Paladins Dev Hi-Rez Studios Want Sony to Stop ‘Playing Favorites’

Yet another major studio has called out Sony over their cross-play program.

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AspiringProGenji544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Overwatch is a much bigger game yet Blizz doesn’t give an F about cross play. It shows your desperation Hi rez. Lol paladins

gangsta_red544d ago

So because Blizzard doesn't want to implement crossplay and Hi Res does, makes Hi Res desperate?

AspiringProGenji544d ago

Yeah with the 20 people playing paladins I guess they are

SierraGuy544d ago

No third party developer supports cross play and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how greedy they truly are.

Stop blaming Sony.

neutralgamer1992544d ago


Just like ms asked Bethesda to bad mouth sony than when Sony allowed cross play Bethesda said it had no plans

On topic

Sony should allow universal cross play if there is legit demand for it and it's not gonna mess up with their Revenue

SierraGuy544d ago Show
andibandit543d ago


" It will benefit Microsoft the most."

Actually it will benefit us consumers the most

No Way543d ago

SierraGirl - How do you figure that? Obviously first party developers aren't the ones pushing for cross play.

"your a different kind of shtupid." - says the person who doesn't use the proper "you're."

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porkChop544d ago

Do you have any idea how many good games die out because their communities are too small? Do you have any idea how many great games could have really benefitted from cross play?

Blizzard not wanting cross play means absolutely nothing whatsoever. They're not the be-all end-all of anything. Wanting cross play doesn't make a dev desperate.

I can't believe how people actually rally against a feature that stands to benefit everyone.

AspiringProGenji544d ago

Make an original game and it will get players. Overwatch is not original either but Blizzard has a big fanbase and the game is more appealing. But I’ll give Paladins credit for surviving longer than Lawbreakers

starchild544d ago


All games can benefit from having a bigger pool of players. But there are plenty of fun, creative games that despite their quality simply don't get the attention of the majority of gamers and they would benefit immensely from combining their player bases on different platforms. The fragmentation isn't good for gamers nor for the games nor developers. So anybody arguing against it is being a moron and doing it for fanboy reasons.

Haaliax544d ago

Im pro cross-platform. Im against paladins because its a boring (maps and lore) and ugly (animations) game. Fortnite is rising high because is not a bad game. I dont play it, but its because it got repetitive and boring fast for me while overwatch kept evolving in every aspect and changing a lot gameplay wise

sprinterboy544d ago

I agree in most cases but "Paladins" is simply shite that even cross play wouldn't help.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash544d ago

@porkchop It will benefit Microsoft the most. Why would Sony share their large userbase with Xbox? That doesnt make any sense 🤔

SierraGuy544d ago

"I can't believe how people actually rally against a feature that stands to benefit everyone."

That's because it doesn't. I've enabled cross play on Rocket League and yes the playerbase quadrupled.

Why in the hell am I still paired up with AI bots 9 times out of ten?

spwittbold544d ago


Literally, the only logical non-retarded post here.! I hate not having cross-play.

HighPlayer28544d ago

They don't get it which is crazy to me because crossplay increases the replay value and player count of multiplat games especially for indie devs. Sony better stop this anti consumer stance with cross play because it is the future and its one area they will look very bad in far as pr is concerned going into next gen. I don't care how many exclusives they put out if they start making anti consumer moves the market and devs will respond with venom against Sony.

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aconnellan543d ago


“Make an original game and it will get players”

Tell that to Titanfall 2, which is arguably one of the best online multiplayer shooters on modern consoles.

Amazing multiplayer, amazing single player, great reviews - and no players

annoyedgamer543d ago

If Sony sayeth so, so it is done.

543d ago
No Way543d ago

Aspiring - Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? The top SIX (6!) games sold on the PS4 are 3rd party multiplat games. So are you telling me the 1st party games aren't original? Since they don't have as many sells as the TOP SIX games, that are multiplats?

Cross play, no matter how fanboys want to spin it, benefits GAMERS and SMALLER companies. Fool.

rainslacker542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

"Do you have any idea how many good games die out because their communities are too small? Do you have any idea how many great games could have really benefitted from cross play? "

No. No idea. Care to gives some numbers and cite your sources? Is it hundreds, thousands, tens, ones?

I'm dying to know.

Chances are, on consoles, if it's not popular on one, it's not going to be more popular on another. Rare exceptions may occur of course. PC is more likely to have more players in an active community, so PC cross play could potentially save a dying community game. But, if the community is already dying, then it's probably on the way out anyways. that's just the life of a MP game....assuming it doesn't get shut down prematurely.

best ways to keep a game alive are support, and making it a good game. Cross play isn't likely to allow it to survive much longer though, and there is no evidence it is a contributing factor for success or failure in games where it does exist.

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deafdani544d ago

Have you played Paladins? It's a superb game. People dismissing it as just an Overwatch clone without even giving it a fair chance are actually missing out on a stupid amount of fun.

