The Challenges and Rewards of Square Enix Working With Disney on Kingdom Hearts 3

IGN: “There are licensed games, and then there’s Kingdom Hearts – very probably the biggest and strangest cross-company undertaking in video game history. Over the course of almost 20 years, Square’s borrowed dozens of Disney characters and adapted them for its bonkers multiverse plotline. Kingdom Hearts 3 is its most ambitious use of Disney properties yet, from trying to create photorealistic Pirates of the Caribbean characters, while simultaneously trying to capture Pixar animation magic for the first time.

It’s such an unusual task that, in getting the chance to talk with multiple members of the game’s team, my first question was invariably “what’s working with Disney like?” The range of answers reveals a lot about how both Disney and Square Enix work, and the challenges and rewards of their ongoing relationship.”

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PhoenixUp864d ago

Nomura has stated that it was difficult to develop the worlds based on Pixar films and the more recent Disney films because the creative staffs on those movies all wanted to be involved in the writing process. Because of this, it took over a year for Nomura to get full story approval from Disney.