Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy Adventure Filed for Trademarks in the U.S.

Square Enix previously filed a couple Mana-series related trademarks in Europe, and Siliconera found two of which have also been trademarked in the U.S. in Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana.

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ZeekQuattro595d ago

Maybe they will finally translate SOM 3. I played a great fan translation of the game many moons ago. Awesome game. Square really needs new managment. They take way to long to make games as well as localize ones they should of did ages ago.

wonderfulmonkeyman594d ago

I refuse to believe this is actually gonna happen until I see it in a Direct.

shinoff2183594d ago

Im hoping whatever it is it makes its way to my ps4. Physically to

571d ago