Paladins developer praises Xbox One and Nintendo Switch cross-play, says it leads to better games

Hi-Rez Studios is the team behind a lot of free-to-play games like Paladins, Realm Royale, and Smite. The company has built its reputation on third-person multiplayer games and it’s quite successful at them.

" Xplay improves match quality in multiplayer games. When we added crossplay between Paladins Xbox and Switch "

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masterfox542d ago

good for them, that's why these two gaming Companies are in first place in this gaming industry with their "better games"........oh wait!.

septemberindecember542d ago

Sony started its massive lead over Xbox this gen because of its pro-consumerism. Which is what led to better advertising deals and exclusive deals over third party games which perpetuated sales.

But the video gaming industry is a fickle place. Consumers can choose another company for other gens. Look who was in the lead last generation compared to this generation? Look what happened with the Wii U compared to the Switch?

Just because Sony is on the lead this gen doesn’t mean they are doing everything right.

AspiringProGenji542d ago

Pro consumerism did give them a boost at the start, but that isn’t the reason they are on top only. It is because they keep giving what gamers want and keeping the momentum with high quality games. Plus they are not doing anti consumer stuff like MTs loot boxes.

Fanboys waited and waited for MS’s big comeback and that never happened. To this day they wait for Sony to do a big oppsie and still waiting... they only thing they can fault them is because of limited crossplay, a feature most people don’t care about. I would say Sony has had an awesome and smooth 8th gen and that they are doing everything right

septemberindecember542d ago (Edited 542d ago )


I'm not trying to say that pro-consumerism is the only reason they are on top. But the pro-consumerist aspect early this gen is a big part of how they started the lead, which lead to third party deals and exclusives that continued to perpetuate the lead. Of course it helps that they make great games themselves and have a much greater Japanese presence too.

I disagree that they are doing everything right. They are doing a lot right (game sales, exclusive games, advertising, etc), but no company does everything right. For example, the Fortnite debacle. That wasn't right of Sony to do. Luckily, they redacted it and things seemed fine, but it looks like it was only a surface deep solution, and they still aren't wanting to enable what a lot of gamers do want, which is crossplay.

Vasto542d ago

"Just because Sony is on the lead this gen doesn’t mean they are doing everything right. "

You hit the nail on the head.

Automatic79542d ago

I remember at the beginning of this generation Gamestop shoving a PS4 down my throat and handing out flyers with comments against Xbox. Now that bac compat is available on Xbox One they should be thanking MS. I dont see no anti consumer flyers against Sony. This is one hilarious generation.

StormSnooper542d ago

Are you just making stuff up as you go? You seriously want us to believe that GameStop was handing out “anti-Xbox flyers”. You think we are retarded or what?

RauLeCreuset542d ago

Sony is as "pro consumer" as it was at the start of the gen. The only thing that changed is Xbox deciding to push cross-play, because they are losing, on the verge of falling to third place, and therefore looking to reach the gamers who won't come to them by eroding the barriers between gaming communities to peddle Xbox Live.

starchild542d ago

Sony having the pro-consumer angle at the same time Microsoft had stumbled in this regard did indeed give them a great start and tremendous momentum.

But the PS4 has had a number of other important advantages. For a while it was the cheaper console and this also helped them establish a lead early on. In addition to being cheaper the PS4 was actually the more powerful console. And as far as base consoles are concerned (which are the ones that sell the most) this power advantage remains true to this day.

Being cheaper is a big advantage right off the bat, because mainstream consumers are very price sensitive. But being cheaper and more powerful? That's a massive advantage.

PlayStation also has stronger brand recognition in more regions than Xbox does.

In addition to that Sony has spent more on advertising.

So while it's true that the PS4's outstanding sales are in part thanks to Sony's terrific output of first party exclusives it is far from the only factor as some wish to believe.

That's why I think it's foolish to say that Microsoft's next console could never do better against Sony's PS5. Things can always potentially change. The degree to which Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo nail those main factors (and others I didn't mention) is the degree to which they will succeed. There's nothing esoteric or magical about it. If Microsoft can create a console with:

1. A reasonable price. (Equal to or lower than the PS5 would be best.)
2. Equal or more powerful than the PS5.
3. A solid lineup of exclusives.
4. An appealing design, form factor and noise level.
5. Pro-consumer features like backwards compatibility, crossplay and play anywhere.
6. Increase their advertising expenditure.
7. Any other cool features they can come up with that appeal to gamers.

