Crew at PS LifeStyle Details Dream PS5 Launch Lineup

The PS5 has not been announced yet, but that shouldn't stop us from dreaming up the PS5 launch lineup. Each staff member at PS LifeStyle picked a single PS5 launch title that they would love to see.

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Obscure_Observer961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Tlou 3? Really? Lol.

Demon Souls 2
Omega Boost 2
The Legend of Dragoon 2
Parasite Eve 3
King´s Field V

Jin_Sakai961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Where did you see that?

Razzer960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

They changed it in the article. Their explanation makes no sense at all.

"The Last of Us Part II (Janet Garcia)
Correction: We previously had this listed as The Last of Us Part III, but Janet was talking about a PS5 port of the PS4's end of life title, The Last of Us Part II. Similar to how The Last of Us was ported to PS4 after its release at the end of the PS3's life.

Original: We know that The Last of Us Part II is headed to the PS4, but what if Naughty Dog was hard at work bringing a follow up to the PS5's launch as well? Depending on launch timing, seeing Part III on PS5 could be a reality."

anonymousfan961d ago

well I do hope to play TLOU 2 before the PS5 is released but yeah TLOU 3 as a lauch title is silly, way too soon

pyroxxx961d ago

DS2, BB2 or hell even Shadow Tower 3,.. That would be good enough for me. Who am I kidding ,.. I am getting PlayStation no matter what.

sprinterboy961d ago

GG can take there time, but I think hzd2 has a good chance of being a launch title?
Dead space reboot in VR (not gonna happen 😞)
Bloodborne 2
Some new cool indie ip

anonymousfan961d ago

I think it's smart to have a sequel to a successful IP as a launch title. Probably helps carrying over established fanbase

JonTheGod961d ago

Letting me play all my PS1/2/3/4/V games at launch on my PS5 is all I need. THAT is the dream launch library!

S2Killinit961d ago

All wont happen but maybe 2 and 4 games is possible? I personally just want new games and PS4 titles so i can continue my library over.

sprinterboy961d ago

Yep ps4 carried over. Couldn't careless for any other bc tbh.

Kaii961d ago

Bloodborne 2
Jak and Daxter (4)
New Killzone
New Infamous
Crash Bash Mini-game built Into all loading screens

ninerguy1608961d ago

Demon souls 2
Hdzd 2
A new Socom. Not this h-hour game that’s all ready coming but a true Socom.
Titanfall 3

S2Killinit961d ago

i want a new Socom game in VR

ninerguy1608961d ago

We are getting h-hour. Some of same people from Socom. And a crap ton of community developers. It’s basically Socom. Same maps same gameplay. Been on pc awhile. U can looking up vids. People play it everyday. It’s coming to ps4

S2Killinit961d ago

Oh i had no idea. Im definitely looking forward to it then!

sprinterboy961d ago

Whatever happened to H hour, looked promising but forgot all about it lol.

SierraGuy961d ago

Where the hell is Deep Down?

ninerguy1608960d ago

H-hour is in middle of porting to PS4 as we speak.

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