Square Enix registers "Parasite Eve" trademark in the United Kingdom

Are Square Enix planning to release a new Parasite Eve?

naruga6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

i hope to NOT create an abomination like PE 3rd birthday......Remake Parasite Eve 2 which was trully stellar and i consider it the true sequel to Resident Evil 1 as PE2 director was the creator of RE1 ......or make a PE 3 canonical sequel

bouzebbal5d ago

PE3 or nothing, on home consoles!!!
They can make something insane this series is so underrated.

THC CELL6d ago

If they do a remake like res evil they will have a huge winner

Thundercat776d ago

A remake like RE is the best way to go here.

Lionsguard6d ago

Yeah, I don't even mind if they just straight up copy RE and go for full over the shoulder gameplay. That old school RPG battle system is not the way to go anymore. It's far too dated. If anything, let it be moddable and let some super fan do the RPG system if they really want it.

criticalkare6d ago

While its gonna be good news if its announced but probably takes another 5 to 6 years wait till release...

DevilGearHill6666d ago

Not necessarily... Yes, we are talking Square Enix, but certain things have changed since FF Versus XIII. Even the Kingdom Hearts fans are admitting that KH3 took too long to come out for them to genuinely care about it's story. That's what happens when a company announces things before being at least in the middle of the development process.

franwex6d ago

Nomura just sucks as a director. As long as he isn’t involved we should be ok.

spambot08156d ago

definitly a better choice for a remake than tomb raider.

SuperSonic916d ago

Just leave Nomura out of this I hope...

Shinox6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

WTH are you talking about , Nomura is the art director and the visual designer for all Parasite Eve games since PE1 , Parasite Eve without Nomura touch is like Kingdom Hearts without him , PE means NOTHING without his iconic touches , i swear to god people need to stop bringing this anti-Nomura shit for the sake of Parasite Eve

TricksterArrow6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

@Shinox, The 3rd Birthday was entirely his idea, he left it behind in favor of other projects and, as usual, left it to Tabata to finish his mess and fragmented ideas. Also as usual, the game suffered and was lackluster. Parasite Eve, unlike Final Fantasy VII, would actually benefit a lot from having a new crew coming in with a high appreciation for the source material rather than a guy that left the project, had crazy ideas for it, basically killed Aya, and etc. Please, no.

Shinox6d ago

@TricksterArrow i don't give a flying fxxx about The Turd Birthday and neither do i give a crap about your Nomuraphobia on anything Nomura associate himself with , moral of the story I WANT HIM to be a part of Parasite Eve development like he usually do > HISTORY WISE < , TABATA AND HIS MESS IS GONE .. its time for Takashi Tokita to and others to shine through PE .. this delusional Nomura phobia needs to stop !

SuperSonic916d ago

Nomura is style over substance boy, muh boy.
Let the real men handle SE games from now on. Like Yoko Taro.

spambot08156d ago

i hope all you 3rd birthday haters do it for other reasons than gameplay because the whole diving into stuff thing was actually pretty awsome.

TricksterArrow6d ago

@Shinox, please, stop being a Nomura fanboy. I can acknowledge he did good games, but the fact is Parasite Eve died in The 3rd Birthday and the story was conceived by him. There is no mitochondria, Aya is dead and you play as a girl trapped in a 30 year old woman's body. Did you even play the game? Do you even appreciate the original to call this travesty a good move? Stop being blind.

@spambot, 3rd Birthday is a fun game, specially for a handheld, it was a terrible Parasite Eve though.

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bigmalky6d ago

I think this is just all for a live service, rather than remakes/remasters.

They secured exclusive rights to some of their SNES titles a few days ago too, so I'm wondering whether they're getting a library of games trademarked, so they can use them as incentive for subs.

DevilGearHill6666d ago

Not sure how a story about an attack of an ancient lifeform living deep inside all of humanity that suddenly regained conciousness can be made into a live service. Nah.

bigmalky6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Jesus, do I really have to explain? As in a Gamepass style service, offering the games as a library for a subscription.

I even said this above if you cared to read properly.

bigmalky6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You can disagree all you want, I don't care for it either, but after the announcement a while back on Square Enix's interest in "services", and a recent registering of past IP trademarks and games from older systems, it looks like that's the idea here.

Don't shoot the messenger.

rainslacker6d ago

Never underestimate those ancient alien lifeforms.

FinalFantasyFanatic6d ago

That would be disappointing, I'm not interested in a game pass-like service.

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DevilGearHill6666d ago

We're not. All is good. No need to overreact. Let's wait and see. *puts a hand on your shoulder* Seriously, all is good, man. Don't bother with downvotes ;)