...then there's no reason the next Xbox can't compete very well with the PS5. Of course it also depends on what Sony does. It really comes down to who manages to get more of those factors on their side. Not that each of those factors is equally weighted. It really varies depending on the individual and it's hard to quantify exactly how it all plays out.

For example, if Sony has twice as many good exclusives and a cheaper price it may outweigh several other advantages Microsoft has if the difference between the two consoles isn't as significant in those other areas. But if, let's say, Microsoft manages to have 85% the number of good exclusives as Sony does they could still potentially match or outsell them if they also carried advantages in a couple other areas. And Nintendo, for their part, can do well by having a unique angle such as portability along with great Nintendo exclusives and a good price. If they somehow added great third party multiplat support they could potentially beat the other two.

The point is, there are a lot of variables and there's not only one way to do well. It's a balance between a number of factors and how they play out against what the other two consoles are doing.

Mr_Writer85542d ago


You're right when you say Sony haven't done everything right.

But if at the launch of PS5 if its under £400, has exclusives, has backwards Comp with PS4 and they announce all titles to be cross play.

I don't see how MS can beat that. Other than going cheaper, and releasing a load of AAA exclusive games. And I don't know if that's enough still.

Had the X1 been fully BC from the start I think this gen would of turned out different. Sony should learn from MS mistake and sway gamers to stick with PS5 with BC.

I for one would jump day one if I knew I could carry my PS4 backlog with me to PS5.

And I think with the additional 90GB cloud storage just added that Sony will have Bc.

StormSnooper541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

PS5 will win if they produce a console that is powerful, and they couple it with must have exclusives. Their brand reach is very strong. There are places where the word console is synonymous with PlayStation. If they include backward compatibility with PS4, it will be beneficial to them from a business perspective. They don’t need crossplay as long as they have a large number of PS+ users, and maybe they can do cross play with PC. Most importantly, they can make the PS5 backward compatible with PSVR, to take advantage of the install base, then release a PSVR2 with PS5 level performance down the line. Sony is very well situated for next gen.

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-Foxtrot542d ago

Well Nintendo has proved it has good games, their games are high quality

It's just Microsoft really who still has to prove themselves. Forza Horizon 4 was good but nothing else from them has stood out this gen, and even with Forza, it was Forza.

Automatic79542d ago


Sunset Overdrive
Rare Replay
Killer Instinct
Halo 5
Gears 4
Ori and Blind Forest
Quantum Break
Sea of Thieves
Forza Motorsport Series

Spare me the nothing else stood out speech.

-Foxtrot542d ago

Compared to Nintendo’s and Sony’s offerings Microsoft’s this gen are the weakest

Obscure_Observer542d ago


"Well Nintendo has proved it has good games, their games are high quality"

Well, they had to scrap the WiiU and restart with the Switch, right? You´re praising Nintendo now, but i remember what you used to say about the Switch.

Phil Spencer don´t gave up on Xbox One and the console is on a better position now that it had before. Next gen it will be even better!

Rimeskeem542d ago


Wow, 8 good games in 6 years, amazing

SO was insomniac
Killer Instinct.... really?
Halo 5.... wow a halo game
gears 4.... wow a gears game
Ori.... third party indie
Quantum Break.... really?
Sea of Thieves... really?

Jin_Sakai542d ago (Edited 542d ago )


“Sunset Overdrive
Rare Replay
Killer Instinct
Halo 5
Gears 4
Ori and Blind Forest
Quantum Break
Sea of Thieves
Forza Motorsport Series”

Nintendo and Playstation exclusives outclass anything Xbox has to offer by a mile. That’s why PS4 and Switch are outselling Xbox One.

Chevalier542d ago


" Now that bac compat is available on Xbox One they should be thanking MS."

Uhh wtf? 360 is on the way out so its no longer a money maker for Gamestop and Gamepass would threaten their market on used games too so no they don't care for how Xbox has done this gen.

Mr_Writer85541d ago


It's 2019 mate not 2016.

Sony and Nintendo embarrass Microsoft when it comes to first party titles.

lxeasy541d ago

oh foxtrot you couldn't be more wrong lol

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Jin_Sakai542d ago

“Paladins developer praises Xbox One and Nintendo Switch cross-play, says it leads to better games“

It also leads to unfair gameplay. Take Fortnite for example, It’s 30fps on Switch while 60fps on PS4 and Xbox One.

quent542d ago

well its youre choice for you to choose where and how you play, which is never a bad thing

starchild542d ago

If that were true PC gamers couldn't play online against each other because we all have different hardware setups. The truth is, it makes a negligible difference. Skill, knowledge and familiarity are by and large what determine who will win.

letsa_go541d ago

@quent It's you are choice?

