2D sprites, massive 3D worlds - Xenogears vs. Grandia

"PS1 arguably had the best lineup of RPGs in video game history so let's explore 2 top-notch RPGs and see which one comes out on top." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums

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VideoChums661d ago

You can vote for your favourite at the bottom of the article! :D

TiredandRetired660d ago (Edited 660d ago )

I voted Xenogears. God, I loved that game. I still own a physical copy of it, and well most of the great PS1 rpgs (damn, I regret selling Suikoden 2 for rent money!). Glad to see a lot released on Vita/PSP though, including Suikoden 1&2, two of my all time faves. Wish they had released the Star Oceans on Vita, but I do still own the discs. I just like having them for on the go.

*Edit- I also love that while not a sequel or part of the same world, Xenoblade Chronicles 1,2 & Torna are spiritual succesors from some of the same guys from Xenogears. You can really feel it in those mech fights. XB2 & Torna are some of my favorite jrpgs in recent memory. I know Xenosaga 1-3 on PS2 were also spiritual successors, and although I did like them alright, they're nowhere as good as Xenogears & XBC2 & Torna.

VideoChums660d ago

I own both original Star Oceans on PSP (Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution). Not sure if they're available digitally but if they are, you might be able to play those on Vita.

TiredandRetired660d ago

Thanks Videochums, I may have to pick up a used PSP sometime, those sadly never came to PSN for Vita. I had sold my PSP by the time it came out. Back when I used to impulse sell at Gamestop. Not happening this time w my Vita. I stopped selling stuff all together bc I've come to realize I like to revisit things and it's good to have that library when I do.

jreeves82660d ago

Grandia 2 on dreamcast was always one of my favorite RPGs

crazyaejay660d ago

I have it on PS2 but it has some pretty bad load times. Wish I had it on Dreamcast. Got the soundtrack, though, which is pretty cool.

Cueil660d ago

I would totally pay for a Grandia remake on the same level as RE2

VideoChums660d ago

That would be awesome! There is Grandia + Grandia II HD Remaster coming for Switch if that's any consolation.

ApexWolf22660d ago

That is very much a consolation 🤩

TiredandRetired660d ago

I did not know that! Hell yea! Now wish SE would remaster Xenogears for the Switch!

Playbey0nd660d ago

Xenogears. Man what an underrappreciated classic. I’ve rarely seen a game where all characters got some meaningful development. This game gave you everything. A vibrant world. Deep story. 2 Engaging battle systems between on foot or mechs. Customization.Hidden areas. Appreciation for Anime. Geez.

MidnightMay0r660d ago

Not even close honestly xenogears was the vastly superior game and that’s just being honest.

crazyaejay660d ago

Did you play both games? Grandia is quite an amazing RPG but Xenogears is still better IMO.

MidnightMay0r660d ago

I’ve played both and xenogears is just the better overall game. It’s the cream of the crop when it comes to ps1 rpgs in my opinion.

TiredandRetired659d ago

I agree. You have to give Grandia credit, it was a fantastic game. I just have to give it to Xenogears for my personal favorite. Xenogears was actually a failed story pitch for Final Fantasy 7, but I'm glad it got a life of its own and we got FF7 and Xenogears. PS1 is my favorite JRPG era. I hope to see a resurgance of classic style JRPGs on the Switch, since it will be carrying the torch of the 3DS anyways.