Games Like Crackdown 3 that You can Play on PlayStation 4

With Crackdown 3 set to debut on Xbox One and PC this February 15, some PS4 fans may be feeling left out. Few games offer the same destructive fun the series prides itself on. There are a couple, however, that do come close to replicating Crackdown‘s outlandish charm.

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chrisx471d ago

all these games listed look better and more fun.

Nitrowolf2471d ago

I’m really surprised the list left out EDF

Everything is basically destructible

shuvam09471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Also Prototype and its sequel...
Closest being Agents of Mayhem...

KillZallthebeast471d ago

Sadly edf is more of a niche title that isn't too well know, but yeah aside from mission essential structures you can level the whole damn map XD

NotanotherReboot471d ago

Can you guys stop speaking in acronyms please

Silly Mammo470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

OMG Right? ITT IMHO IDK WTF they're talking about. I must be a n00b. SCNR LOL 😜

343_Guilty_Spark470d ago

I bet you get no hoes because all you do is wank to a damn plastic box. Pathetic.

Sunny_D470d ago

Hey! Women are not hoes! We prefer the term bitches😤

Suave_Langosta470d ago

Looks is the main word here, from what I heard this game is fun.

SwampthingsSon470d ago

So in the other article about the game “looking” like a current gen game, someone said this: “You know you have troubles when they have to release articles and news just to say that the game does look like a current generation game.”

So tell me, fanboys. How does this article not entail that Whenan article like this is written is screams that Sony fans want to play Crackdown 3 but can’t?

Siiigh. Awaiting the down votes and answers out of left field you’ll try to convince others is the truth...

neutralgamer1992470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Earth Defense Force

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The Wood471d ago

Feeling left out, . . You sure. . .Lol

Godmars290471d ago

How can you feel being left out of something so shallow?

Oh wait...

Lionsguard471d ago

Are Xbox owners that desperate that you look to a game like Crackdown 3 as some big exclusive? The game looks like an old ps2 game. Sorry I take that back, PS2 games were legendary. Crackdown 3 will be forgotten and be in the bargain bin within a couple of weeks.

shaggy2303471d ago

Why do you care if someone enjoys CD3 or not?

Why does it matter that the graphics are cutting edge, isn't fun factor more important?

Muzikguy470d ago

You got that right.


I think the point is the hype MS put behind it and all the talk about the clouds. It's like they pick one game to hype for a few years and then move onto the next one after the first one releases just to.keep hype going over the course of the generation all while releasing games that are lacking in one area or another or just not living up to the hype or expectation

Rachel_Alucard470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

If people don't enjoy this game or it isn't the best it could be, it's letting people know to skip the next Xbox for something else. Clearly, everyone else has no problem releasing games for it's own platform, but MS struggles to release mediocrity. I want them to stay in the console race since it keeps Sony on their toes. This market leader thing is as close as you can get to MS not even competing with them. I need them to be neck and neck with Sony, not taking a nap halfway to the finish line. This shit is embarrassing for everyone involved and the only reason they haven't been killed off yet is because of Windows.

Muzikguy470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Right?! But hey, when you spend years talking about how great it will be and the power of.the clouds and whatnot, you'd better deliver on the overhype. I surely don't feel left out. Got a constantly growing backlog with a huge list of games yet to even buy. After seeing videos of Crackdown 3 running I don't see they hype of it honestly

CyberSentinel471d ago

What about Agents of Mayhem?

ArchangelMike471d ago

Um... not sure PS4 owners are actually missing anything with Crackdown 3. I honestly dont' know any PS4 owners that even care that Crackdown 3 is Xbox exclusive. In the worse case scenario they can play it on PC anyway.

414gamer471d ago

Idk any Xbox owners who even care crackdown is coming out

The Wood471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

I know a few that frequent this site that are low key knowing its a game pass or nothing game. Some admit it, some will continue with the d control. Gp really has become a pacifier for mediocre games that would probably get passed by if it didn't exist. At least it will get some coverage and maybe even improve like sea of thieves .

bluefox755471d ago

I don't either, at least not outside of N4G. None of my Xbox owning friends have even mentioned it.

CaptainCook471d ago

I've got Crackdown Preordered since I'm a huge fan of the crackdown series and loved the demo.

DaDrunkenJester471d ago

I'm a big fan of Crackdown so I'm excited. Same with a handful of my friends. It's definitely not a title everyone is going to be excited about though

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Sitdown471d ago

That could simply be an indictment on you not knowing many people. With that being said, outside of gaming sites, I don't know many people talking about games........oh my innocent childhood days.

rainslacker471d ago

I'm gonna try it to see the cloud destruction for myself. Will get game pass for a month, and play through the SP campaign some, and maybe dabble a bit in the MP.

Not my kind of game in general though, and it's more a technical curiosity that makes me want to try it.

KickSpinFilter470d ago

Worst, worst case someone’s going to rebuild it in DREAMS

DarXyde470d ago

It'd be really embarrassing if it's rebuilt in Dreams as a better game.

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THC CELL471d ago

No one wants a game that doa
Just cause should be a shamed to be put near crackdown take in mind it's been out yrs before it