PlayStation's Victoria Miller joins The Initiative

Today, many gamers noticed that PlayStation’s Victoria Miller was now working for The Initiative. She’s been with the studio since January 2019 according to her LinkedIn page.

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Apocalypse Shadow42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Blowing this up more than it is eh windows central?

Because "helped ship games like Until Dawn" is so high up the ladder of acquisitions. Next it will be the mailman at Sony Santa Monica, the janitor from Sucker Punch and the window washer from Naughty Dog.

Maybe they'll have secrets on making a great 1st Party game.

Team_Litt41d ago

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Calm down. This is like every other article about a dev moving from one studio to another. There's no need to get in your feelings about it.

RauLeCreuset41d ago

I'm fully willing to accept that I may be wrong here, but how common were these articles for devs jumping studios? The only other examples I can think of was when people were overreacting to devs leaving Naughty Dog.

TK-5541d ago (Edited 41d ago )

"I'm fully willing to accept that I may be wrong here, but how common were these articles for devs jumping studios?"

It's not big news because an article is written but because everyone who's saying "its not a big deal" keeps clicking on them ffs. When will people realize that their interest in coming to downplay is actually the reason these articles get big?

RauLeCreuset41d ago


I actually didn't navigate to the source article and don't in situations where I have concerns such as those you've expressed.

DrumBeat41d ago

Hahaha. Oh man; I love it. You just can't stand anything favorable for Xbox. This just eats at your existence and makes you think twice about continuing life, doesn't it?

Livingthedream41d ago

Lol that's a little much isn't it? But real talk, ps fanboys would probably lose their shit if xbox ever outsold ps

Apocalypse Shadow41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Actually no living the dream.

We would lose game ownership, not be able to trade games or lend them to a friend while having to be connected to a paid service 24/7 while having a camera watch us to advertise products.

That's what we would lose if Microsoft ever outsold Sony. Oh look. They almost tried already even though they still ended up in 3rd worldwide last Gen. Just think if they were "first."

2pacalypsenow41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

"But real talk, ps fanboys would probably lose their shit if xbox ever outsold ps"

You mean how Xbox fans were on N4g before the PS4 came out? Cuz trust me, they made sure everyone knew xbox 360 sold more and had better ports.

Zabatsu240d ago

Retards like you are what makes me come back to this infested place. Always fun when so many resemble Gluttony.

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mandingo41d ago

I think ur blowing it up honestly

DrumBeat41d ago

Huh, Windows Central? Eh, Windows Central? Next you'll be telling us that this is this and that is that. Eh, Window$ Central? Yeah, I know your game M$. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

TacoTaco41d ago

Windows Central is a Microsoft news site. Of course they're going to report on it, what do you expect? Just like MacRumors reporting on Apple getting a Google employee.

Why is it that users on this site looove to complain about articles they have no interest in? Can't journalists just write articles for their target audience without people treating every small thing as "blowing up" or "shoving it in our face"?

Sm00thNinja41d ago

This is actually funny although she's a great talent. 😂😂

Kiwi6641d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Then how about you complain about the articles/posts etc talking about when someone joins a Sony studio as those articles get posted on here also

beulahland41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Kid, eat your cookie and calm down. So upset! That's sooo sad!

giovanealex41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@Apocalipse Shadow control yourself, dude. Don't be ridiculous. You look like a spoiled toddler.

And this "oooh game ownership" thing?
God, are you still talking about this? Seriously. Old stuff, dude. Move on, dinosaur.

Apocalypse Shadow40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Lol. Sorry young man. As long as fools allow dedicated gaming to be diminished by companies looking to raid gamers wallets and use consoles as trojan horses for other agendas, you'll find me right there embarrassing them with facts and providing an opposing opinion.

That was only 5 years ago. Look how the children soon forget. And Phil was right there going with it and allowing it. Your great savior.

