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Games Asylum: "It takes just a spark to ignite a war. The same can also be said for turning a peaceful protest into a full-blown riot. A projectile lobbed too hard, a push becoming a shove, or some looney turning up to a quiet demonstration with a backpack full of fireworks. The police take aim with rubber bullets and in a matter of seconds there’s hysteria on the streets. Who’s to blame? Well, this is seemingly something the press decides – this rioting simulator definitely makes a few bold statements."

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william_cade38d ago

What a shame. I would have bee all over a game like this. Hopefully this idea can get some additional funding.

NonShinyGoose38d ago

It had a troubled development, I believe. I read that backers were unhappy and that it was almost cancelled.

It's out on consoles now as a physical releases, meaning it found a publisher. I don't think it'll gain any more funding.