EA shockingly insults and ban Iranian gamers

EA is closing its servers to Iran and they don't even answer Iranian gamers who have bought EA games. This article gives some interesting insight into how EA is handling the situation.

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Fist4achin43d ago

Wow, EA really seems to be making a lot of poor gametime decisions. Yes, puns intended.

TK-5543d ago

Think this has less to do with EA and more to do with politics.

NewMonday43d ago

there is a ban on business with Iran because the mullah government uses trade to support their terrorist activities in the Arabian Gulf and worldwide.

StormSnooper43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

My sympathies go to the Iranian people, but it should be mentioned that it’s also their own fault for allowing a tyrant regime to rule over them. If you can’t be bothered to change your government, you can’t blame the rest of the world if they don’t want to deal with you.

Sad, I know, but it’s true.

RauLeCreuset42d ago

"My sympathies go to the Iranian people, but it should be mentioned that it’s also their own fault for allowing a tyrant regime to rule over them. If you can’t be bothered to change your government, you can’t blame the rest of the world if they don’t want to deal with you."

You should research the history of Western involvement with Iran and how those regime changes came to be.

NewMonday42d ago


Irans history over the last 40 years and current present is terrorism and worldwide criminal drug and human trafficking

Irans criminal reach even includes America now.

RauLeCreuset42d ago


Go read some of my below posts. Are you really trying to make a point about Iran supporting drug traffickers in South America? Ever heard of Iran Contra?

Iran's criminal reach even includes America now? That's some laughable ish. Welcome to what it's like being the rest of the world dealing with America. I'm American, but way too many of us don't have a problem when we go around starting fist fights, but want to preach pacifism the moment we get punched in the nose.

TK-5542d ago (Edited 42d ago )


You're displaying a level of ignorance right now that's not helpful to your position. Read up on how the US and UK helped overthrow Mosaddegh over oil. Educate yourself on the "history over the last 40 years" and how big our role was in creating what is there today.


"but it should be mentioned that it’s also their own fault for allowing a tyrant regime to rule over them"

Yeah it's clearly that simple. Remember that whenever you don't get your own way with politics it's your fault for allowing it. Smh so hard right now.

NewMonday42d ago


I'm from the Middle East, I live here.
yes America dose stupid stuff, but Iran is doing worse
people all over the middle east suffer from Iran's proxy armies and assassination squads.

FYI most internet services and stuff like Twitter and Facebook are blocked in Iran.the kids playing PlayStation are probably from the privileged pro-regime families, most of the nation are poor, the oil wealth is spent propping up their proxy militia like Hizbullah and Houthi.

what Iran dose to children is use them as child solders and push them to the front lines as cannon fodder.

TK-5542d ago (Edited 42d ago )


"yes America dose stupid stuff, but Iran is doing worse"

I'm sorry but that's a glorious attempt to gloss over the initiating event that led up to that "40 years of history" you spoke of. How did Iran become an Islamic republic hmm? Don't throw an article with child soldiers into the discussion as though its an isolated story with no relation to previous events. How likely is it that the US/UK backed coup which then put in place a dictatorship set the stage for the Iranian revolution?

Don't present the current Iran as purely a product of its own evil. It's the culmination of both internal and external interference over the past 100 years. Iran's actions are not justified at all on a moral level. But saying they should not be expected as a reaction to what the US/UK has done is like saying you don't understand why stealing from someone would evoke a negative response from that individual.

Father__Merrin42d ago

@NewMonday I think youl find the ones that are ruining the middle east are the toilet wahabi aka Saudi arabia

NewMonday42d ago


the "coup" story from half a century ago is the lamest excuse to justify the Iranian expansionist wars.

Obama and the world gave Iran a chance to change, but instead they used the money to expand their proxy war operations.

the mullah of Iran are subjecting Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, these nations didn't do anything to Iran, yet suffer the most from the mullah. even the Shia in Iraq are turning agonist Iran, the IRGC started assassination campaigns against Iraqi Shia leadership that opposes them.