ArmrdChaos40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

“trojan horses for other agendas” you were equally critical of Sony using the PS3 as an agenda for pushing the Blu-ray format?
If that’s not true then what happened to the all powerful Cell processor that was going to take over the world?
They are all corporations looking to make money. Don’t fool yourself...unless you enjoy being the fool.

conanlifts40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

She was the associate producer, so probably a bit more involved than your comment implies. Unless you think producers and associate producers are low level players. As for this news, well it highlights that they are putting together a talented and balanced team.

Kribwalker40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

“yeven though they still ended up in 3rd worldwide last Gen. Just think if they were "first."”

This again
The last official numbers from either manufacturer has the xbox 360 ahead of the PS3, and until it’s otherwise reported officially, the PS3 was last. That’s not an opinion. That is a fact, based off of facts reported by both manufacturers

paintedgamer198440d ago (Edited 40d ago )

What crack are you smoking 😂😂 now i know for a fact you smoke drugs... lets say ms did win gen 8... with 87 million consoles... how bad did they f up this gen to barely do 40 mil after over 5 years? How much of their fanbase did they lose this gen? Roughly 50% because people realized how garbage ms is 😁. I hope the same thing happens next gen and you xbox ppl will be here to defend them NO MATTER WHAT. Its sick actually but very entertaining 😁

"More than 40 million" but less than 41 million lmao

Kribwalker40d ago

No crack just facts.

360 hit 80 million in oct 2013, PS3 hit 80 in November 2013. 360 Hit 84 million in June 2014, PS3/PS4/Vita hit combined 100 million (PS4 10 million, Vita was 7-9 million leaving ps3 at 81-83 million) july 2014. Last Official Numbers from either side.

“How much of their fanbase did they lose this gen? Roughly 50% because people realized how garbage ms is”

Ps2 was over 150 million and the PS3 sold 83 million. What happened last gen for sony to lose that kind of Market share and sell 70 million less consoles?

IRetrouk39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Krib don't forget to factor in the year in the us and the year and a half in Europe of extra sales the 360 had and also the Wii winning the gen, everyone always forgets these two facts when talking numbers and who lost what to who, in the end, if anything it was a tie, but we will probably never know. Rrod also deffo helped the 360 numbers too, that likes to be forgot about aswell. The PS3 was still selling at a higher pace than the 360 even at the end of the gen, logicaly it would have passed the 360 at some point before both were discontinued as it was selling at a faster pace all gen, remember that 8 mill lead? It vanished. So by official last reported numbers the 360 was at 84 and the PS3 at 83.8, but both were still selling at this time, does not take a genius to quess that the PS3 probably ended up with higher numbers, and it was still selling in Japan till 2017 but like I said we will probably never know final numbers.

Zeref40d ago

They report hires all the time and no she's not one of the biggest but they hired a lot of Big names from Sony studios. most notably, Chris O'neill who worked on the Level Design of the new God Of War.

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NarutoFox41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I saw similar comments like this before the Xbox one launch.

Potnoodle99941d ago

.....Look how that turned out

Zeref40d ago

Were they hiring people like this before launch?

I don't recall.

monkey60241d ago

I'd imagine Microsoft are paying well for those who can help straighten their business out.

It's all a good thing, just a shame they didn't make this effort 5 years ago

itsmebryan41d ago

Their business is fine. Just check out MS's profits. People complained about exclusives and they are spending money to remedy that. Pretty simple. The past is the past and they are looking forward to the future.

beulahland41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Don't worry there are consumers for everything, including the asinine things you say.

xX-oldboy-Xx41d ago

Just an observation mate, laced with nothing but truth. How's that for Asinine.

Kribwalker40d ago

“laced with nothing but truth.”

except the fact there’s more than 40 million consumers who have bought in

xX-oldboy-Xx40d ago

Pretty much half of were they'd want to be I reckon. Gonna struggle to hit 50. Actually I take it all back, that's a success for ms. My mistake.

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Thatguy-31042d ago (Edited 42d ago )

xbox camp is the only one who celebrate new employees
LMAO at the line of Microsoft pushing the boundaries of story telling.

