The Division 2 is ready to fulfil the potential of its predecessor

The Division 2 is a big step up in quality over the original

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theXtReMe142d ago

One thing you said in your preview absolutely makes me not want to play it. The statement that it’s fundamentally the same as the first game, just more polished. The first game wasn’t that good. Even with polish, it wouldn’t have been good. Enemies were bullet sponges, The gameplay was simplistic and was nothing like the developers originally had stated it was going to be. To me, it just wasn’t fun. I was hoping that they would take advantage of their experience with the last game and fulfill the promises they had made. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

When the first game was announced, they had made it out to be a survival game that took place in all of New York. Almost all the boroughs were accounted for. Then, it shrunk and became a free-for-all shooter. I was so excited for the original vision of the first game. The developer made it sound like it was you trying to survive the world and the rest of the people who were still alive in it. Making it seem like you could enter almost every building and Collett home. Build that bass up with the items you found around the world. You would have to search for food or hunt and be weary of your surroundings due to the people and animals who want to kill you and eat you or take your stuff. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any of that. What we got, was an ad on that simulated the original vision on a very small scale.

It sucks, because their original vision would’ve made an incredible game. I’m hoping it’s just a hardware limitation and maybe they can fulfill that vision next generation. I will try the second game, but I’m not expecting much.I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the same.

Mirdus42d ago

Sounds like you did not try Division after all the fixing and DLC that came out that made the game incredibly fun, especially Survival, Underground and incursions, Division 1 came to be a great and fun game, it took time but they did it.

Division 2 builds on that version of the game, not the one that launched in poor state.

pandehz42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Loved the updates.

Not excited about 2. The setting is dull and not too much has changed. The beta was getting boring really fast.

Moe-Gunz42d ago

I played the first before and after the fixes. It was still a mediocre game and playing this beta it feels like the same mediocre game.

zeal0us42d ago

Tried the beta and ended up breaking a controller. Enemies will spam the hell out of grenades and abilities. Heavy enemies can run as fast normal enemies at times. The cover system is god awful. Hell I even got stuck in a damn wall. Honestly Div2 feels like a rehash. Massive may have listen to some of the complaints about DZ but overall game not so much. Reviewers will end giving this game a similar score they gave Div1.

DaveZero42d ago

I agree with you missus, the game was excellent after the fixes and still is.
Most player I find who left and didn't go back were those that were sour over the darkzone and the fact rogues killed them. Don't get me wrong I used to solo the DZ at one point and if I got killed shrugged it off and continued, I always felt pit gunned in there. As for the pVe game of the divisions there was so much life to it after the fixes.

I agree with you the division beta shows of some of the stuff that's to come and I bet there are ma y surprises yet to be seen.

The division 1 added the quality in the end, then I feel the second game is adding the quantity om top of the wuality and thats how it should be

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DaveZero42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I disagree, the game was that good it's just that the ones who complained and didn't like it left early. Yet the player base dropped early as well but it got revived thanks to the DLC and patches that they pumped into the game.

Anyone who continued to play the division or came back after they left ended up enjoying the game, Ubisoft more than made up for its early release.

There are some crazy sweet features they added n the first game very late on that I wished was there. No doubt think to myself that if those features were there at the start then many would of not gone in the start anyhow.

Anyone who says well the division was rubbish or the division was crap doesn't even understand how much the game changed in the end for the better.

They have managed to refine the game and I say this to one of the things you mentioned which is enemy's are not the bullet sponges they were in the first. What you and other have to realise is that Ubisoft were building a pc mmo type game and that is the world of bullet slinging. Can't really complain when that was always the plan and it was stated that it was before release, buy at your own peril and waste your money if not satisfied but don't complain about it.

There wasn't one person i hadn't spoken to after one of the certain patches of the division 1 that turned round and said the division was rubbish or not that good, everyone were playing it again.

Just like there for honor game, Ubisoft listened to fans and even that games is thriving again after making the nesacary adjustments, feature implementation and patch updates.

The division 3 has way more features and content in ie more of what you mentioned that the first game didn't have which is base building. You ha e settlements that need to be worked up and defended on the second game, you have white house advisors or officers that communicate with those settlements.

These type of games take ages to get right, how many of them I played on pc and they were very basic like guild wars, wow, rift, final fantasy xi online, or even phantasy star universe online, they all required at least two years to get properly underway and sorted out, that is the mmorpg world.

sprinterboy42d ago

Enjoyed the beta, but it's more of the same but I liked the 1st so day 1 for me

Sniperwithacause42d ago

Dont forget that they added a clean system!
Day one for me also. I've platted the 1st game, and ready to do the same with the 2nd. If your on ps4 give me and add. Sniperwithacause

Shikoku42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Except its pretty much the same game. A few small changes to mods, enemy armor and your own break off but it's pretty much just the Divison with a different location but same mechanics. You get signature weapon but they aren't that great.

DaveZero42d ago

I don't know why people are saying it's the same game as if it can be any different.

The idea of creating a franchise is that sequels will be better than the previous and I feel the division 2 is going to do that. They have added so much that wasn't in the first that I felt in awe seeing some of the new stuff they have added and knowing they have gone to extra lengths to add new stuff.

The idea of a sequel is that they keep the core of a game to what it was while adding new features to it and they have more than managed to do that. For all we know that there will be many more new things added as well so for that early in the game and all they added early on, I was more than impressed.

Shikoku42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Then your standards are extremely low unfortunately as is the rest of the gaming public apparently. When a game doesn't advance enough to warrant a sequel then you're just putting out a sequel to get more money, doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Bungie didn't need to put out a destiny sequel because Destiny 2 is just destiny with some small changes they did it because Acta blizzard wanted it. What the hell is the point of "live service games" if they're just going to keep shelling out sequels with little to no changes or difference like they think everyone is a Madden fan or something and won't notice.

The gunplay isn't improved, game stability isn't improved, enemy AI isn't improved, enemy type hasn't changed much The only differences are; mods are handled differently now you have to spend tech points, which I'm sure will be microtransactions or wait this is Ubisoft "time savers" instead of being able to get them as drops like division 1, skills seem more useless and signatures give you access to a "special weapon" which isn't refilled at ammo refills, rarely dropped from enemies and honestly is kind of useless. You have civilians helping patrol and fighting groups and you have some kind of mechanic that let you control areas of the map like GTA San Andres and the gangs. I mean me and two buddies did the end game just three of us on hard in 20mins.

It feels so much the same I forgot I was in Washington DC and for a moment thought I was running around New York City. So what reason is there to buy a sequel if this pretty much just the first game with small improvements? I say none and lots of people are agreeing and asking why is this a thing? Simple money they want that 60$ or 99$ or what ever they can get you to spend.