RauLeCreuset42d ago (Edited 42d ago )


Which countries has Iran attacked, New Monday? Spare me that "proxy" crap. The US has directly attacked more countries in Iran's own backyard. But if you want to talk about proxy warfare, the US has them beat there too. Let's not forget the world's #1 arms dealer supplies the Saudis, who are attacking Yemen; convinced Gaddafi to give up his nuclear weapons and killed him after, supported and armed Iraq even as Iraq attacked and used chemical weapons on Iran, and later invaded Iraq on a lie about them continuing to possess WMDs. Like TK-55 said, I'm not shilling for the Iranian government, but you deliberately attempt to ignore and downplay the reasons that government exists.

Let's remember sanctions punishing Iran were reinstated because the US reneged on the Nuclear deal with Iran. Contrary to whatever lies the president may be spewing, his own CIA chief, Gina Haspel, admitted Iran is still in compliance with the deal the US went back on 9 months ago.

Then we get ignorant comments that seem to have no clue why Iran takes the stance towards us and our allies that it does. Sheesh. People could at least read the article. Quite a few clearly have not, judging by the comments. She suspected it was because of the sanctions. She just wanted EA to give a straight answer rather than their abrupt dismissal. The answer the Community Manger gave is the one they should have trained the rest of their customer service staff to give. It's a simple matter of respecting your customers.

TK-5542d ago (Edited 42d ago )


"the "coup" story from half a century ago is the lamest excuse to justify the Iranian expansionist wars."

Tell me where I justified anything Iran has done? You're clearly unwilling too look at history to understand how Iran became what it is today and you're pathetic attempt at using an article about Iran using child soldiers was laughable especially so when you consider the US has sent aid to governments using child soldiers.

RauLeCreuset has done a good job echoing and adding to the points I've made too. So are you going to deny history or actually own your position by explaining how Iran became what it is today? So far its been "Irans evil and the US/UK had nothing to do with it" when thats far too easy an explanation that voids us of any responsibility.

None of us have offered justification for Iran but explanations that give reasons for how the past has created the present. If you can't see how something came to be then you can't fix it. As I said before your answer so far seems to be that this radicalism in Iran has just poofed itself into existence which would mean its ingrained into the system so much that its irreparable which is simply not true.

Mirdus42d ago

@NewMonday and Saudis get away scot free? That nation has committed so many disgusting crimes against humanity for decades, Iran has done far far far less, Saudi Arabia is the one that should be banned by every single entity.

Salooh42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Oh , lets ban iranian from breathing, since it is their faults for accepting a ruler that i don't like :D. /s

Salooh42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I wouldn't want to live in iran, it has many issues, but If you were to compare the education, health system, military capablities, independancy, population...etc of iran today to the shah time. You would spit on the shah and laugh at all of the middle east countries ( Especially if you note how aggressive the world treated it for 40 years, no support in any way of shape, only restrictions and wars )

Let's assume iran is a dictator regiem, we all know that all countries that have influence in this world are as guilty if not more. What does politics has to do with people having fun?

So my child can't smile and laugh and enjoy like your child? Refelct on how selfish, narccistic, foolish and racists you became, you the one who should grow up. Imagine if i did that to your own country, no games for you, because you guilty of whining, naughty..

S2Killinit42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

My understanding is that Iran was the only country shooting back at ISIS which like Al Quada is a Sonni/Arab organization. But somehow our politicians always call Iran the sponser of terrorism, which maybe true, but the type of “terrorist” that Westerners think about when you say the word “terrorist”, is not Iranian proxies who have national objectives. We think of terrorist as a grass roots organization where a person blows himself and civilians up because of his religious beliefs. The Arab countries have this type of terrorist, Iranians do not. This is why all the 9/11 hijackers were sonni/Arab. Iranians dont generally commit this type of terror. Iranian terror is more limited to national objectives such as fighting Israel.

Yi-Long42d ago

@NewMonday; Where in the Middle East are you from...?

neutralgamer199242d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Gamers don't wabt political BS. It's our hobby

NewMonday41d ago


even the Europeans are calling Iran out now


and ISIS are called Khwariji not Sunni, majority of their victims are Sunni

it was the Sunni Kurds who pushed out ISIS not Iran, check the maps and conflict timeline.

and this ShiaXSunni drama is pure propaganda by war mongers on all sides, Turkey is a big Sunni nation that is considered the biggest threat by a Sunni country like Egypt, who don't consider Iran a threat.

the conflicts are nations exploiting identity for gain, maximizing deference where there is gain, or seeking common grounds where there is interest.

