *not* publish their game also on Steam. What I really dislike about the EPIC store is that there are no user reviews currently and they are adopting an opt-in review system for the publisher. Steam user review can be very informative especially since they correlate play time with the user comments. I think publishers are afraid of their customers and would often times like to stifle or silence negative feedback. By opting out of user reviews, publishers can hide poor game decisions and keep that all precious sale. In an age of live service games, consumers are best served by having user reviews alongside the product being sold. Anything else is not very consumer friendly. What EPIC seeks to do in cozy up with devs and publishers by limiting user feedback. Devs are not the enemy here but when they implement poor design choices in games, consumers need to find out. It is not really about the inconvenience of another launcher. That argument by EPIC and their friends is just a red herring. Now if EPIC store implements real parity, feature-wise, with Steam then I am all for competition. But currently for me, I am just not buying any games from EPIC and that includes Metro Exodus. And it's a shame too because I think Metro Exodus looks good but I can't bring myself to help EPIC. I'll wait for a year.

37d ago
gamerz37d ago

Steam allows publishers/developers to sell an unlimited number of steam codes. Steam earns no commission on codes sold this way and can be offered on any website and for any price the publisher/developer chooses.

So the argument that Epic store somehow better for developers is kind of bull. And it's certainly not better for gamers with their crap return policy, walled-in exclusives and scare features.

RizBiz37d ago

"Developers usually make approximately 50% of all sales in retail stores (about $30 per game sold). The other 50% goes to distribution, vendors, and the retail outlet takes the smallest chunk (5-7%). Steam cuts out all of those middle men and only take 30% giving the developers 70%."
Also, big games net devs 75% after $10 million, and 80% after $50 million.

darx37d ago


Who cares, you're in Germany.

opc37d ago

They aren't making a proprietary launcher? The only game they've released in the past few years is only available through their store. It's a proprietary launcher.

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ButtAnihilator37d ago

Arbitrary exclusivity in general (including arbitrary console or pc exclusives) are really annoying, but there really isn't anything we can do about it -- it's one of those things that we unfortunately have to learn to deal with.

rainslacker36d ago

I agree with you, but people were hating on the Epic store before they did that. They chastised it because it wasn't as fully featured as Steam on launch, and weren't willing to give it a chance because, "I don't want to have another launcher on my system".

Not saying that I agree with some of the things epic is doing, but the hate isn't just because of the exclusive deal.

CaptainCook37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Steam gamers doesn't like competition, it's all about not being on my favorite store.

SegaGamer37d ago

How can you come to that conclusion when my comment above yours explains a lot of people's concerns?

neocores805537d ago

Slot of people all I see is that's ur concern don't push your opinion on others or speak for others steam players are just cry babies plain and simple

agent453237d ago

I like humble bundle for my money goes to charity. Is the fact that Epic is not gamer friendly. No mod support, no game reviews, etc.

FinalFantasyFanatic36d ago

I'm more worried about their security, I keep getting attempted hacks (thank you 2 factor authentication).

JackBNimble37d ago

Steam is more then just a crappy store , why do you think there are well over 100k users ?

WitcheRivia37d ago

Imagine defending the Fortnite Launcher.

WombBat37d ago

Imagine being an Indie Developer and only paying 12 percent of profit instead of 30 percent, and actually being able to afford quitting your day job to work on your dream full time.

Rachel_Alucard37d ago

Thank god I'm a consumer and this has no effect on me.

WitcheRivia37d ago

Imagine being an Indie Developer & being so stupid that you think selling your game exclusively on a bare bones store with less users willing to pay for your game is a good idea just because they take less of a percentage.

letsa_go37d ago

We aren't here to fulfill your fanciful dreams! Make good games and they will sell themselves. All these indie developers think the world revolves around them and we should bow to their presence. Newsflash: You aren't a rockstar, as much as you want to think you are. GET OVER YOURSELF AND MAKE GOOD GAMES.

ButtAnihilator37d ago

It's much more complicated than that.

AnubisG37d ago

Not really. They just want everything on their store. Steam is their team. So EPIC store is the enemy. Simple as that. We can come up with all the excuses and look from all angles but it just comes down to tribalism.

Vegamyster37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


This is a very simple outlook on the situation, i use Steam, Origin, Uplay ect no problem. Like others have mentioned i do not like the idea of any company throwing money at devs to pull them to their half baked store that has zero benefit to us, the consumer. There is definitely some that just want games on Steam but there is nothing wrong with that either, it's by far the best launcher by a mile and to my knowledge Valve have never thrown money at devs to pull them away from places like GoG ect.

ButtAnihilator37d ago

Oh really? How about people that rely on steam big picture to play games in the living room? Not only that, but epic store is lacking in a massive amount of features that steam has, such as cloud saves, user reviews, forums, user-created guides, broadcasting, the list goes on. I'm all for competition, but having to miss on basic features jist to play a particular game and/or having to keep track of what launcher has what feature is a pain in the butt.

Shikoku37d ago

Cause its incontinent to have to deal with two different launchers and have two different accounts etc basically people are lazy.

neocores805537d ago

Lol and most of them use more then one launcher and auto sign in lol they are all just cry babies

ButtAnihilator37d ago

It goes much deeper. Steam has the big picture mode, it's own os, and some other features that epic store doesn't. I'm sure that epic store probably has some features that steam doesn't have too, but it's a pain in the butt to have to keep track of which store has what feature that I need right now.

rainslacker36d ago

Steam has a feature which is in Windows already, so that's why it's much deeper?

Rachel_Alucard37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Timed exclusivity is bad regardless if you're on PC or console. I don't mind installing a launcher to play a publishers own games, but don't cheaply throw money at random games to stay off every storefront. Epic has just been giving even more money to people that don't need the EGS to survive. They let 2 of the fattest publishers in gaming sign with them. This goes against their end goal.

Shikoku37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Um their end goal is to be a competitor to steam and get their launcher downloaded so seems pretty in line with their end goal to me.

Rachel_Alucard37d ago

Tim's endgoal is to get the 30% rate lowered across the board. Tim handing more money to publishers who make too much already doesn't make people attach to the service. It just pisses them off.

letsa_go37d ago

lol incontinent eh? Having no or insufficient voluntary control over urination or defecation?

Shikoku37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yeah, I misspelled man you sure got me....pathetic. I use Grammarly keyboard on my phone cause I'm dyslexic and it will autocorrect, sometimes I catch it sometime I don't.

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