TR remake not cancelled

Cheer up, Tomb Raider fans! It turns out the 10th anniversary remake of Lara's first adventure hasn't been cancelled after all - and it won't just be appearing on PSP, either.

Rumours that the game was cancelled emerged after a statement appeared on Core Design's website saying that it was cancelled.

But that's not the case at all, according to SCi-Eidos. They've issued a statement saying that Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition is very much in development - and will appear on PC and PS2 as well as Sony's handheld.

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FamoAmo5823d ago

I liked the TR on the 360 it was fun but I couldn't get past the boss almost at the end. Does anyone know how to get past the flying dragon thing when you have the sword?? Please help. I haven't played it b/c I can't get past it!!! Anyway I am glad to hear about the TR remake. I hope its as fun as this 1 was.. Can someone help please!!

Marriot VP5823d ago

i played the demo on the market place. All I can say is this isn't my game.

FamoAmo5823d ago

Yeah you either enoy it or you don't. I don't think it was great but for me climbing cliffs, jumping doing all the backflips and crap it was fun!! Not the best story or anything but again just a fun game!

PS360PCROCKS5823d ago

I LOVED tr back in the day but the game on the 360 I think I spent more time "trying" to like it than actually enjoying it, it's played out now, just need a new idea and new hot chick

OutLaw5822d ago

Tomb Raider is a decent game. I just feel that they haven't really capture fans like the first one had done for them. They Should have UBIsoft people work on it and tweak it up a little like what UBIsoft has done for the Prince of Persia series.