StormSnooper41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I don’t think any of this is related to the topic here.

S2Killinit41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Im not sure how any of that is related to what i said. Also, I know what Sonni is, its the sect of islam practiced by Arab countries, its not the name of ISIS. But, ISIS is a Sonni Arab organization. Regardless of who their victims are, they consider Iranians to be heretics and behead them when they catch them. Im only pointing this out because our politicians always name Iran alongside ISIS, and so there is confusion because people think they are related. But they shouldnt be blamed for things they didnt do. Especially when it was Iran and the U.S. that was fighting ISIS. None of the others in the region were helping.

NewMonday40d ago


Sunni aren't even a sect, they have many denominations, same with Shia, you only know the superficial terms propagated by western media.

there are more Sunni Arab than Persian, and Kurds are ethnically Iranian but are mostly Sunni, the Azari are Turkic people but are mostly Shia.

things are more complected than you think, don't let me start with Sufi or Ebathi

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GottaBjimmyb43d ago

Um, most likely they were given a choice to follow sanctions and disband business there, or lose business with many other countries. Not that crazy of a move. Not everything about EA has to be spun into them being evil.

DillyDilly43d ago

They are evil though this does not change that

AngelicToucH42d ago

You are was the american government's not like EA would ban an entire country and lose a lot of money:

2pacalypsenow43d ago

It’s not EA’s fault. The company is work for also doesn’t deal with Iran because of their government.

plainview103042d ago

It's not about EA's fault, It's about them not respecting another human being to at least not run away from the conversation and tell them straight that they have been asked to ban Iran. It's like Iranian people have some sort of virus to be in contact with.

2pacalypsenow42d ago

We do the same.

If someone from Iran calls out support line, they are told to cut the conversation off since even speaking to them can be a red flag.

turab42d ago

'' there is a ban on business with Iran because the mullah government uses trade to support their terrorist activities in the Arabian Gulf and worldwide.'' Don't be an idiot and believe what ever media throw at you..

Nano_predator42d ago

That's not just based on media you idiot , that's what happening IRL and its still happening to this day .. if you don't believe that shit see for your own eyes and stop relying on your own "reality" on how you see the world works .

Dom_Estos42d ago (Edited 42d ago )


If you're a Yank, you should stop typing. Typical, hypocritcal shite from your sort as usual. If you're a Brit, then just the same. You allow a far right nutcase into office who believes the world is flat and global warming is a myth. Meanwhile in england, Mrs May is steering the ship straight into an iceberg. Now, off you go and protest! What's that? Too cold outside I hear you say?


StormSnooper41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nothing I said was insulting. I’m just pointing out the truth. There is a huge difference between accepting loss in a democratic election versus accepting oppression. Trump got elected, even if I don’t agree with him, he is still president because people wanted him. I can’t impose my will over their votes. But, the Iranian people have succumbed to the authoritarian rule of a small minority in their country. They allowed the religious in their society to impose their beliefs on the rest of society.

When someone is being bullied, there are always two actors, the bully and the victim. The victim is just as guilty as the bully, because he allowed himself to be bullied. If he stood up to the bully once, the bully would stop. The Iranians allowed one segment of their society to control every aspect of their lives, from how they can dress, to what they can eat or drink, to what they can say in public, to who they can walk with or befriend, to where they can gather, to what they can watch, to to to. If the Iranians can’t represent themselves in their own country, then they shouldn’t be upset when they are represented by their regime, and all the repercussions that comes with it.

AngelicToucH42d ago

It's not EA's fault. it's the USA government fault as they restricted America firms into dealing with IRAN cause of diplomatic spats.

Sophisticated_Chap42d ago

Get rid if the evil Iranian regime, and it will be problem solved. Imagine living in a country where women who commit adultery, are buried up to necks, and stoned to death. This is one instance where I support EA's actions.

DarXyde42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

This is one of the saddest articles I've read in a while. It's not really EA, it's the US embargo and sanctions laws. Ridiculous.

