Nintendo Plans To "Boost" Switch Online After Surge In Short Subscription Plans

Games Industry writes: "Nintendo Switch Online now has 8 million subscribers, but a growing number of them are opting for shorter subscription plans."

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FallenAngel1984867d ago

Then provide a service that doesn’t suck ass

Einhander1971867d ago

It doesn’t suck ass but throwing NES games at us time and time again doesn’t help matters.

Atom666867d ago

The drip feeding is what annoys me. Plus the lack of Snes and N64.

execution17867d ago

It does suck, having to pay for peer to peer is horrible not to mention all the cheaters you come across online can get pretty bad especially on Mario kart

Sono421867d ago

In terms of Smash anyway, you can't talk to friends, you can't invite friends, and you can't message friends. How is that not complete ass? You literally can't interact with your friend list AT ALL, and you are actually going to sit here and tell me it isn't ass? Come on dude... also idc if they add Snes games, I want their ONLINE SERVICE to have good ONLINE... period.

Kosic867d ago

It's a cheaply done service. I'm only subscribed as it costs me £4 a year (family sub split between 8).
If it was full price I wouldn't touch it as it is.

Kitt92867d ago

It’s Not even worth that

Kosic866d ago

Zelda 2 was worth playing from the list of games. At around 33.3333p a month. But not played a single online game so can't tell what that's like.

ButchKween867d ago

If they put the legacy games from super nintendo to gamecube on there the thing would be amazing. NES games look awful and are basic.

Father__Merrin867d ago

Handing out miniscule roms every now and then is rubbish imo you don't buy a switch to play nes games

Sono421867d ago

You also don't pay for an ONLINE SERVICE to not be able to, invite friends, message friends, or talk to friends. Honestly trash Nintendo needs to wake up.

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The story is too old to be commented.