Sirk7x544d ago

I play Overwatch pretty much every day, and there are definitely some things I think Paladins does better. For one, it takes less time to spawn and get into team battles, meaning more action. Games move quicker, so it doesn't feel as heavy when you lose. That shit can be soul crushing in OW.

CrimsonPheonix543d ago

Paladins is slapped together trash, you just have shit taste.

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-Foxtrot544d ago

I think Hi Rez need to worry about it's own employees these days

King_Noctis544d ago

So they should only do one thing at a time?

SierraGuy544d ago (Edited 544d ago )


Sick sick purple haired people.

smashman98543d ago

@-Foxtrot, I don't know about you, but most companies don't have any control over what their employees do outside of work. And considering the employee in question was fired immediately, I'd wager that Hi-Rez doesn't condone what he did at all.

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Doge544d ago

It’s not just Paladins but okay.

OC_MurphysLaw544d ago

@AspiringProGenji ... Well with your response, you actually made the case for Crossplay being important. The fact is the larger games really don't need crossplay. I would actually argue that Fortnite and RocketLeague are two games that probably least need crossplay. Their player bases are big and strong on each platform. Heck this is likely why Sony said yes to these titles as they won't have any kind of real world economic impact to the platform. HOWEVER ...smaller games, whose player bases on each platform on their own are small would benefit greatly from having a unified player pool to help keep their communities thriving. Every publisher/platform holder out there should be doing what they can to help these smaller studios survive and thrive.

Doge544d ago

To be fair, the only thing they needed to do with Fortnite was get rid of that account locking garbo. That was a far bigger concern than crossplay.

lxeasy544d ago

Sony is so anti consumer on crossplay its sad. smh Then of course there are the fanboys on this site who will defend sony no matter what

3-4-5544d ago

I actually Enjoyed Paladins way more than Overwatch. Overwatch was boring after 3 days.....I played Paladins for like 6 months.

I haven't played it in a bit, because I've been a bit busy with work but not sure why you would call them desperate.

rainslacker542d ago (Edited 542d ago )

I don't care for MP games, but I actually did enjoy Paladins. It's kind of fun, and fast paced, so it's not boring like some games.

I haven't played in a while either, but I don't recall ever having a problem finding matches, and I doubt cross play would either help or hinder the games popularity, or ability to compete. The devs, and competition are doing plenty to hinder the games popularity, or ability to compete.

So, unless people are complaining in droves that they can't find matches, how would cross play really change anything? If the player base is dead on one platform, it's not likely to bounce back with cross play. It just delays the inevitable demise of the game on that platform for a while, until the devs decide it's not worth supporting there anymore. If people are complaining across all platforms, then it's time to accept that the game is probably going to pasture. It happens with MP games. Not everything can be couterstrike or LoL.

King_Noctis544d ago

Are you sure?

“Blizzard says it’s “super-excited” about cross-play and already in discussions with Microsoft and Sony”

Maybe do a bit of a research next time?

Kiwi66544d ago

Haha you're asking for a miracle as people like him prefer making things up and acting like its fact

gangsta_red544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Does this mean Blizzard is desperate??

I wonder if Blizzard is waiting for Sony's "beta" program.

AspiringProGenji544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

They said the same thing back when MS started hyping crossplay up amd nothing has happened. Yes they sometimes talk about it but go silent again. They aren’t talking about Croasplay al day. They don’t have to

King_Noctis544d ago


Forgive me, but at first you said they don’t give a F about crossplay, but now you said they had talked about it multiple times before? So which one is it?

No Way543d ago

King_Noctis - Genji is a typical fanboy. Pulls things out of their ass and spews it as fact. Surprising they can pull anything, though, with their head shoved so far up there. Talking in circles and can't come up with a solid standpoint on why cross-play is a bad thing.

There really is only positive things regarding cross-play.

AspiringProGenji543d ago

They sure don’t care enough to be mentioning it all the time and pressuring Sony for it

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NXFather544d ago

Yeah but, blizzard was able to take advantage of the game in the basement era. So I see where they are coming from

gamer7804543d ago

I actually prefer paladins over overwatch, cross play is only really helpful if you can matchmake with friends.

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gangsta_red544d ago

Another third party developer asking Sony for crossplay? Sony needs to hurry along their "Beta" program.

Jin_Sakai544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Funny how you always use cross-play to downplay Sony. Shouldn’t you be more worried about Crackdown 3? Your next mediocre exclusive from Microsoft.

monkey602544d ago

Gangsta Reds comment history and intentions aside, his point does stand. We should see more and more titles being added regularly to the list of crossplay games not throwing one put every few months and sweeping the issue under a rug

gangsta_red544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

I don't have to worry about downplaying Crackdown 3, I have you and the rest of N4G to do that for me.

Now deflection and the boring "bububububu Xbox" aside, do you have any thoughts on the actual article?

And how is this downplaying Sony? Sony is legit preventing multiple developers who want to implement crossplay with consoles from happening.

DaDrunkenJester544d ago

Why should he be worried about Crackdown 3?

