The Division 2 Open Beta Confirmed

In a livestream earlier today, Ubisoft developers confirmed that there will be a The Division 2 open beta!

monkey6026d ago

I got a VIP code, Downloaded the demo and never once played it over the weekend. Apex just took all interest away from it

excaliburps6d ago

It's good if you liked the first one, which I did. It has more of everything. That said, if you didn't like the first one, I don't see this changing your mind.

monkey6026d ago

I thought the first was okay! I'll try make more of an effort in the open beta and see what it's like. The game really isn't on my radar at the moment anyway.

PapaBop6d ago

Pretty much my conclusion. It takes what it did in the first and improves on it a lot. I loved the first and loving this one even more but for those who didn't warm to the original's gameplay, won't like the sequel either.

DillyDilly6d ago

Me nephew played it & while he liked the first one he thought this was exactly like the first one & sees no reason to buy it

mark_parch6d ago

me and a friend really enjoyed the first game and after playing the beta I think its more of the same with slightly more content, varied missions and varied locations. Did anybody else have any major bugs, I had serious problems with sound effects. At one point I lost all gun sounds and had to reboot the game. had a lot of texture pop in as well.

BadElf6d ago

My favorite character from the first one was the Snow. And New York....

I hope they will be able to update the game to add snow again...atleast a seasonal thing or somthing..

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LordoftheCritics6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You did not miss out on anything.

Division 2 feels like an expansion with a more boring setting.

Specter2296d ago

I feel the same way. If I do pick it up it'll be from a sale.

iNcRiMiNaTi6d ago

Yeah the dark zone felt disappointing and it was the mode I was looking forward to the most. It felt like the only time people engaged was when people were extracting and they'd try and steal the loot whereas the first game's beta people were fighting left and right

Elda6d ago

More like the first which I enjoyed playing over the weekend. Hopefully an open beta is released until the original full game drops.A day one buy when released.

BadElf6d ago

I hope the private beta build was well away from final build. Sloppy. Characters looked like Far Cry AI.

rpvenom6d ago

Yeah.. I wasn't that impressed.. It may be more fun to play this game with friends but honestly to me.. I felt like I was playing an expansion of the first.. not a proper sequel.. but maybe that's not a fair judgement since you only get to level up very few things..

BadElf6d ago

Yeah, exactly. I liked the game in was pretty much what I expected. But compared to how great the first game looked...this was a big dissapointment. I know...I know...its a beta, but we gotta be honest...they dont usually change that much

rdgneoz36d ago

Yah. Felt like Division 1.5 than 2. You had 2 factions that were basically LMB (True Sons and Black Tusk, with BT having robots), hyenas being rikers with a new skin, shotgunners nailing you from 40, and grenade launcher spam (without a ring indicator) and drone spam. The world looked nice besides the texture loading issues and had a lot to do, and hopefully there's reason to run around in the LZ at endgame, as D1 became legendary mode or DZ for good loot.

Larrysweet6d ago

No confirmation as of yet he may misspoke etc

Traecy6d ago

Had fun playing over the weekend!! Hoping there's an open beta to play again.I'm definitely buying TD2 as soon as it's released.

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