Team_Litt41d ago

xbox camp is the only one who celebrate new employees...
Just gone leave this here and move right along.

Hedstrom41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I would say that is the exception that proves the rule!

Every time MS has someone hired its a news here at N4G. But very seldom its the case with Sony, Nintendo, Activision, EA, Ubisoft or any other publisher. Now i dont say its a bad thing. But everything MS related this last year seems to be spinning towards how magnificent everything is at the green corner. When in fact they are dead last in sales, in getting heavy hitting games out etc. Things might change in the future, but we all, including MS lives in the present.

jznrpg41d ago

@Hedstrom they had to buy studios because what they already had wasn’t producing anything. What games came out since 2013 ?? Forza Forza Ori and the rest was ok good to bad or cancelled. Sony doesn’t need to buy 7 studios in a year because they just expand the great studios they already have with another team generally. Those are starting to get big so they made one more studio. MS didn’t buy AAA studios besides the Forza studio that only made Xbox games anyway. They bought small and failing studios for cheap to try and make smaller games for their sub service . You can PR for MS all you want but what they have done isn’t that exciting if you look at the details. It’s better than nothing like the past 5 years but it could be a lot better too

Thatguy-31041d ago

You just proved my point. Ones a simple tweet while the ladder is an article about it.

beulahland41d ago

"You just proved my point."

Keep dreaming, kid.

DiRtY40d ago

Gets rekt, answers with „you just proved my point“.

Instant classic.

Kiwi6641d ago

The point he proved is that despite what you said it shows that MS aren't the only ones who talk about new employees

rainslacker40d ago

No, they aren't the only ones.

MS is setting up the studio to do something big though. That is worth celebrating regardless of if it's celebrating them buying up employees. They're recruiting people with talent and track records for delivery, so that's a good sign. Don't know anything about Miller, and not sure what her job title was at Sony, or now at MS, so can't say how she'll be involved in development, since her portfolio of shipped games seems either on the publishing, marketing, or support side.

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AnubisG41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

🤣 seriously?

So now we will get an article about anyone who ever worked with Sony now working for MS regardless of their importance or involvement in any project.

Up next, the guy who delivered pizza for Santa Monica studios is now delivering pizza for the initiative with cross-play in mind.🤣

Yeah, there is absolutely no pushing of an Xbox agenda by journalists at all. I'm just imagining it.

gamer780441d ago

Why does this article bother you so much?

AnubisG41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

This particular one doesn't bother me so much. This is just part of a trend I noticed lately. Why does my comment bother you so much?😁

King_Noctis41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

That is because of MS’s renewal interest in making games and acquiring new studios.

And with the fact that The Initiatives is still hiring, this is newsworthy.

“Up next, the guy who delivered pizza for Santa Monica studios is now delivering pizza for the initiative with cross-play in mind”

You don’t see they announce the acquisition of new chief, security, or cleaner do you? Lets be real, its all about the development side of the company.

beulahland41d ago

Ooooh, you are so upset!
That's sad kiddie.

CBaoth41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

What's sad is it's 2019 and interwebz douches are still calling people kids. How many times have you responded in this article? I'm not even halfway down the page and you've resorted to petty insults at least a half dozen times. Triggered much?

Kribwalker40d ago

a MS fan site is reporting on MS hires......yep, definite media agenda here 🙄

rainslacker40d ago

I've delivered pizza to Epic games back when I was in college. Tim Sweeny also come into the store I've worked for to pick up his pizza once, and I've taken his order on the phone a couple times. Some of those guys and gals out there are pretty good tippers.

If I go to MS, I would hope what was said about me wasn't, "Cursory attachment to Epic Games developer joins the initiative"....because I have a much better portfolio, which ultimately, most people probably wouldn't have the first clue on what to make of, I'd probably end up being deified because they wouldn't understand what I do anyways. Hmmm...I guess if I was willing to move to the west coast, I could be reported on like I was the next Cerny.

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