541d ago
Neonridr541d ago

welcome to the PC world my friend. There is no such thing as a level playing field when you play with other PC users. And guess what, they survive just fine.

Jin_Sakai541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

“If that were true PC gamers couldn't play online against each other because we all have different hardware setups.“

You answered your own question. These are consoles not a PC. They’re fixed hardware and known for having a level playing field for gamers.

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Babadook7542d ago

The company that deserves most respect for cross play is Sony. The first company to ask for it and the only company to give in to their competitor when it benefited them.

starchild542d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft had a few crossplay games last gen. I remember the 360 had crossplay in games like Shadowrun and Final Fantasy XI. But overall it didn't seem like most devs were really ready or interested to make it happen. Things have moved along and it's a whole different situation today.

Neonridr541d ago

so who cares if Sony believes in archaic systems and backwards thinking? Let's celebrate them because they have sold the most right?

badz149541d ago

that's rich coming from one of the biggest Nintendo fanboy on this site. needing a phone for basic voice chat is so forward thinking ha? it's just $20, right? pfft...

Neonridr541d ago

@badz149 - nope, I do not agree with Nintendo's voice chat solutions and refuse to go along with that. Thankfully there are some new systems in place which will hopefully circumvent that.

I don't pretend to ignore things that people are asking for. All Sony fans pretend like nobody cares about Crossplay yet we hear so many devs and gamers alike talking about it. Guess what, they do care about it, regardless what you think.

Rachel_Alucard541d ago

Yeah attack the users alignment rather then the subject matter. Predictable.

lxeasy541d ago

oh masterful how wrong you are

Suave_Langosta541d ago

Gah loyalists like you are a plague on the industry. Get outta here with your negativity. PS is good we got it, now leave.

Rachel_Alucard541d ago

How ironic to call loyalists a plague when people like you are loyalists that can only see inside this bubble world where Sony has done nothing wrong this gen, and nobody wants crossplay.

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AspiringProGenji542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

Crossplay won’t save this game Hi rez.

It’s almost time to join Gigantic and Lawbreakers in the grave

slavish0542d ago

One player pool would have helped all those games.

Sono421541d ago

How does crossplay lead to better games? I seriously don't understand, crossplay makes developers better at their jobs? More creative? More efficient?

This guy can't actually be serious, sure say it's better for games with small player bases, so there's more people to match with, but leads to better games? Literally makes no sense, gonna just assume this is a poor choice of words on his part.

Neonridr541d ago (Edited 541d ago )

@Sono421 - nobody said that it would have made the games better. But it definitely helps the smaller studios from having to utilize extra capital to run separate dedicated servers. Not to mention gives these games a longer shelf life having more people to play with.

How does crossplay bother so many people? I don't understand.

Rachel_Alucard541d ago

Because since this site is very pro Sony with sides, having Sony choose not to do crossplay with other consoles makes them out to be the bad guy in the crossplay race. So people naturally adopt the same mindset Sony has where suddenly nobody wants it or cares about it, which is only unique to sites such as this that worship Sony. With the amount of articles, devs, other forums sites writing about it alot, I can say that it's something tons of people care about but on here it's like some bubble world where people are only seeing inside it and making generalizations from that.

King_Noctis542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

This game isn’t even dying to begin with, so why does it need saving? Based on steam chart it has an average players of 15,052 each day. No matter how you look at it, that is not a game need saving.

Only on N4G where people wish a game to die just because the devs don’t suck their favourite console maker’s d**k like they do.

quent542d ago

yep, can vouch for that, que times are between 10-15 sec, ranked is a bit different though, around 30-45 sec to get a match

AspiringProGenji541d ago

Aww look at him all triggered with that last line. Cute

King_Noctis541d ago

Yes I am always triggered when someone posts stupid things on the internet jut because they can be anonymous.

slavish0538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

U don't wait until something is in trouble to take action. You need to take management class or business school. I hope you aren't an adult 😫😢😱

King_Noctis538d ago


And you also don’t go panicking for no reason either when your game doesn’t even show sign of slowing down or starting to fail.

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DefaultComment541d ago

You dont know what you talking about, you ever think before posting nonsense?

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XxINFERNUSxX542d ago

Paladins to me is more fun than Overwatch. I was with both games since beta but so far starting this year, I uninstalled Overwatch and been playing a whole lot more of Paladins. (PC)

lxeasy541d ago

honestly both overwatch and paladins can benefit from being crossplay

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