What Do PlayStation Plus' Changes Mean For Next-Gen?

Removing PS3 and Vita games may seem like a negative for PlayStation Plus, but could it spell something bigger on the horizon? IGN's PlayStation show discusses!

Agent_00_Revan6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I applaud them for supporting those systems for so long, but I wish they had dropped the PS+ PS3 & Vita games sooner, so they could focus on getting bigger and better games for PS4.

But that also means it'll be the same deal when PS5 rolls around. Lots of Indies asst first.

Sam Fisher6d ago

Agreed, i believe that they should expand psn to pc. Close the gaps between pc and console and unite

Imortus_san6d ago

PS NOW is already on PC, at least in a small number of countrys.

ILostMyMind6d ago

I don't know when and this was said many times, but one day the consoles will die. Microsoft is getting ready for it and Sony should be on it as well. I agree that Sony should make all PS4 games and beyond run on a PSN version for PC. Maybe not now, but Sony should be ready when the time comes.

milohighclub6d ago

Nah ps5 will have a backlog of ps4 games for the first two years then ps5 will start to come.

anonymousfan6d ago

With backwards compatibility finally present on PS5 at least we might expect some AAA PS4 games even when the PS5 releases

Muzikguy6d ago

I'm glad they supported the systems for as long as they did as well, but I'm not expecting bigger and better current gen games with the subscription. It's supposed to be for online play and I'd rather it go for that. I have enough games to play without getting Plus games. Probably why I haven't had a sub in years

RauLeCreuset6d ago

"It's supposed to be for online play and I'd rather it go for that."

Bunk that. I'm a Day 1 sub. From where I sit, it's for the free games and discounts. That online bit is something they added when PS4 dropped that, while I objected to it, did not really affect me as someone already subscribing. I'm very much for maintaining the narrative that Plus is for those things I signed up for and not interested, from a consumer perspective, of ceding that narrative to the notion that it's about paying for online play.

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )

PS+ games HAVE been getting bigger and better though. Ever since the price increase we've been getting bigger games on PS+. The past year plus has been impressive actually. I recall it starting with games like MGSV, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Rime, Darksiders 2 Deathinitive, Bloodborne, R&C, and now Steep, OnRush, For Honor, Hitman 2, MGS4 ect.

It sucks that PS3/Vita games were dumped but it's clearly in preparation for PS5 this November. I assume by holiday of this year the lineup is..

2 - PS5 games
2 - PS4 games
1 - PSVR game

S2Killinit6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I agree. I think they will now be able to focus on higher quality. I cant wait for PS5 arrival.

Omegasyde6d ago

Nah first two years will probably be cross platform games.

Less money that Sony has to deal out to publishers.

gamer78046d ago

but thats not what they are doing now, they are just dropping games and replacing it with no extra games...

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ocelot076d ago

Well if the rumours are true about the ps5 having BC with PS4 and possibly PS3 (I doubt it will be BC for PS3). Then come the release of the ps5 not only will ps5 owners have access to ps5 monthly games. But a backlog of PS4 games they have collected due to PS4 and possibly PS3 titles.

ImGumbyDammit6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I agree PS4 BC is definitely happening. However, removing PS3 from PSPlus actually indicates (at least to me) that there will be no PS3 BC. Why remove that option if Sony were planning on having PS3 game BC in the PS5?

I also do think Sony will have to do something to replace in part the removal of these games. I, however, don't see Sony making a giant leap in the quality of games now that PSVita and PS3 will not be supported options (it just isn't the nature of how moves like this work). I personally am going with the idea that Sony at some point in the near future will push more PSVR adoption by adding a game ( or two) a month from that product's growing catalog.

Edit: grammar

ocelot076d ago

Yup agreed about PSVR I can see them adding at least 1 PSVR title per month. Another thought is maybe they will add like a basic PS Now pass to PS+? For example give everyone a small taste of PS+ allow users to select one or 2 PS3 or PS4 games per month from PS NOW? At least doing this will give some of the people who down play PS Now without actually trying it a chance to actually try it. If they like it they can then subscribe to the full blown PS No sub.

gangsta_red6d ago

Hopefully PS5 will be bc with PS3 as well as PS2 and PS.

This way for next gen Sony can offer a wide range of free games for PS+, just like GWG does with Xbox One, 360 and the OG Xbox.

remixx1166d ago

This is actually a good idea and while I gear it's far fetched I'm praying it happens.

Need to be able to play klonoa 2 luteana's veil and SSX tricky again

crazyCoconuts6d ago

I don't think PS Plus is going to reinstitute free monthly PS3 games at this point, even if they engineered a way to play them BC. I suspect they'll offer free VR games to motivate people into getting VR.

gangsta_red6d ago

Maybe they can do 4 games a month. They offered 2 on each system maybe before. This time maybe a PS5 game, a PS4 game, one VR game and then some retro game that can be from any past system before PS4.

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Sony has always offered 2 games per platform. Clearly when PS5 hits the plan will be 2 PS5 games, 2 PS4 games, and probably 1 PSVR game due to the fact that VR is such a new platform still building its ecosystem. Once VR is adopted by the casual consumer and it grows into itself we will see 2 PSVR games per month and a proper 6 total PS+ games. The 2 games per month will be a limited deal until PS5 hits this November. I'm sure the games will be high quality until then, if this month was any clue. But who know? This is my best guess, i'm sure you will bring up this post in a few years if i'm wrong.

IamTylerDurden16d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I like it, smart positioning. Years of bagging on PS4 for not having BC, now, the writing is on the wall that the PS5 will have day 1 BC but of course that isn't good enough. No, you must rag on PS5 for potentially not having PS3 BC (emulation really) because it isn't in your nature to ever give the PlayStation brand any shine. And in the event that you do say something "positive" about the brand it's truly just a thinly veiled attempt to point out a greater flaw. Beautiful work, i see the template for all of next gen "but PS5 doesn't have PS3 BC and Next Box 2 has 360 BC (emulation)".

We would love to have everything in life, but it isn't real. PS3 made a bold choice in going for the exotic and proprietary CELL processor for the PS3, it had many bad consequences that Sony is still paying for, but it also had some wonderful benefits. It made the PS3 difficult to work with but also allowed unforseen beauty like TLoU. The overwhelming success of the PS4 and Sony's effort to ask developers what they want is largely thanks to the PS3. The top-seat position that the PlayStation brand currently holds is thanks to decisions they made years ago. Sure, it made PS3 BC unlikely, but I personally love where PlayStation is at atm and i wouldn't trade PS3 BC for it.

Bleucrunch6d ago

I think SONY screwed up the VIta man, as that console was the shit and they should have supported it more....Talk about dropping the ball man. Damn shame too because their ideas about the Vita is what the switch is now....DAMN SONY you let another competitor steal your idea....

crazyCoconuts6d ago

Sad day when I sold my Vitas. I was just reminding my kids how much better the online was compared to their Switches. I'd love for Sony/MS to take a crack at handhelds but I'm not holding my breath.

crazyCoconuts6d ago

@Bluecrunch, BTW, if you're ok with PC gaming you may want to check out the GPD Win2. It's a little clamshell PC with a built in gamepad. I've fallen in love with mine and play all kinds of games on it, and since it's just a PC, you get all the cross-play / cross buy stuff we got with Vita but even better. It's a niche kinda thing right now, but so good.

ILostMyMind6d ago

Vita will be known as The Best Handheld Never Made.

Bleucrunch5d ago

THAT is a perfect summation of the life of the Vita.

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