What does Apex Legends’ success mean for Anthem?

With EA’s stock price rebounding on the back of Apex Legends’ early success, the company’s strategy seems to be paying off at the moment. However, if the publisher doesn’t have a focused plan to promote Anthem as it sits in Apex Legends’ shadow, EA may be sacrificing BioWare for Respawn.

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DrShoe36d ago

I wish I could sacrifice Polygon to the same gods that are currently devouring Buzzfeed, Vice etc.

Sam Fisher36d ago

Lmfao feed'em to the abyss of discredit

AK9136d ago

Kotaku, IGN, Gamespot hell lets just get rid of game journalists all together.

mch2011uk36d ago

I wish I could sacrifice EA.

badz14936d ago

Anthem? I think we should worry more about BFV. the BR mode for that game is gonna release soon, right? you really think EA would want to put them to compete with each other? we have seen how BF1 (and CoD) basically killed TF2 in sales and exposure despite being a very VERY good game (the best by far among the 3), this time around, Apex is currently killing any excitement anyone ever had for BFV's BR mode. it's a success, EA wouldn't be so dumb to try and eclipse this with BFV's BR, right?

Sam Fisher36d ago

No ea is that stupid, they are the type of company to think that if they have 2 brs at the same time more money for them. I say let them destroy themselves while ppl are realizing what they are, the ship is sinking slow but sinking it is.

princejb13436d ago

problem is how many people would be willing to pay for those skins. They are almost $15 for a gun skin

Sophisticated_Chap36d ago

This move signals that they are throwing Anthem under the bus. When you look at the mediocre response to Anthem, they know that this game will not last long, and will not make much money, especially when compared to Destiny. Bioware has one more kick at the can with Dragon Age 4.

InputTranslation36d ago

Is Anthem like Apex or Destiny clone?

spicelicka36d ago

It's not like Apex, a lot like Destiny.

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