But on the other hand, I do not think it's fair for EA to constantly dodge the question. There is absolutely no reason why they could not make an announcement via emailing Iranian gamers with EA accounts.

gunnerforlife42d ago

I love how everyone is blaming the Iranian government for this when they have never attacked another country, but they choose to ignore the apartheid state of Israel that's attacking Syria illegally and stealing land from the Palestinians!

slasaru0142d ago (Edited 42d ago )

that's a real "diversity" case for you. hypocrites only speak when not enough gays in games

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Glemt43d ago

So, people were able to buy this in Iran, but not play it? If it's part of a trade embargo EA shouldn't have sold it to Iranian gamers in the first place.

Glemt42d ago

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense : )

plainview103042d ago

Yes, you can buy EA games but can't play them. Imagine how many people pre-ordered games and at the launch, they would realize they can't even enter the game because nobody told them they are under the sanctions of EA.

Bismarn43d ago

one good deed does not erase years of wickedness

Gardenia42d ago

Yeah this has nothing to do with EA. Iran is blocking the game because it's Iran. How is this news anyway? Middle East and Iran are not places where you can do what you want on the internet.

Because of this gamers from those countries use VPN and go on European servers, which gives us all bad connections. If you are from Europe you know what I'm talking about, and it's getting worse by the year

tochi43d ago

I don't support this article.

It's a kind of click bait article trying to ride a wave of ' blaming EA for everything'.
I have to say it clearly because I am blaming EA for many things.
I support EA for this decision. You have to blame Iranian government and the supreme leader for it. I understand attacking the government is dangerous since the author lives in Iran, but this is where my sympathy ends.

peterdawa43d ago

Please explain what the Iranian government has done?

Cobra95142d ago

You're joking, right? I'm an old guy. I was around when the Ayatollah Khomeini took over after the Shah got deposed. Iran jumped out of the frying pan directly into the fire. Ever since, this part of Persia has been a blight on the civilized world, a despotic religious regime oppressing not only its own citizenry, but its neighbors as well, and working to undermine Western civilization.

One of the stupidest things America has ever done is destroy Saddam Hussein's Iraq. They kept Iran and other nearby religious crazies in check. Now, nobody does.

Want more insights into Iran's government? Here is a good place to start:

Sophisticated_Chap42d ago

Chanting "death to America" and "death to Israel" is what Iran does on a regular basis. When you have a country that is developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, and who is actively seeking to build a nuclear warhead to put on those missiles, all while threatening to wipe Israel off the map, that is all you need to justify sanctions.

plainview103042d ago

It's not about the Iranian government. It's about EA escaping from answering people that they are under sanctions. Imagine how many people pre-ordered EA games so at launch they would realize they can't play them.

franwex42d ago

If the Iranians are under sanctions, why are they getting a product from a country that is applying those sanctions? Just getting that product is contraband. They probably have a way of playing it like a VPN.
Plus said product is free anyway.

42d ago
Salooh42d ago

It doesn't make sense. What do you expect iranian to do ? You all know that saudi rulers are bad, yet you don't expect their people to do something to have the right to play video games. What is this...

peterdawa42d ago

I hope your view of America is worse cause you just described a country that has not invaded another in over 200 years. Libya, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, somalia, Syria and more would say America is the despotic nation that starts wars for the sake of corporate gain and insults the world by claiming it's spreading democracy. Iran hasn't done anything close to America and it's getting sanctioned. So spare me the western viewpoint of Iran is the biggest threat to world peace.

SegaSaturn66943d ago

Finally. Good on EA. Next the Saudis.

jaycptza42d ago

American bell end. Saudi is your friend no one else is buying your weapons

RauLeCreuset42d ago

Right? Sheesh. Take the word of the sitting American president. He will literally let them get away with murder as long as they're buying weapons.

Mirdus42d ago

Every Western country buys their weapons, you dumb dumb

Mirdus42d ago

lol didn't realize this site is filled with the filth that is Saudi Arabia supporters :D

gam3r_4_lif342d ago

How about the US next in protest to the US pulling out of the paris acord or pulling out of missile treaty with Russia in an attempt to kick off another nuclear arms race where one f up could trigger WW3 and wipe us all out, those scumbag Saudi's are a close 2nd

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