Anthem Won’t Let Players Customize Their Pilot

Those hoping Anthem would offer a robust character creation system are out of luck, as the game’s developer BioWare says that players will choose from a pre-generated list of heads for their human avatar in the upcoming looter shooter RPG.

yarbie10004d ago

Why are games feeling like we're going backwards?

Michiel19894d ago

Maybe you should take a look at their customisation beffore you make uninformed comments. The customisation is ffar and above any game ive seen. not being able to customize the pilot that you never even see in game? OMG MURDER, FIRE, RAPE!

Feels more like you are goin backwards. You are not using the resources of our current time, as in checking if you even see your pilot and how the rest of the customization is.

Emme4d ago

Ever seen Black Desert ?

TheSinsibleOne4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I know ive posted somewhere on this site. But dammit it'll be a waste not to post it for this dumpster fire of a comment, so here goes.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on This site is now dumber for having to read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

Old McGroin4d ago

@ Michiel

"not being able to customize the pilot that you never even see in game? OMG MURDER, FIRE, RAPE! "

We see the knees as they climb into the suit. You might think they would at least let us customize the knees. EA and Bioware are ruining the world.

In case it's needed, s/

Michiel19894d ago

iff you guys are gonna cry over no knee pads and gloves, keep at it. Meanwhile ill enjoy playing games while people are buthurt over no kneecaps :(

If you think not being able to customize your kneepads and gloves in a game where you hardly even see them is goin backwards while there are a bazillion other customisable things for your mek then you are just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking or it being EA.

im not offended at all, I just think its bs to say games are going backwards in this specific case.

@emme yeah I seen black desert, which is actually not the same game as Anthem. Not sure why u even mention a asian mmorpg in this discussion. BD is a whole other story which im not gonna go into here.

You guys just love to hate EA, thats all there is to it. and when they actually make a decent game you still keep going instead of putting your pride away and saying, hey the customization is actually pretty good for the meks. Even if EA would create the greatest game of all time you guys would just bash them anyway, because its EA.

If you disregard anything else in the game besides not being able too get kneepads and gloves, for once I will agree with the mainstream media, that those specific gamers are entitled dickheads.

@sins 1. it wasnt rambling.
2. you are not adding anything to the discussion. besides saying you disagree without backing up your statement or should i say your rambling? cause what u typed is actually way more rambling than what i wrote.
3. if you have nothing of substance in your post. just type: "I disagree" next time and be done with it.

UnHoly_One4d ago

Wait a minute, why does it give you ANY customization at all?? Nobody ever sees your pilot, including yourself, as far as I'm aware.

When you are in town, you are in First person, and there are no other players there. The cutscenes remain in first person as well.

When you aren't in town, you're in your Javelin.

I don't know when anyone would ever see your character's face at all...?

Old McGroin4d ago

@ Michiel

I was being sarcastic. I'm in agreement with you. Although I'm still hopeful of some sick knee customisation DLC down the line! /s

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Everyone wants this game to fail so bad because it’s EA but let’s wait and see. Personally this is not a problem for me as I always choose gameplay,graphics and fun factor over customizations and skins. And so far what I have seen from this game the graphics and gunplay look really good. I can say this tho, I hope the characters has a weight feel to them like Killzone2 giving the nature of the shooter. I think this game will be a hit regardless of what reviews think, obviously you can already predict metacriticq User review score being user bombed by bias EA haters. Not to say the hate to EA is not justified, but if they can deliver a good game it will benefit all of us as gamers as we will have one more awesome title to choose from this year regardless of which console you own.


Did you try the public test/beta? I found it to feel very generically... and sure didn't feel like KZ2.

Michiel19894d ago

the game feels nothing like KZ2. Maybe the juggernaut a bit more (didnt play jug in the demo). The most it feels like is mass effect imo, if you take away the mobility, but a bit more action packed.

@inmate i didnt find it generic at all. Really liked the priming and detonating mechanics, which encourages teamplay or a build who can do both well. and moving around was really enjoyable.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence4d ago

You literally never see you pilot's face...Go cry about something else

TheOtherMoon4d ago

@yarbie They're moving forward; you might be asking them to walk in the wrong direction.

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txboy054d ago

Who cares you can’t even see your pilot for most of the game. The hate for this game is truly unreal.

4d ago
DaveZero4d ago

That's because there is problem after problem, more so than there was with destiny and the divisions releases, it isn't good.

Wolffenblitz4d ago

Destiny isn't EA... Division.. isn't EA.

Battlefield 4 had issues, it got fixed up nicely.
BFV Has issues, it's getting fixed up with patches and new content every couple of weeks.
Battlefront 2.. well I played it for a bit, but.. I haven't gone back to it since release.

Nosferatu_dude4d ago

Yes and no, i mean, when ive played the demo ive seen alot of problems there, like glitches, dissappearing enemies in the middle of combat, frame rate issues, and overall the graphics are beautiful, but dull, the world is beautiful and yet doest feel alive.

chazjamie4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I really hope this game does well just to spite these neckbeard activists., N4g is the worse place to discuss gaming.


txboy053d ago

This is the only site I know lol. Could you recommend any others ?

chazjamie3d ago

I like the truegaming subreddit.

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Dlacy13g4d ago

I have no issue with this. You can choose male or female and its voice acted protagonist with tons of choice on appearance with the javelins.

antarius4d ago

The customization for your javelins is ridiculously in depth and people are whining about a pilot you’ll probably never see?

Azfargh4d ago

"ridiculously in depth"? You should check the Armored Core series since PSOne until nowdays. Anthem is just "okay".

rdgneoz34d ago

If Anthem is OK, then what about all the other big name games that are less in depth these days? Not many games let you change the color on so many pieces of gear (they have like 6 sections for each javelin), let alone change the fabric / material / pattern on the individual section. As for the pilot, the base is in first person and you only see them a bit during cutscenes, while 90% of the time you see your javelin. They also have like 21 or so pre-generated faces to choose from for each gender, so it's not like you're having to pick A or B only.

StrengthInNumbers4d ago

99% of the time your pilot is masked. I'll let you figure out the rest.