Jin_Sakai544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

“We should see more and more titles being added regularly to the list of crossplay games not throwing one put every few months and sweeping the issue under a rug“

I think Sony only caved with Fortnite because of how popular it was. Still they should come out and say something.

Jin_Sakai544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

“And how is this downplaying Sony? Sony is legit preventing multiple developers who want to implement crossplay with consoles from happening.“

And Microsoft are legit locking F2P games behind Xbox Live. That’s a bigger deal than cross-play.

ApocalypseShadow544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Jin sakai, he's only worried about what Sony is doing. Notice how there are no articles whatsoever about F2P behind a pay wall like ever. Now that's "anti consumer" as they kept using that about Sony worrying about its own customers.

But they'd rather keep pushing cross play articles to negatively impact Sony. Because Microsoft is the nicest, consumer friendly company ever. We all know Sony will get around to what works for them and what doesn't.

Trueflames544d ago

Why are you downplaying Microsoft he never mentioned anything about xbox it sounds like your a piece of $### sony fanboy to me

gangsta_red544d ago

"And Microsoft are legit locking F2P games behind Xbox Live. That’s a bigger deal than cross-play."

I wonder which third party developer is requesting that from MS?

Oh, how about Sony charging for MP for paid games but allowing free MP for F2P games...shouldn't that also be a bigger deal? Why doesn't Sony just offer online for free?

I've actually asked Apocalypse Shadow this question multiple times before but he refuses to answer that question.

In fact Ive asked this to a lot of the people here who run that gamut of defense whenever a third party developer asks Sony for crossplay. For some unknown reason whenever an article appears about a third party developer asking Sony for crossplay the comments always seem to be more concerned about what Microsoft is doing.

Jin_Sakai544d ago (Edited 544d ago )


“I wonder which third party developer is requesting that from MS?”

Now you’re defending Microsoft locking F2P games behind a paywall? I’ve seen it all now.

“Oh, how about Sony charging for MP for paid games but allowing free MP for F2P games”

What a stupid question. Just stop.

gangsta_red544d ago

"Now you’re defending Microsoft locking F2P games behind a paywall? I’ve seen it all now. "

You may be seeing everything except the actual question that i asked, let me repeat it again;

Which developer is asking MS to take f2p from behind the paywall?

"What a stupid question. Just stop."

LMAO, I pretty much thought so, you should have just stayed quiet like the rest of the people that like to point the finger elsewhere.

SierraGuy544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Hey wise one @gangsta

"Which developer is asking MS to take f2p from behind the paywall?"

It's not the developer it's the end user for crying out loud.

Try again.

NXFather544d ago

Well bro, that ship sank at the dock so.

No Way543d ago

What does Crackdown (an MS Exclusive - which will have cross play between PC and Xbox, I'd say) have to do with Sony allowing cross play with 3rd party games, to the xbox, pc and switch?

Why are you fools so against cross play? It makes NO sense.

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ILostMyMind544d ago

No, Sony doesn't. There is enough data for Sony to decide whether there will be CP between consoles on PlayStation when the PS5 arrives. It's up to Sony to decide, not to a third party developer.

rainslacker542d ago

Sony has released an API, and full compliance standards for how to enable cross play with Xbox or Switch. That's quite the endevour to do casually, or without a lot of planning and effort, especially since it requires the cooperation of the other console makers.

They have a beta program, and while they're being excessively slow on getting more games on it, or just doing away with it and opening the flood gates, chances are, they wouldn't have gone through all that effort if they weren't going to implement it regardless of the outcome of the beta.

If I had to guess, i'd say the beta was to test the API's which is typical of big new changes. Same thing happened when they did it with FFXI. They probably also want to see if there were any unknown factors that came up that they feel need to be tweeked, removed, or added for the final version.

People are impatiant though, and expected Sony to jump as soon as Spencer said something. That was never going to happen. It didn't even happen for MS. This isn't some new development, it's been going on well before Fortnite BR came on the scene and caused a commotion with cross buy, which is a whole other issue entirely. A lot of people don't want to talk about the year and a half before that though.

TKCMuzzer543d ago (Edited 543d ago )

Sony will do whats best for their business, not whats best for someone else. Like all of us gamers, nobody knows what is happening behind the scenes.
Paladins may not have enough players for Sony to justify the decision to cross play.
I'm pretty sure if it benefits the PlayStation brand and business then Sony will do it, if it doesn't then they won't.

italiangamer544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Yeah just like Bethesda with Fallout 76, they first bitched about it and then when Sony allowed cross play they wouldn't even support it lol.
Hi-Rez has more important business to care about than this bullshit

Jin_Sakai544d ago

They’re just looking for attention. Let them have their moment.

Cmv38544d ago

Clearly they need publicity. Im less interested in playing their damn game.

The_Sage544d ago

I don't want crossplay. We don't need it. I don't want to have to deal with the foul mouthed jerks on Live.

porkChop544d ago

There are just as many foul mouthed jerks on PC, PSN, etc. PSN isn't some bastion of perfect online gaming, there are still tons of assholes and racist teenagers.

Specter229544d ago

... uh you realize the irony of your statement right?